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I actually really loved the epilogue as well - it had a view spoiler ['Land Before Time' feel to it, in a way. Finding the Great Valley where they can live without fear of being eaten constantly hide spoiler ]. Made me smile, and wrapped up the story nicely! All in all, a great adventure story that kept me turning the pages while holding my breath a few times! Shelves: action , sci-fi , dinosaurs , creatures. On one hand, it's a pretty standard "dinosaurs eat people"-book that have It doesn't take long after the book became widely available that people started writing up stories about lost lands where dinosaurs roamed and more than a few people tended to end up on the menu.

Sure, in this one there's a sci-fi On one hand, it's a pretty standard "dinosaurs eat people"-book that have Sure, in this one there's a sci-fi twist to the whole proceedings but ultimately, whether they're dinosaurs or just creatures on another planet that happen to look suspiciously like dinosaurs is merely a question of semantics, the function is the same. But on the other hand, the world depicted in this book actually made me want more.

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The idea of humans being stranded on a planet that essentially wants them dead and how they survive through it all is How do they keep out of danger, how do they feed themselves, how do they build, how do they continue to live in a depressing, oppressing environment? What hope do you cling to? Unfortunately the book doesn't spend much time actually exploring these questions, instead focusing on the story of a young boy who must grow up really fast when a mission outside the comfort and safety of their settlement goes horribly wrong as they tend to do in stories like this.

It's too bad the main character then is about as likable as a plank of wood. He's young and stupid and you can tell really easily cause his inner monolog narrates the entire story. He comes across as incredibly whiny and entitled, always only thinking about how he wishes people treated him like a real man and not like the boy that he, quite frankly, is. If I had a better grasp of the person he was and the people surrounding him, his inner thoughts might actually have been a bit more compelling but we're thrust so quickly into the action and virtually no time after the main chunk of the story is spent exploring how this affected him it's hard to argue he grew at all.

If anything, he devolved as a person, becoming less of an interesting character as he seemed to mature into a standard soldier who gets off when people listen to him. The fact that the sole woman in the story given any sort of role ends up being his second despite being older and more knowledgable about everything except shooting a gun thus making her a liability makes me wonder about what the author's personal ideology is. However, it would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy big parts of the book.

Politics aside, the book is filled with interesting action pieces that makes it at least slightly more difficult to put down. With the short length of pages, there isn't much breathing room, though, so action scenes tend to lead into more of the same and once the dino-dying begins, the book seems rather eager to get rid of superfluous characters. This is not uncommon in books like these, I'd know, but some of the characters dying is handled with such a lack of fanfare or details that it feels almost I know gruesome deaths aren't always necessary but when you're writing a story about people on a horribly dangerous and deadly planet, it's sort of expected and almost required.

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It's one thing to die but dying horribly, screaming and kicking to the end, well, that's a completely different matter. The lack of details and the rapidness of the deaths could've worked if the sense of hopelessness had been played up more, suggesting that people were just so used to seeing people die horribly that it became Kind of a running theme here, it seems. Furthermore, I really wish the author hadn't chosen to call things by Earth-names because while it helps to give you a vague idea, it also made me think only of those things that they related to on Earth.

If you call things a "Wolf" then I'm gonna picture a wolf. Sure, the book tells you it's a reptile or something close to it but I'll still picture them more furry and cute than things with scales and snake heads. If you call something a "Crab", I'm only gonna be confused when you suddenly start talking about it as if it's not an actual crustacean. If it had been used in a different way, if they used the words to explain things but it was somehow wrong or warped from how I would use it, that'd be one thing.

But the book is so filled with popculture references to NOW, as in the time we live in now, that it's hard to seperate this world from our own. And you can write "shit", by the way. Writing "scat" instead of shit or any other curse word doesn't make you look cool or original. It's just tedious in the long run. I know, I know, works of sci-fi these days must invent or repurpose a word to use for swearing, it's the law or something but come on Urgh, I make it sound like I hated this book but I really didn't.

I'm definitely gonna pick up the sequel. But I normally complain that books are too long, that they include too much fluff but here, for once, I just felt it wasn't long enough. There wasn't enough fluff included. What were they doing back at base while the team was stranded? We're told the stakes are high but we're never really shown it. Even in books "show, don't tell" is king and I never really felt the pressure the characters were supposedly under. And a huge part of that is that I lack reference. There was so much here that went untold that really needed to be explored, to be written about and I go into the sequel hoping that many of these gaps will be filled.

Part of me doubt it, the ending pretty much removed any sense of danger that faced the survivors of Horizon and the blurb doesn't suggest much room will be left for getting a feel for the new, blossoming society. Anyway, it's not a bad romp if you're into this sort of thing. It's short, well written and exciting in parts.

