Undies in a Bunch

Underwear from the 70s might get your panties in a bunch
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1. When a person overreacts to a trifling insult or barb, or to a joke. 2. When someone acts in an anal-retentive manner, and makes a big fuss out of a relatively. like the person is all worked up and angry and heated and stuff.

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Rate This. Episode Guide. We start by Star: Leesa Severyn. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Credited cast: Leesa Severyn Taglines: A new fashion show that makes sure you don't get your panties in a bunch! Genres: Reality-TV.

Undies in a bunch

Language: English. Runtime: 30 min.

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Clear your history. I cannot seem to get to the bottom of the origin! In use by Eric Partridge, A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English , eighth edition , however, assigns the expression a much earlier origin:.

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Don't get your L[aurie] A[tkinson] —2. Get one's knickers in a twist , to get flustered, to panic: coll[oquial]: since at latest. To be under a misapprehension, or muddled, about something, as ' 'fraid he's got his knickers in a twist on that one': since late s: coll[oquial].

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This nuance perhaps influenced by the earlier, synon[ymous] get one's knitting twisted. British informal This expression was originally used specifically of women, the humorous masculine equivalent being get your Y-fronts in a twist. It bears noting that Wilbur Smith is not originally from the UK or Australia the two countries suggested in the OP's question as sources of the allied expressions "knickers in a twist" and "knickers in a knot" , but from Zambia or Northern Rhodesia, as it was then known.

Without hesitation she seized the opportunity of escape, and leapt to her feet. But the next seven matches are for "knickers in a twist"—one match for the phrase from , three from , and three from Here they are. From Pigeon Racing News and Gazette , volume 25 :. Wasn't trying to steal your glory.

This should have read CA W.

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From Zeno, Grab [text not shown in snippet window]:. I'll manage. I started to enjoy being at the helm. From John Summers, Dylan :. From The Listener , volume 83 :. No, what has always concerned us, and people like us, has been the very clear impression that there is in the BBC a kind of emotional blockage: a built-in attitudinal leftism which does not feel the lest bit guilty about investment in new machinery but which gets its corporate knickers in a twist at the very idea of spending similar sums of money on innovatory management techniques, on outside professional advisers, on promoting itself to its market, or even on matching the programme budgets and salary scales of those dreadful pirates on the other channels.

From Fred Basnett, Country Matters :. All I'm saying is it's laid on when you want it. From London Charivari , volume :. A well-meaning bunch of Coventry schoolteachers have got their knickers in a twist because when a child wrote "There is seaweed in the sea And from Films and Filming , volume 18 :.