Extra Dimensions in Space and Time (Multiversal Journeys)

Extra Dimensions in Space and Time
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pomisworkwordzins.gq/italian-mysteries-gothic-classics.php When will the multi dimension, multiverse and string theorists wise up? I suspect dark energy and dark matter also fall into the make believe category.

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They are both probably fudge factors for incorrect calculations, incorrect observations or assumptions made in astrophysics. And I suspect you've never studied science. You don't seem to know who you are addressing, but I have a degree in chemistry and physics. And you? You did physics, and doubt the validity of maths? In which case, you didn't do physics. Or you flunked it. You cannot even start physics without maths. It isn't bloody philosophy! Why do you think DM was proposed?

Because the maths doesn't work if you only use visible, 'normal' matter. Now, do tell us; who screwed up this calculation, and why have so many people fallen for it? Did they not do their own calculations to check? Don't talk wet. Oh I think I do. Yet another Dunning-Kruger affected physics crank, who has never published anything. Otherwise you wouldn't be on here, you'd be making your point in the scientific literature. Cranks are ten a penny round here.

Welcome to the club. Just don't expect anyone to take you seriously, unless you can come up with some real science, and real numbers. Unlikely, I'd have thought. Reg Mundy. Seems I was right all along, no gravity, only expansion Reg, you have never been right about anything! You have this strange belief that if you live long enough your penis will get bigger. Not going to happen, mate. By the way - were you born on a Sunday? Dimensions mean location, time doesn't have a location. Otherwise you wouldn't be on here, But you are on here JD as just Yet another Dunning-Kruger affected physics crank, who has never published anything.

Otherwise you wouldn't be on here. It must be like looking in a mirror JD, a self diagnosed Dunning-Kruger affected physics crank and cranky at that to… Who needs the Beano when we can come and watch JD waxing Lyrical on his self diagnosed Dunning-Kruger symptoms! Time only measures distance and duration.

And BTW, there are other dimensions that are real. I am not referring to the first 3 dimensions of height, width and depth. It is not common knowledge, but scientists do have a suspicion that it is possible. I have seen at least one of those entities who seemed to be lost and I saw "it" searching for the "portal" to return home from whence it came here.

My Mum also saw it, and it was she who brought it to my attention. The details are still very clear to me, and I only wish that more people could see and understand this anomaly. The theories of David Deutsch, a highly regarded physicist, author, and quantum computing researcher has written a compelling argument that if a particle can be in two places at once, then are we not composed of particles? I have been witness to anomalies similar to ones you've described, and haven't allowed skepticism to alter my own experiences and view them as a science that we must catch up to.

The conclusions of this article don't negate phenomena that can't presently be explained or understood. I said physicists shouldn't let math drive physics. You need to learn to read or comprehend what you read.

Physics of Time-Travel – A Documentary Film:

John Terning (Author), Farzad Nekoogar (Editor), Lawrence Krauss (Foreword) & 1 more. In physics, the idea of extra spatial dimensions originates from Nordstöm’s 5-dimensional vector theory in , followed by Kaluza-Klein theory in , in an effort to unify general. Editorial Reviews. Review. From the reviews: “Popular expositions of scientific topics have an important role in informing the general public of the.

About time! Too much pop speculation, and not enough testable hypotheses being put forward these days, yet alone juried articles! Less nonsense, more sensible science! Occam's Razor anyone? What the source for that energy is, is yet unknowable. Science should always be a perpetual journey of discovery, and many scientists have discovered that there is far more to Reality than previously thought.

I have no doubt that our own Reality is a Dimension - and that Dimension is just one of many. And somehow there are those of us who are "able" to see but not hear or feel when an entity from a reality other than ours has somehow involuntarily fallen into ours. I do hope that the researchers will take on this probability and bring it to a proper level of knowledge. At this time, science is flying blind wrt understanding how other dimensions can touch ours and give some of us a glimpse into something so different and lovely in its possibilities.

The detection of a Gravitational Wave is nice, but GW will not be able to reveal other Dimensions, as those other dimensions are very likely running on a very different set of Physics and Laws than the ones we know. Listen to all these physics experts on here!

