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Chairs and steel boxes were used throughout.

Dolores, Dove Creek, Mancos qualify wrestlers for state

Internet Wrestling Database. Dove Pro Wrestling. Current abbreviation: Dove Pro. Status: Active. Location: Hiroshima, Japan. Active Time: - today. WWW: . Dove Pro Wrestling is a hardcore promotion owned by , based in Hiroshima and very popular in that area. Its shows are usually coupled with hard rock.

Sekine wiped out the Dove team with a big dive outside the ring while Nakatsu delivered a Superplex to Kabuki Kid onto the weapons inside. Nakatsu then finished off Kid with the V Slider onto the chairs to win the match for Cavalry. Who he faced was determined by a 4 Way Battle Royal. They then turned on and eliminated each other. This annoyed Hiroshi enough to react and put Paloma in different holds. Somehow the moves both wrestlers were doing began to resemble yoga holds.

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The back and forth continued until Paloma trapped Hiroshi in a Cradle for the three count. The result meant Paloma successfully defended the ownership of his restaurant for the first time.

‘GLOW’ Star Kia Stevens Talks Women’s Endurance in Wrestling

He cheered Hiroshi up by suggesting he can hold monthly yoga sessions at the restaurant. The rule of the Drunkers Match was Kodaka and Shoichi Uchida both had to drink a shot of tequila after every round until one man was left standing. After Round 7 both men were too hammered to get back up so the match was brought to an end. Uchida was declared the winner by split decision!

Keisuke Ishii Vs Yuki Iino 7. Injuries to Kota Umeda and Daiki Shimomura leads to some changes on the undercard. Mizuki Watase Vs Kengo Takai 6. Due to this tour, Irie will miss the entire Beer Garden series happening back in Japan. Shimomura injured his left MCL and will be out of action for a while. The Brahman Brothers always make a mess and Gorgeous Matsuno likes to join in. DDT is warning all visitors to bring towels and a change of clothes because a lot of food and beer will be thrown around during The Sandman match. Koda won that battle but Imabayashi was able to stick around.

No is time for the rematch!

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Imabayashi is representing his local theatre group. Triple Main Event —??? Every tournament match in the 1st Round and semi-finals have a 10 minute time limit. If a match ends in a draw then sudden death will be determined by a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

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The winning team will be rewarded with a one night trip to Karuizawa in Nagano. Nothing is announced yet.

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Past years have featured a fan lottery 6-Man Tag Match involving the main eventers. He wants a golf style handicap put in place to make up for the skills mismatch. There is a bracket up until the quarter finals, a lottery will shuffle the final eight into new match-ups. The emperor of the Snake World is back! Maybe he cashes in his Right To Challenge Gauntlet? I doubt it to be honest. The names entering the Yeah! It is currently unknown if she needs surgery but she will definitely miss this show.

Azusa Christie has had enough of Martha being too close to Sakisama. However Yukio Saint Laurent has turned on the fair lady and suggests Christie should do the same. The two sides are in conflict and will meet in the ring to solve it. Paloma will not be in the Battle Royal itself. Instead he will take on the winner immediately afterwards.

If Paloma is beaten he will hand over his ownership of Acapulco to the winner. Naoki Tanizaki defeated Takato Nakano with the Implant He was warned by Isami Kodaka that it is tough to stay at the top. Nakatsu looked out across the room and found Naoki Tanizaki was standing by the curtains looking at him. Nakatsu asked Tanizaki how he felt wrestling Takato Nakano today. Nakatsu gave him the X signal with his arms and left the room. Moving into High School, Rodgers found out very quick that he needed to figure out how to wrestle with and increased level of mental toughness and intensity if he wanted to make it on the varsity line up.

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This was an effort from his coach to be able to move wrestlers around to a match up that would be most beneficial for their team. Going into the conference and regional championships, where Ryan was a prospect to be on the podium at State, he was forced to end his season with a knee injury. This knee injury prevented him from wrestling his senior year, where he was projected to be a state finalist at the lb weight class. His passion for wrestling still flowed heavily through his blood. After having kids, Ryan felt it was time to bring his skills back into the sport, but this time as a Coach. While living in Glenrock, WY, Ryan was going through the process to become a certified USA Wrestling coach, with the goal to assist the local wrestling club.

During this midst of that, he and his wife chose to move to ND, and his coaching goals fell to the wayside as he was trying to become established in ND. Casey Spitzer.

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He looks forward to teaching your kids the sport of wrestling and instilling in them the life skills that this sport brings. Retrieved October 21, But on a Friday evening in June, the stocky, mohawked year-old was professionally elbow-dropping opponents in the ring. Although it seemed like he had plans to keep on wrestling, he stopped a year before he died of cancer at the age of View mobile website. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Share to your Steam activity feed.