Forced by the Forest (Reluctant Tentacle Dubcon Erotica)

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JapanXAmerica — Bondage sex. Japan and America make a date to watch Star Trek. JapanxAmerica — Trying to woo America. RussiaxAmerica — Russian bride. America, doing it because they know England won't like it. With Guard! Arthur and Prisoner! Arthur gets furious, and Alfred has to make it up to him somehow. USUK — Allies playing matchmakers. USUK - Colonial! America tries to seduce England. USUK — Get find for loud sex. USUK - Pirate! US x UK — Slash fans. America and Albania — She is a total Fangirl of America. America geeking it up with his Founding Fathers. America, Obama, and Bush - The first meeting between any nation and their new boss.

America and others search for Atlantis. America and Pocahontas, cute and fluffy. G - G20 countries meeting a Pittsburgh. Groups All the male countries are at a world meeting debating Allies - Boyband AU. Canada comes along to mediate. America, England, and France — Masturbation competition. America, England, Japan — Tea Time. America throws a party after a successful world meeting and after a while, things start getting steamy.

Death of a Salesman meets Hetalia. Fighting over Canada. America in a three-way. England and Russia end up changing personalities. Ensemble — Robot AU — Nations are now robots. France —Threesome. Hetalia - Night at the Museum. Hetalia — Star Trek Crossover. Multiple - America proclaims it's Opposite day. Multiple - Battle Royale crossed with Hetalia.

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Multiple - Bleach Crossover. Multiple - Group of blond nations having an orgy. Multiple — Orgy at a restaurant. Multiple - Singing Marukaite Chikyuu. Mutiple - Which Marukaite Chikyuu is better. Tell me if I missed any. Here at last! Don't be afraid to mention any fills I could have missed. America in 's greaser style. America's love advice column. America - Meeting the Jersey Devil.

America — Stereotypes. America turns into a hot female version of himself anytime he drinks tea.

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A prequel to "Opening Heaven's Gate. It's the best thing you can do with your lips. America and Canada - Bigfoot hunt. Canada and America - Playing games. UK - Giving her Multiple Orgasms. Child America - Little! America getting a booboo and England kissing it better. England finding out that America is very adept at magic. America -. England giving Young! America a bath. EnglandxAmerica-School Shojo Style. America and pirate! England - America on a pirate ship. USUK — Dirty cop. UK - Slow Dancing.

UK - Alfred's on a Boat. USUK — England gains mind reading powers. USxUK — Snuggle. America gets turned on by sleeping in the same bed as England. Japan and America swap bodies. America, non-con. Russia and America - Watching Anastasia for the first time. America and the Jersey Devil. America, New Jersey - Daddy! America doesn't like NJ's Girlfriend. Part 2. All Nations - Chibi World Meeting. All Nations - Harry Potter Crossover. All nations - Nations going insane and becoming world conquerors. All Nations - The nations trying to get through a meeting in sweltering hot weather. Good Cop, Bad Cop Routine.

America, torture, noncom. Disney Films. Ensemble — Doomsday. France, England, Canada, America - fem! France with her family. Pairs — Mass Wedding. Pairs - My uke is louder than yours. Pairs - stuck in a cold house. Multiple - Batshit! Multiple — Card Games. Vampirism transmitted through sex. America playing with Bo. Americrack - If Palin became president. Rock N Roll! Pairings After reading the kink meme, America confronts England about totally being pedo for him when America was a colony.

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America and Japan discuss "Dragon Ball: Evolution". America and Sealand have some brotherly bonding in their mutual complaining about "jerk England. America as a Victorian police and England as an independent consulting detective. Roomates, Canada reverts to his teen years. Cheerleader roleplay sex with twin ponytailed, crossdressing cheerleader! America, dressed as Rocky, brings one of the other nations to a theater where they play the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Meanwhile, the other nations talk about it behind their backs. Feeding each other marshmallows. This leads to riding lessons that don't involve horses. America finally realizes that Arthur is in love with him. America has girl scout cookies. He shares them with someone, and they get addicted to their deliciousness.

America is at his house reading over the manifest destiny, Canada walks in. In an onsen. America makes it up to Russia by taking him to Disneyland. He's never properly thanked him. England — Stalking. Canada and America together representing Peace Can and justice Us. Canada x US — Imagining the other is Arthur. For a green card. Alfred gives Arthur a physical.