Any of you cretins ever actually published anything? Hell, any of you actually managed to finish high school? Bloody unlikely, I'd say. Want the links to a few physics forums, gobsh1tes? Happy to oblige, if you want to carry on your crap with actual scientists, instead of trying to make your sad lives mean something by posting sh1t on here. Just say the word, losers.

Sad muppets. Sep 15, What do you think clocks and calendars are all about? Ever heard of Space-time? You need a physics education. I had no idea you are also a Relativity denier. Your argument makes no sense. What do YOU think clocks and calendars are for? Do you understand the concepts of the measurements of duration and distance? And there is no such thing as "Spacetime". Time is a separate measurement of the duration of events in space, say for instance: the amount of time it takes you to walk to the bus stop.

Or how many weeks till the next full moon? And the time component in outer space is also a measurement of duration or distance. It is in math that Spacetime is used which is crazy. And multiverse is a different thing entirely Small distance scale extradimensions were already disproved by collider experiments. And I'm pretty sure, that if some large extradimensions would be found, then it would be immediately interpreted as a big victory of string theory, am I right? Scientists are like big kids once it's about their pet theory The one problem that multiverse theory did solve neatly was 'where does the electron 'go' when it is tunneling between orbitals after kicking off a photon or in going thru materials in quantum experiments using scanning-tuneling electro-microscopes.

And while we have 3 dimensions in space, and only Observe one dimension in time, does not mean that time itself does not have a 2 or 3D structure to it. I do not think we would get echoes from gravity off from different timelines, so that would be out as far as a source of 'dark matter'. With the misleading ongoing possibilities of 'gravity waves' one might conclude the only purpose is to keep solitons from being the research topic of the future. LOL er.. I mean Oh Boo Hoo LOL I suppose that jonesd will now redouble his efforts to denigrate and disparage new science and its supporters with strange ad hominem and character assassination.

Nothing new there. But hooray for the SpringBoks. But that QU is in and all around us. No matter where you go in our Universe, the QU is already there. You just can't leave it behind. It is not possible to enlarge that QU to the size of the one in which we live, where every electron would be the size of a moon, a star, a planet. But as it is, the electron is in a Universe within a Universe, IF it were possible for a man to be reduced enough in size down to float around in the Quantum Universe, he would find that the QU is the equivalent of the size of the Universe he had left, and he would have to find a suitable particle on which to live.

That is, if Oxygen atoms were available. Time has no "structure" except for the amount of ticks that are mechanically produced in the mechanism of a clock. And those "ticks" are dependent on the size of cogs and wheels in the clock. The Earth' rotation also - on the mechanism. Time is unstructured and is only a product of the human mind. Sep 16, So my secret is out!! I anxiously await the final stages in the making of the Chroniton Torpedo to add to my vast collection of laser-based weapons.

So, how is it affecting caesium atoms? Says SEU: Your argument makes no sense. Ok, yet another GR denier. Small distance scale extradimensions were already disproved by collider experiments. Only many orders of magnitude larger. Surv-egg, OldCcode, RC, Ever thought about what TIME actually is? Time is a Human construct. Measuring what ever you want to imagine Time to be.

Tonight's Sky — Change location

Kepler had a much simpler mathematical description of each planetary orbit as being a well-defined single ellipse with the Sun sitting at one of its foci. The reasoning above is incorrect because the traveling twin cannot be described with only the rules of motion of special relativity. In my opinion there are still missing fundamental ingredients in M-theory as it is practiced today. When we discuss 2T-physics in later chapters we will see that its rules also emerge from a new gauge symmetry principle not noticed before. All of this is easily grasped by an observer that has the privilege of being in the 3-dimensional room. This bias is somewhat like viewing the universe from the perspective of the Earth and thinking that we are at the center of the universe.

No matter the actual time. You are always late when being on time is vitally important. You are always early when you are beset with tedious and boring. You can never run fast enough to avoid your fate. You can never run slow enough to expand the precious moments of experiencing your loved ones.

If there is any such physical phenomena as Time. Than it is the Present. The Past is gone into nothingness. The future does not exist. Only Here and Now constrained by the Speed of Light. Those photons from billions of light years away, exist now. Even if we have not yet observed them. They are on the way and will arrive in our Future Now. Context matters! I've always liked the idea of time as a state, which I was taught before string theory came out. Of course the calculations for the whole spacetime thing become much easier when you treat time as a dimension.

