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New World University: Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s Son
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Mann believed Castro, who died last year at age 90 of an undisclosed cause, had the character to carry out the "ruthless" killing, he said. The U. Kennedy was assassinated the next year. The latest batch of more than documents in the once-secret files was initially withheld from the initial release because of national security concerns.

The one position we can confirm that he held was head of the Cuban Security Studies Center, beginning in Turns out this is not a government agency, nor indeed is it any kind of agency.

Its personnel consists of he, himself, and him. It appears to be simply what he calls himself while doing his JFK conspiracy research. Given the difficulty of verifying information from inside Cuba, it's not a solid verdict; but I'm satisfied that Escalante's history of having worked in Cuban intelligence is either wholly fabricated or at least grossly exaggerated.

But what about those assassination attempts dramatized in the movies based on Escalante's claims? Well guess what. They only show the eight known attempts, which we discussed a few moments ago. Castro gave the United States a list of twenty four attempts he was aware of; the CIA whittled it down to the eight they were actually involved with, then these were made public to the world by the Church Committee. Only after they were already public did Escalante put these events in his books, and claimed credit for revealing them, based on his claim of having been a major player in Cuban intelligence.

What about those other ? Basically just anything and everything that ever happened in Cuba over the span of several decades, that might — with a bit of creative extrapolation — have resulted in harm to Castro. It's confirmation bias from the mind of a conspiracy theorist seeking to justify a preconceived conclusion. It's not surprising that many Cubans embrace conspiracy theories that have the US government as the antagonist — obviously Cubans have plenty of good reasons to be suspicious of the United States.

And given the starting point of at least eight actual attempts by the US to assassinate Castro — which was much more than just a "theory" — it's easy to see that Cubans need not be all that far down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories to stretch that number all the way up to one sensational enough for prime time TV movies. Please contact us with any corrections or feedback.

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Church, F. Escalante, F. Melbourne: Ocean Press, Harman, J. Report on Plots to Assassinate Fidel Castro. Martin, D. All Rights Reserved. Rights and reuse information. The Skeptoid weekly science podcast is a free public service from Skeptoid Media, a c 3 educational nonprofit. This show is made possible by financial support from listeners like you. If you like this programming, please become a member. Make this an automatic recurring monthly donation Cancel any time. Shop: Apparel, books, closeouts. Morley has suggested the possibility that Bush's report to the FBI was a cover story, but cautioned that "speculation, however plausible, isn't evidence," and that Kelly is "not the most reliable of sources.

Supporters of the Bush theory have frequently presented photographic evidence of a man resembling Bush in Dealey Plaza at the time of the assassination.

However, Morley argues this evidence is weak, as no comparative measurements of the two men's facial features has been made. Bush was already an announced Senate candidate for several months by the time of the assassination and thus had received much press attention, and no eyewitnesses have publicly recalled seeing Bush at the scene, though his opponent, incumbent Senator Ralph Yarborough , passed by in the presidential motorcade.

In September , George de Mohrenschildt , a petroleum geologist and a friend of both Bush and Oswald, [] [] [] [] wrote a letter to Bush, then director of the CIA, asking for his assistance. Bush acknowledged that he knew Mohrenschildt but failed to respond to the letter, and Mohrenschildt committed suicide six months later. In its report, the Warren Commission stated that it had investigated "dozens of allegations of a conspiratorial contact between Oswald and agents of the Cuban Government" and had found no evidence of Cuban involvement in the assassination of President Kennedy.

This support included funding exiles in commando speedboat raids against Cuba. In , Clare Luce said that on the night of the assassination, she received a call from a member of a commando group she had sponsored. According to Luce, the caller's name was "something like" Julio Fernandez and he claimed he was calling her from New Orleans.

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According to Luce, Fernandez told her that Oswald had approached his group with an offer to help assassinate Castro. Fernandez further claimed that he and his associates eventually found out that Oswald was a communist and supporter of Castro. He said that with this new-found knowledge, his group kept a close watch on Oswald until Oswald suddenly came into money and went to Mexico City and then Dallas. Luce said that she told the caller to give his information to the FBI. Both committees investigated the incident, but were unable to uncover any evidence to corroborate the allegations.

