Basic Bible Truths

Basic Biblical Truths
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The memberships of several thriving churches consist almost exclusively of those who have been won to Christ using this method.

Your Best Bible Study begins here!

Basic Bible Truths is particularly suited for missionaries who seek to penetrate a new culture. Basic Bible Truths addresses the soul-winner, the person who would acquaint lost people with the gospel message. This teacher's manual will equip you to teach six one-hour Bible lessons which systematically set forth the authority and trustworthiness of the Bible, the desperate spiritual condition of all who have not come to Christ and the fact that God's salvation is a matter of grace and not works.

1. God is eternal.

The entire third lesson is devoted to the person and work of Jesus Christ and why He alone can save sinners. The fourth lesson brings the sinner to the bar; he must decide what he will do with Jesus Christ. Hundreds have trusted Christ during this lesson which explains faith and what it means to believe in Christ. The lessons are simple, straight-forward and easy to teach.

The book is full of teaching advice, tips and techniques. Amazon Kindle — no DRM , paperback , free outlines and charts. This is a discipleship course. The student works his way through 42 lessons each with questions, blanks or puzzles — all accompanied with Scripture references which provide answers.

The student is to work through the lessons one-each-week under the oversight of a mentor who motivates the student and helps him stay on track. From the mentor the student receives one assignment each week.

The material systematically takes students along a growth path. It is an excellent tool for discipleship. The student version is available below as a printable PDF book.

Basic Biblical Truths

These 24 outline chapters make Nehemiah easy to teach, preach and study. This Bible book is explored in its natural divisions and developments. Historical background, major themes and practical applications abound. Questions and ideas for deeper study and research are interspersed throughout this study guide. Hundreds of Bible passages are quoted or cited for further reference.

And what a book Nehemiah is! Courage, leadership, building, facing opposition and trials, teamwork, the intervention of God, worship, revival, volunteers, money issues, sin and its consequences and much more.

Full Set – Basic Bible Truths – Source of Light

A goldmine of good exegesis and practical applications for current living! The story line is presented in light of the culture, customs and history of that day, but the emphasis is on the timeless messages which speak to all men of all ages. The 16 chapters in Dr.

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Have you ever wondered why the Bible is the most well known book ever written? Advanced Search. Promotion Certificates. Application of Artificial Intelligence to the Law. Classroom Resources. Bible Truths begins in K4 with thirteen questions. Bulletin Board Sets.

A large number of other parallels and analogies are also explored. The outline format makes this book ideal for teaching or preaching, however every reader will both learn and be inspired by this great story of redemption.

This perfect-bound book has 30 chapters dealing with many aspects of marriage, child-rearing and home life. It is written in annotated outline form making it ideal for teaching. It is a very functional tool for pastors who wish to teach or preach one or many lessons on the home. These are actually messages that Dr. Hutson preached on the home while he was a senior pastor. This practical and provocative book addresses such basic home issues as dating, child-rearing, bitterness, divorce, marriage conflict resolution, money management, sex and how to turn around a fractured marriage.

The paperback version is available only by ordering directly from Lester Hutson. This perfect-bound book is in two sections. It zeros-in on the heart. God always looks on the heart. Regardless of what we do, until the heart is right, nothing is right. Fix the heart and you fix the man. It has seven chapters all dealing with the condition of the heart. This book goes straight to the heart of life and deals with where real help begins.


They are idea for teaching and preaching. Together the three guides consist of 39 chapters. Each of the study guides contain 12 new chapters followed by a systematic review. Sermons by Date. Staff Picks. Top Sermons. Daily Log. Online Bible. Daily Reading. Our Services. Sermon Dashboard NEW. Members Only.

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