Dream It, Do It: The Roadmap to Pursuing Your Passion and Achieving Your Dreams

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So were they.

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They had 24 hours in a day just like you. If your job allows it, find time at work to do what you love. Every little bit counts. Obviously you don't want your normal work to suffer, but there are plenty of ways to sneak in a little time without announcing to the world that you're blowing off your job. You don't have to write your novel in a week or perfect your chicken soup recipe during one lunch hour. Michela Aramini at weblog Levo League notes something important to keep in mind—your passion is always a work in progress :. Once you accept that you and your passion project are a beautiful work in progress, you will be able to fully enjoy working on your passion project each day and eliminate the poisonous feeling of "not enough.

Move toward your goal step by step. Not only will you see your progress over time, but you'll be more excited about your work day. You'll be excited for that 10 minute block of time in the afternoon you get to write, or for that first half of your lunch hour that you set aside to learn how to code. Keep in mind that pursuing your passion doesn't necessarily mean working your dream job. There are plenty of arguments that say that "doing what you love" for a job isn't possible for everyone.

In fact—depending on what your passion is—trying to make your passion your job could be a really bad idea. It could lead you to financial ruin or even push you to despise what was once your passion. Fortunately, work isn't the only aspect of your life or at least it shouldn't be.

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There are plenty of other avenues for you to go after that special something in your life. Work a job that's good enough for you and go after your dream on the side. There's no rule that says you can't do both, and it's more common than you think. Mike the janitor does improv comedy three nights a week, Marge in accounting is a sidewalk chalk artist, and Billy the IT guy plays the standup bass in a jazz band.

If work is something that has to be its own thing in your life, find your duality and do what you love with the rest of your time. Hopefully what you want to pursue is something you already seek in your free time. If not, this one's all on you. If you don't want to use your free time to pursue what you love, maybe you're not as passionate about it as you thought you were. It's important to avoid burnout, but your free time is the best time to work your way toward something.

This really is the test for how passionate you are and how much you want something.

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Are you willing to sacrifice your weekend freelancing? Are you willing to take night classes after a long day of work? The time is there, but will you use it? It's entirely up to you. If you have no free time, find a way to make it. Get a babysitter, take online classes from home, or get a friend involved. One way or another, you have the power to find time for what you love. You just have to find the right balance for you. Let's get it out of the way right now: you will fail. No one gets it right the first time.

Failure is how we learn, adapt, and toughen up so we can get to the point where we can succeed. Get over it and move forward. In our world, failure is everywhere, but fortunately, it's also what keeps us all going. Professor Larry Smith explains in the TED talk video above how just having a "good career" is an impossibility. This day and age you'll work yourself to the bone doing something you don't love in the hopes you'll have a good career, but you'll never be truly satisfied. People get there because they're afraid to fail doing something else, something uncomfortable.

Failure isn't something you need to be afraid of, but it gets to all of us. Ask yourself "what if" questions so you can see the consequences for yourself. What harm is it if you want to start painting or play in a band? So what if the first play you act in is a disaster? With each failure, you get better and you get closer to doing the thing you love. Here is how you can do it:. It might seem a redundant statement, but it is not.

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Do you want to be a singer? Or an explorer? Do you want to reach to the top of whatever profession you are in? What is it that your heart desires the most? When you dream, make sure you dream something realistic. Although I agree that you might be strong enough to follow your dream, it is best to get a guru- a mentor would guide you in the right direction.

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But having a mentor is a big motivational factor. Who knows, it might be a friend or a relative. Anyone who helps you realize your dreams is a mentor. Each person builds up boundaries around himself. Break your barriers and think free. Prepare to go an extra mile to realise your dream.


If you always wanted to be an explorer, take a one-month break and go to wild places. That one month would let you know if you really want to be an explorer or not. But for that, you need to break your barriers. Take just a month off and see if your dream is really worth pursuing. No matter what you do, there are people who will find faults in you.

Try to think who is holding you back. Your parents? Nobody knows you more than yourself. You are the only one who knows about your inner fears and desires. Only you can make the best decision for yourself. So if your heart and mind say that you should pursue your dream, just do it. All great people face criticism. Who knows, your dream might make you famous some day. Click the Follow button on any author page to keep up with the latest content from your favorite authors. I'm not saying that being an entrepreneur is easy or the answer for everyone.

Change is never easy, but it is worth it knowing you're living the life you're meant for -- the one you've been capable of all along. Everyone has different paths they're destined for in life, and it's up to you to make your dream a reality.

Some people get lucky and are born knowing they want to be a doctor or a fireman, and that's exactly what they do. Others face the end of their life still not knowing their calling. There is a middle ground, and it's not one without work.

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It takes soul searching to find the life you're meant for. Many decisions can change your life forever -- a move, a relationship, a career change. That's great if you know in your gut, but for most it's not so easy. Success can come early in life. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were in their early 20s when they started Microsoft and Apple, respectively. Certainly they were born to be entrepreneurs. It's fairly well-known that at 31, J. Rowling was depressed and on welfare as a single mom in the U. In , Forbes listed her as the first billionaire author, and she's been kind enough to give away much of that fortune to charitable work over the years.

Henri Nestle was born in with the name Heinrich as one of 14 children.

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He worked in a number of industries before he developed powdered milk for infants in He was By the s, he was selling Nestle products throughout the U. Colonel Harland Sanders spent his early years as an insurance salesman and filling station operator, until he began selling his secret recipe for fried chicken during the Great Depression. In , at 62 years old, he opened the first KFC franchise in Utah.

So, why do these stories matter? These aren't just people who made a fortune with reputable, worldwide brands. These are entrepreneurs who serve to inspire. It doesn't matter if you're 10 years old selling lemonade on your neighborhood block, or you're 60 and you've determined how to solve one of life's annoying challenges.

It is never too late. If you don't try, you'll never know if you would have succeeded. And if you don't, that's OK, too. Life is a learning experience, and it's meant to be lived.

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The Answer May Surprise You. How do you do it? Think about what makes you happiest in this world. Is it providing a listening ear, building something with your own hands, rescuing animals? It doesn't matter what it is, but make a note of all of those things that bring you the greatest joy. Then, consider your greatest strengths.