England and America having phone sex in anticipation of what they're going to do when they meet up at England's house for the G20 meeting next week. England with little Alfred. America is jealous that Canada's rack is bigger. America and Russia — Russia invites Oblivious! How do France and America come together as allies? How does England take it? Alfred x Stoner! James Bond! Arthur and Bondgirl! Nation tries to seduce an unwilling America until he finally admits that he couldn't even if he tried, because it's, well hurricane season.

Italy hanging out with America and having a flashback of his days with baby! Rocky Bablboa! America vs. Ivan Drago! Russia - with all of Ivan's subordinates cheering for Alfred. US - Arthur strangely finds Alfred's southern accent completely and utterly sexy. Must include spanking, blowjobs and blindfolds. What if the American Revolution had failed or never even begun? US runs up a tab at Yao's restaurant that he can't afford to pay. Giant monster battle. Not dark, but guilt is ok. After the breakdown of the Soviet union. With whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. This turns on Arthur.

USUK - America, with a blunt trauma to the head cause him to think that he's kid! America and England has to take care of him. USUK - Arthur accidently drinks an aphrodisiac tea. US and UK bickering over fictional detectives.

This makes sex around the full moon very rough and animalistic. White trash! US paired with chav! This is a yaoi boy love story. Rated for safety, might change. He's used to them by now but having someone there to help him is nice. BL love. Don't like don't read. All others enjoy! Naughty Boys 2 by C. A rapist breaks into a boys house and takes advantage of him, but are they really just strangers?

YAOI Not gonn'a lie, it's awkward. Mom's looking at him like he's just said the f-word and Dad's kind of silently stunned. I'm staring at his supposed boyfriend and all I can think is, "I will rape him. Hard yaoi. Christian wants his friend Damien to pay attention to him, and with the help of Kesha, the remote, and his spaztastic self, is able to get want he wants, and more. Greek Celebration by C. S reviews "Did he want to go farther? With a person he just met? Looking at Lysander and his gorgeous body, Khristos couldn't help but feel that even if it was a onetime deal, he wanted to take it.

Punishment by Kinky Mistress reviews When Ash finds Julian flirting in the hallway, he needs to remind his brother who he belongs to. Heavy Slash. Sequel to, "Stop Complaining.

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Sultan's Desires by C. S reviews Anubis bowed to his Sultan and raised his eyes under his short hair.

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Amenhotep smiled wickedly. We'll be retiring for the night. He was the only one that the prince couldn't have. Being in love with your own twin is even harder. Julian likes to complain alot, but Ash has figured out a way to make that stop. Warning: MxM sex. Love in the Library by ichaosfirestorm reviews Graphic Yaoi. First Crush by MoiyaHatake reviews Sebastian starts a new year at a new school and develops a crush on the schools most popular student, Christian Scott. Ambushed by C. S reviews Reagan, Dustin and Carson have some fun in the locker room when they ambush and tie up Kaylan.

Naughty Boys by C. S reviews Devan, 13, was invited to stay with his step-brother, Jayce, Jayce has been acting weird lately and Devan wants to know why. What does Jayce want? S reviews Forrest Wolfington was just a freshman when his teacher, Mr. Coutan took his virginity. PWP by polar. What plot? Dirty Animal Sex by Paradise in Bluerock reviews "You do realize you're standing in front of my locker, yeah? Class starts in like I'd prefer to not be late on your account. That explains why everyone hates it.

Contains YAOI meaning guy on guy. If you don't like, then don't read. Don't Play with Fire by apoll01 reviews The forest was my place of recluse until my world was thrown upside down by one man. He had unlocked the door in my mind and there was no turning back. Bound by seximonki Request from jotepaine. We know. I have a man who is my "Master" and I love him unconditionally.

Into the Woods by understand reviews Gabe is all kinds of awkward. So is Seth, but he's also more demanding. All that jazz. Cliche, but in the way where it's supposed to be funny. Although, Francesco does not agree that this guy is cuter than him. As well as Incest, if you don't like, don't read; It's just a short oneshot about Ajax and his older twin Aiden. Teenage Drama by KirityKitty reviews A girlfriend always seems to hold true love back-- But sweet semes aren't held back for long.

