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REVIEW: The Accidental Engagement by Maggie Dallen
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Accidentally Engaged juni 86 minuten Romantiek. Toevoegen aan verlanglijstje. Famous actor Chas Hunter and aspiring actress Clarissa Byers agree to fake an engagement to improve both their reputations.

However, playing pretend starts to feel all too real as the two start to fall for one another. Regisseur Letia Clouston. Auteurs Jake Helgren. Recensies Reviewbeleid. Wordt geladen Engels [CC]. Je kunt de film binnen 30 dagen na betaling kijken.

The Accidental Engagement

Nadat je de film hebt gestart, hebt je 48 uur om de film te bekijken. The second story was horrible. I mean the hero would be considered a gentleman if what he was doing wasn't stupid or crazy.

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He sees an unconscious woman in the hospital, still hasn't woken up, nor has any forms of identification on her. So, until she wakes up, he sits by her bedside. Truthfully, I don't find it creepy because maybe he's feeling sorry for her being alone and wants her to wake up with someone right there to help her though, the man later admitted to wanting to be by her side because she's the modern version of Sleeping Beauty.

Now, the heroine wakes up with a ring on her finger and no memory of who she is. The hero comes up with the lie that the amnesic woman is his fiancee.

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Accidental Engagement (original title) Brant Daugherty in Accidentally Engaged () Accidentally Engaged . The Engagement Clause (TV Movie ). Start by marking “The Accidental Engagement (Chance Romance, #1)” as Want to Read: It started as a regular night for New York City restaurant hostess Ivy Sinclair, until a rowdy customer turned out to be world famous playboy Jack Everett. The Accidental Engagement by Maggie Dallen.

Now, the doctor who's a personal friend of the hero knows he's lying but he's going along with it. Shouldn't the doctor be thinking of the patient's well being like not trying to confuse the amnesic woman with a story that would hamper her chances of remembering who she is, plus I get that the hero is a friend who you trust to be a gentleman but letting him take the heroine is a breach of hospital safety.

I'm sorry, I know that throughout the whole book, the man is a gentleman with helping the heroine and after she regains her memory of who she is and that she is NOT the hero's fiancee, still tries to help find out what happened. However, I would have found it much more enjoyable if the man told her the truth; after the momentary panic from the heroine of not knowing who she is then he would take her hand and reassure that he's here to help her.

So much better than lying to her face when she in a vulnerable spot.

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Now, it turns out the heroine was running from the horrible brother-in-law who attacked because he's not happy with his marriage to the heroine's sister, despite being the adulterer in their relationship. The two of them share an intimate moment and when things start to get hot, the hero says no and runs off.

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The heroine thinks he's denying her happiness and here I am thinking, "NO, he's thinking of you because you were attacked by your brother-in-law who nearly did worse things to you. He doesn't want to do anything without knowing for sure himself that you are ready for the next step!!!! The heroine leaves the hero's mansion but he goes after her, reveals his feelings and she accepts his marriage proposal.

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Yeah, this one was definitely not a short novella that I enjoyed. You are about to enter a content that may contain mature content.

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More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. She drew a deep breath and mustered her courage. But that couldn't happen. Welcome back. The premise was cute and seemed to promise some great emotionally charged jealousy and good drama, but really is just felt repetitive and flat. From: Anybook Ltd. Read more.

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The accidental engagement: Everything seemed to go wrong, until it felt exactly right

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