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Director Leigh Silverman keeps all these balls in the air with a terrific result.

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With more than a dozen memorable songs, no two sound alike. Emily S. Mendel emilymendel gmail. Mendel All Rights Reserved.

Mendel San Francisco , Jun 6, Also in San Francisco. Frankenstein Toba Singer Feb 2, Mendel Aug 8, Also in Theater.

8 Biggest New Books of August 2018

The connection may have been forged under false pretenses, but how much does that change the outcome when the healing itself is real? The camera zooms and we get a rare use of score; something bad is about to happen.

They just broke up. Could you forgive that big a deception? It feels gross and manipulative, the act of a sociopath, but the next day, at Friends of Heaven, Judy offers an explanation to a furious Jen that makes her and the viewers soften: Steve left Judy after Judy had multiple miscarriages.

The latest was her fifth. Jen decides to forgive Judy.

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She goes to the nursing home where Judy works and offers to let her come stay with them and of all the twists in the pilot, this sudden cohabitation furthest stretches the suspension of disbelief. Second, Judy has belongings in a storage unit, including a car with a person-shaped dent.

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