Don't go in with too lofty goals and you'll be fine! Jul 12, Susan rated it it was amazing. Dinosaurs are not usually my genre for reading. But end of the world or apocalypse I do read. This book showed up on a page at the end of a book I was reading and I decided to give it a try. After all, it did take place after the end of our world as we knew it. I started reading it last night. Big mistake! I got so into it that I hated to stop, but it was 2 in the morning and I had to get up in a few hours. As soon as everything got done that had to be done, I say and started reading aga Amazing!

As soon as everything got done that had to be done, I say and started reading again. I forgot to eat lunch. My daughter called and I rushed her off the phone. This book kept me on the edge of my seat all afternoon. The action is incredible and you almost find yourself wanting to tell at the characters.

I would recommend this book to anyone who lives adventure and action in their reading. The characters are well defined and I now know what this planet looks like, feels like, and smells like. I'm no spring chicken here. I'm a 70 year old grandmother of 4 almost teenagers. And I would recommend this book to them also. Read it! You will thank me. Dec 27, Christopher Colton rated it it was amazing. I decided to read this based largely on the fact that it had a dinosaur on the cover, and frankly I wasn't disappointed.

The story is relatively simple: a group of soldiers trying to make their way back to base through a jungle filled with dinosaurs. But Vogel really makes you feel how tense that journey is, and how high the stakes are for the completion of their mission. The world-building is also extremely well done, and sprinkled logically throughout where it makes sense rather than all dumpe I decided to read this based largely on the fact that it had a dinosaur on the cover, and frankly I wasn't disappointed. The world-building is also extremely well done, and sprinkled logically throughout where it makes sense rather than all dumped at the beginning.

Sep 11, Pam Bales rated it really liked it. This is definitely a decent read. I've had it for quite some time and with the third book just being released decided I'd better get started. I enjoy giant transport ships moving the population from an earth being destroyed for whatever reason.

This time the story is what happens when they get where scientists thought that there'd be a good chance of a new life for the people, animals, and crops of earth. Hasn't happened so far, but they are getting there. Jul 16, Neil Campau rated it it was amazing.

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I like this new read for me with dinosaur 's as the enemy. Some i have never heard of before which makes this book a good read. As of the human side, good characters, who try to find a home among the the mighty beast. If you like monsters from the past and a good story besides, give this book a try. Jul 11, Rose rated it it was amazing. Rose Who knew dinosaurs would make such interesting reading.

Vogel has done an expert job telling a dinosaur story without the same old happenings. All the characters and exciting occurrences keep readers entranced during this entire book.

What a great writer! Sep 14, C. Stuchl rated it it was amazing.

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Excellent And I thought Transport 17 was good. Guess I will just have to get the third book that has just been released. A very entertaining read with believable characters a lots of excitement. I was attracted to the book cover, which fits the action to a T. What's next? Jan 08, Gregory rated it really liked it. Making long story short: this is just Jurrasic Park on the other planet with people fighting for survival. Fast paced action, good story and characters. I enjoy it in the frame of the sci-fi genre. Starting next part as soon as possibile Aug 23, Tonya Henry rated it really liked it.

Sometimes you just want to read a simple, easy to read book that engrosses you. This is it. Are there better written books out there? Of course there are.

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Do I regret reading this one? In fact, I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Jun 19, George Sterling rated it it was amazing. Great science fiction story Just finished reading this book and once I started reading it I could not stop until I finished. The author keeps you engrossed from start to finish. It's full of action and suspense at the end I went and got the next one.

Sep 11, Warren Ward rated it it was amazing. Powerful read! This book had me from the get-go!! Great character development, strong story line, and plenty of excitement. It makes you think Apr 13, John rated it really liked it.

Horizon Alpha: Homecoming

Didn't really get into it. I think the concept was good but it didn't really build very great charcters quickly enough. Sep 30, Mike Heatherly rated it it was amazing. Very good sy fi. Jul 18, Christopher A Keller rated it liked it. CloneWarrior85 Jun 17 Looking good. Any feedback is really appreciated! Post a comment. Sign in or join with:. Follow Report Profile. Developer Hex Keep. Engine Unity. Contact Send Message. Homepage Gatesofhorizon.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. There's plenty of jet fuel for the imagination. The pace is fast, the Horizon Alpha: Predators of Eden - Kindle edition by D. W. Vogel. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. High Wire (Horizon Alpha, #), Predators of Eden (Horizon Alpha, #1), Transport Seventeen (Horizon Alpha, #2), and Homecoming (Horizon Alpha, #3).

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