I always likened it to that whole thing with the apparent increase in mass as you approach light speed isn't actually an increase in mass, it's just easier to deal with the calculations if you treat it as such. Then again, I'm just an armchair type and not a professional scientist or anything. Heck, to even get my basic grasp of quantum stuff I lucked out and got to talk to one of the top quantum physicists on a cross atlantic flight back in the 80s.

It's too bad I can't remember his name, but he was great to talk to and very good at explaining things : If a physicist can be said to have strangeness and charm, you know he's got a quarky personality. Sep 17, Caesium, as an atomic propagator of a perfect interval between ticks in an atomic clock is accurate on Earth's surface. But a similar atomic clock flying overhead in a plane, depending on its altitude, its time will differ incrementally from the atomic clock on the Earth's surface.

The atomic clock is also subjected to gravity and gravity's effects on the clock's mechanism Radioactive Caesium is a form of Matter that produces Energy. ALL clocks are subject to gravitational pull of the Earth. YES, universal space is 4D Photons cannot be destroyed, so yes, they still exist. Immortal photons, they are. Or at least our Sun would have gone supernova already. This is because it works both ways. The light from our region has to travel for billions of light years to reach that alien's eyes that is standing there.

I have conceptualised Time as "Nothing". Space is a foundation, whereas Time is definitely NOT a foundation or a support, except in the MINDS of those whose lives are reckoned by the timing of their artificial mechanisms. The rising and setting of the Sun in no way depends on Time. Time is the same, whether in the Quantum Universe or the macro Universe. Only the events differ. Quantum is a universe within a bigger Universe, but the Time is the same in both. Only the events are measured by atomic and normal clocks.

But who are we? Chronological devises the Admiralty required sailing the high seas! Ancient mariners required accurate time keeping traversing the high seas, the Admiralty required accurate chronological devices giving the same time where ever it was in the world and the high seas, and now present day Space Mariners require accurate chronological time keeping devices traversing the galactic seas that give the same time as when on earth, as when visiting our galactic cousins on Andromeda. All motion is changing velocity is the equivalent of acceleration which is the equivalent of gravitation.

Therefore gravity is changing motion which is why the transitioning electron is affected by velocity - it is being accelerated — Atomic chronological devices by virtue of their physicality do not give accurate time keeping traversing the galaxies as the Admiralty required sailing the high seas! I think that, depending on their location on the globe, the sailors depended on either the North Star to steer by - or the Southern Cross if in the southern hemisphere.

They had the astrolabe, compass and they knew how deep the water was when they weighed anchor. And the ancients had the Antikythera, the amazing analogue computer of the ancient Greeks. That's why clocks would be useless on Mars, unless it has been adjusted correctly. Even our own clocks have to be adjusted for Daylight Savings Time. There are still some who don't understand that Time is not a dimension like a 3 dimensional object of height, depth and width.

But some scientists will continue to rely on "Spacetime" in their equations and think that Spacetime somehow means something that is crucial to Physics. It gives no advantage to understanding either Space OR Time. I have been trying to think of a proper term to replace Spacetime, but I am at a loss as to which term is more appropriate and descriptive. Perhaps a budding young scientist will someday think of it. Sorry to disagree, it ain't.

Nekoogar, Farzad

In the Quantum Universe, it is a single state of matter i. The next quantum of TIME to us, living in OUR Universe, is chosen by our laws of physics from the infinite variety of snapshots available so that the laws are obeyed in a macro sense. However, look very closely i. What do you think? There is no change it time in the vacuum SEU, as we adjust are clocks for daylight saving hours, the galactic mariners clocks in their ships automatically adjust to the agreed daylight saving hours, so when the galactic sailors look up at their clocks at pm they phone home to their children who are also at pm.

