The Medieval Discovery of Nature

Tapeworm DNA hints at discomforts of life in a medieval trading hub
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On the Nature of the V2 System of Medieval Romance

Not registered? Sign up. Publications Pages Publications Pages. Search my Subject Specializations: Select Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content. The Moral Authority of Nature. Find in Worldcat. Print Save Cite Email Share. Search within book. Email Address. Library Card. Medievalia et Humanistica, No.

Paul Maurice Clogan. Mapping Medieval Geographies. Keith D. Athanasius Kircher. Paula Findlen. Sin and Filth in Medieval Culture.

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Martha Bayless. Encounters with a Radical Erasmus. Idols in the East.

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"Recommened." -Choice "Epstein is a deeply erudite scholar, at home in the main medieval canon of theology, natural philosophy, literature, and law, as well as. Cambridge Core - History of Ideas and Intellectual History - The Medieval Discovery of Nature - by Steven A. Epstein.

Suzanne Conklin Akbari. Sacred Violence. Brent D. Polish Culture in the Renaissance.

CASTLES OF WAR - MEDIEVAL WARFARE - Discovery History Military (full documentary)

Women at the Beginning. Patrick J. Fallen Bodies. Last Things. Caroline Walker Bynum. The Sleep of Behemoth. Jehangir Malegam. Pliny's Defense of Empire. Thomas R. The Renaissance Rediscovery of Intimacy. Kathy Eden. Satiric Advice on Women and Marriage. Warren S. The Bride of Christ Goes to Hell.

The Unfolding of Words. Judith Rice Henderson.

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Dirk van Miert. Gender and Power in Medieval Exegesis. Quentin Skinner. Pagans and Christians in Late Antique Rome. Michele Renee Salzman. The Renaissance Ethics of Music. Hyun-Ah Kim. Ideas of Power in the Late Middle Ages, — Joseph Canning. From the Tetrarchs to the Theodosians. Scott McGill. Ostia in Late Antiquity. Douglas Boin. Elizabeth Norton.

Kyle Harper. Ancient Forgiveness. Charles L. Elizabeth's Bedfellows. Anna Whitelock. Catherine Howard. Lacey Baldwin Smith. The Humblest Sparrow. Michael Roberts.

Mary Tudor. David Loades. Kristina Sessa. From Judgment to Passion. Rachel Fulton Brown. The Quantum Astrologer's Handbook. Michael Brooks. Roman Theories of Translation. Alexa Sand. Henry VIII. Richard Rex.

(ebook) Medieval Discovery of Nature

Early Modern Skepticism and the Origins of Toleration. Alan Levine. Charles River Editors. Moral Choices. Theodule Rey-Mermet. Medieval Education. Joseph W. Renaissance Architecture. Christy Anderson. Donnalee Dox. Margaret of York. Christine Weightman. Robert C. Augustine and Politics. John Doody.

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Augustine on War and Military Service. Phillip Wynn.

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Legible Religion. Duncan MacRae. Timothy Venning. Dale B. Adam Nicolson. History in the Comic Mode.