Helms further stated that the CIA had employed members of the Mafia in this effort, and " On separate occasions, Johnson told two prominent television newsmen that he believed that JFK's assassination had been organized by Castro as retaliation for the CIA's efforts to kill Castro. In October , Johnson told veteran newsman Howard K.

Finally, in , Johnson told his former speechwriter Leo Janos of Time magazine that he "never believed that Oswald acted alone". In , Castro was interviewed by newsman Bill Moyers. Castro denied any involvement in Kennedy's death, saying:. It would have been absolute insanity by Cuba. It would have been a provocation. Needless to say, it would have been to run the risk that our country would have been destroyed by the United States. Nobody who's not insane could have thought about [killing Kennedy in retaliation]. The Warren Commission reported that they found no evidence that the Soviet Union was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy.

According to some conspiracy theorists, the Soviet Union, with Nikita Khrushchev motivated by having to back down during the Cuban Missile Crisis , was responsible for the assassination. According to a FBI document, Colonel Boris Ivanov — chief of the KGB Residency in New York City at the time of the assassination — stated that it was his personal opinion that the assassination had been planned by an organized group, rather than a lone individual. The same document stated, " Much later, the high-ranking Soviet Bloc intelligence defector, Lt.

He claimed that "among the leaders of Moscow's satellite intelligence services there was unanimous agreement that the KGB had been involved in the assassination of President Kennedy. David Lifton presented a scenario in which conspirators on Air Force One removed Kennedy's body from its original bronze casket and placed it in a shipping casket, while en route from Dallas to Washington.

Once the presidential plane arrived at Andrews Air Force Base , the shipping casket with the President's body in it was surreptitiously taken by helicopter from the side of the plane that was out of the television camera's view. Kennedy's body was then taken to an unknown location — most likely Walter Reed Army Medical Center [] — to surgically alter the body to make it appear that he was shot only from the rear.

According to the report, Lt. Lipsey " Lipsey mentioned that he and Wehle then flew by helicopter to Bethesda and took [the body of] JFK into the back of Bethesda. Laboratory technologist Paul O'Connor was one of the major witnesses supporting another part of David Lifton's theory that somewhere between Parkland and Bethesda the President's body was made to appear as if it had been shot only from the rear.

O'Connor said that President Kennedy's body arrived at Bethesda inside a body bag in "a cheap, shipping-type of casket", which differed from the description of the ornamental bronze casket and sheet that the body had been wrapped in at Parkland Hospital. Researcher David Wrone dismissed the theory that Kennedy's body was surreptitiously removed from the presidential plane, stating that as is done with all cargo on airplanes for safety precautions, the coffin and lid were held by steel wrapping cables to prevent shifting during takeoff and landing and in case of air disturbances in flight.

Jim Marrs, in his book Crossfire , presented the theory that Kennedy was trying to rein in the power of the Federal Reserve , and that forces opposed to such action might have played at least some part in the assassination. A article in Research magazine discussing various controversies surrounding the Federal Reserve stated that "the wildest accusation against the Fed is that it was involved in Kennedy's assassination. Immediately following Kennedy's death, speculation that he was assassinated by a " Zionist conspiracy " was prevalent in much of the Muslim world.

Johnson received orders from Zionists to have Kennedy killed, and that the assassin was a Zionist agent. Ben-Gurion, to shed light on Dimona's nuclear reactor in Israel ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Assassination of John F. See also: Assassination of John F. Kennedy in popular culture. Main article: Three tramps. Main article: Badge Man. Main article: CIA Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory. In a November 20, interview with The Atlanta Constitution, Russell said he harbored a "lingering dissatisfaction" with the Commission's work and that he disagreed with the single bullet theory.

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With Ford D'Aprix, Tian Marin, Guisela Moro, Nelson J. Perez. Fidel Castro's Illegitimate son finds out his true identity at 25 and is brought into a plot that evolved. The Castro Conspiracy () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

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Lee Harvey Oswald

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