I think the reality is clear SEU, there is no change it time in the vacuum, unless of course you use chronological devises that are effected by motion, acceleration, gravity and electromagnetic frequency and radiation! When I say that Time is the same in both the Quantum and the Macro Universes, I am saying that the events, conditions, circumstances, locations, gravitation, attraction and repulsion, and many other conditions are factored in on each level 2.

rapyzure.tk: Multiversal Journeys series

If you were able to reduce in size to the quantum level, you would not be able to SEE the Macro level Universe. All you would be able to see would be the atoms and other particles within the Quantum Universe, and it would seem to be just as big as the Universe you had just left. Quantum is imperceptible to us because the Laws are a bit different as well as size and other factors. But what you see in your reduced form really does exist and, if you wait long enough, you might even see the beta decay of a free neutron within If you time the decay with your tiny watch, it will be It will not happen in 4 minutes or 20 minutes.

This means that, irrespective of size, an hour in the Macro Universe is still an hour in the Quantum Universe. The main reason is that both Universes are tied together as One, even though the Laws and events are different from each other. If our Solar System was drawn into an alleged Black Hole, the same thing would be happening to the Quantum reality which would certainly not be able to escape being dragged in. And yes, Time IS a continuous rushing river, no matter at which level that river happens to be. Time cannot differ, only the events and the distances can change. OjorfBarf: there are 3 location dimensions, even with relativity.

A parametric equation does not make time a location dimension just because your in a location at a certain time. The confusion arises because electric fields, magnetic fields, electromagnetic frequency and gravity effect our chronological devises such that the oscillations every second are effected which changes this frequency, so of course if you have a 9giga hertz second all these forces change that 9gigsa hertz frequency with the result our measurement of time is no longer accurate!

So the galactic mariners would know already that their kids are in bed at 9pm Earth UK time. But out there, the Time differences are crazy, only because of the several orientations, such as orbits, rotations, etc. Therefore, an atomic clock full of radioactive metal would need to be maintained on Earth time. But which Time Zone, you ask. Without such a clock, the crew might mutiny. It is a faerie tale and should never have taken seriously and taught in schools. Time has nothing to dilate. The pupils of your eyes can dilate. A woman in labor will dilate. But Time has no such properties, granville.

Have you ever seen time? Felt it? Tasted it? If you live in the Arctic Circle where it is dark for most of the year, you lose some sense of time except for peeking at your watch to see what time it is. Even then, if your watch doesn't specify time of day as am and pm, you don't know when it's time to go to bed. But in any case, time is the same everywhere because it doesn't dilate, nor does it ever stop or reverse.

There is no such thing as "Time Dilation". Tell that to muons! Simply link your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership number to your Booktopia account and earn points on eligible orders. Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped.

Could quantum mechanics explain the existence of space-time?

Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! In physics, the idea of extra spatial dimensions originates from Nordstoem's 5-dimensional vector theory in , followed by Kaluza-Klein theory in , in an effort to unify general relativity and electromagnetism in a 5 dimensional space-time 4 dimensions for space and 1 for time. Kaluza-Klein theory didn't generate enough interest with physicist for the next five decades, due to its problems with inconsistencies.

With the advent of supergravity theory the theory that unifies general relativity and supersymmetry theories in late 's and eventually, string theories s and M-theory s , the dimensions of space-time increased to 11 space and 1-time dimension. There are two main features in this book that differentiates it from other books written about extra dimensions: The first feature is the coverage of extra dimensions in time Two Time physics , which has not been covered in earlier books about extra dimensions.

All other books mainly cover extra spatial dimensions. The second feature deals with level of presentation. The material is presented in a non-technical language followed by additional sections in the form of appendices or footnotes that explain the basic equations and formulas in the theories. This feature is very attractive to readers who want to find out more about the theories involved beyond the basic description for a layperson. The text is designed for scientifically literate non-specialists who want to know the latest discoveries in theoretical physics in a non-technical language.

Readers with basic undergraduate background in modern physics and quantum mechanics can easily understand the technical sections. Part I starts with an overview of the Standard Model of particles and forces, notions of Einstein's special and general relativity, and the overall view of the universe from the Big Bang to the present epoch, and covers Two-Time physics.

In addition to revealing hidden information even in familiar "everyday" physics, it also makes testable predictions in lesser known physics regimes that could be analyzed at the energy scales of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN or in cosmological observations. Part II of the book is focused on extra dimensions of space. This is always a difficult task, especially for the highly abstract and very complicated topics addressed here.

Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates and graduate students. Coplan, Choice, Vol. It certainly is to be welcomed that leading theoretical physicists make an effort to communicate their research to the general public.