Vampire Effect by Desi Dangers reviews Evan the newly turned vampire experiences a big problem and his vampire master Brett helps him out. M for sex, lemons, yaoi, slash, whatever. Mate of the Werewolf by Exotic Waterlily reviews Being a werewolf was hard enough, especially with a sister, Camellia, who is abusive. But when Ethan, a young male werewolf, meets Chance, an older werewolf, his life changes dramatically. Welcome Home by ImmortalChild09 Two lovers reuninte after only a week of absence. Sorry I suck at summaries.

If only you could control when you fall out of it.

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Incest warning! There must be a celebration. At least, that's the excuse Dani has to try something new with his husband. PwP, Homosexual content, Yaoi. Don't like don't look. Thank you. No Education by JabberWock reviews Finding out the man who asked him out in the bookstore is a history teacher at his high school leads to some unconventional teaching for Adrien. They have a harsh break-up, but his rebound guy can be even better. Yaoi, guyxguy, slash, gay love, one-shot, rated for bad language.. Isaiah has to run to catch the bus after donating blood.

Never a good idea. But even bad ideas can lead to good things? Hot Tub by RawwrrrRose reviews Once again, lots of smut.

Favoured One by llyzsm2 reviews To avoid a war Kaheem takes his disgraced sister's place as a bride offering to the son of the Pharaoh of Tumbik, but must persuade his reluctant bridegroom that he sees beyond the favoured one and to the man within. Spring Equinox by Darkladyknight reviews Cole Danner had led a pretty normal life, trying to keep his ranch above the red, while he raised his daughter. But what happens when he finds a beaten boy in his barn, one that has no memory of who he is or where he came from?

Egress by the sacred night reviews At Christmas, Devon brings his partner, Parker, home to the family, not all of whom know he's gay. Ashura and his Vine Beast by Jotaku reviews Ashura, a stressed and lonely young man, ventures into the forest to escape his daily life and visit his beloved plant. Flower Power by PinkElephants reviews No one ever thinks that they'll get raped in a park, during an event.

But no one ever expects to get done in by a flower either. You can't go wrong! Rated M for a reason, folks. Speaks for itself. Familiar by llyzsm2 reviews It's All Hallow's Eve and August must watch his best friend marry, little does he know that he's being watched too Hired Help by Sas reviews This is a story of new love Well, the most important thing is, it is about men falling in love with men!

The second part is kind of graphic. A sweet yaoi parody set in suburbia. The story of how Ike and Jack's infamous relationship first began. In retribution for keeping a secret from Ike, Quinn's about to be punished! Although, if this is punishment, maybe Quinn should keep secrets more often Inari Under the Bed by llyzsm2 reviews Ben is going nuts, he's hearing bells everywhere. But when he searches his room he finds more than he bargained for An Unforseen Circumstance by Seilex reviews Halfear was protecting his territory from other hybrids; Steff was just walking home.

What happened next was an unforseen circumstance. Painted Love by jma reviews A thick, self conscious, teen gets a tattoo Spin-off of Tattoo Magic! Hey Now, AllStar by k. Contains homosexuality. Too bad I love him so much that I didn't care.

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Now who's going to clean that couch? Are You Bored? Lucky by The-Camster reviews Cory feels a bit lucky when lying alone with his lover one morning. The Consequences of Faking Sick by Denny Starbucks reviews Faking sick will come with consequences and Sirius du Noir will learn this to his misfortune, of course with the help of his father. The Swallowing Wolf by llyzsm2 reviews When Fenrir is dragged to Asgard to be chained he is left in the care of the great warrior god Explicit Yaoi! Pain: Mortal body looks 20ies but is in fact 40ies. But what exactly is in store for these two, and can they overcome the confusion and pain of a simple misunderstanding?

Or will these two finally end their love?

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Crazyanimecookie 0 dbud 30 Dragz 9. Erotica written without awareness of the importance of consent is irresponsible. Hermione is patrolling and has to check the Slytherin commons. The world of Regia is full of complex societies — Elves, Shifters, Werewolves, and Vampires plus various crossbreeds and spirits. In a very specific way.

A moment in time with Ike and Quinn. No point. No meaning. As they make the journey together, they are surprised just by how that lesson is learned. Dinner in the Form of Adam by Helizabeth reviews Shane tries to make dinner, but finds it too hard. Adam can help with that! Pure smut. No cannibalism, sorry MidNight!

Join them as they discover what the special holiday is about, with a delightful surprise at the end. But when the opportunity arises, new developments come, and there is reason for pause. Will he be strong, or will there be unity at home again? Crimson petals by Darkladyknight reviews Yaoi: A vampire must find out what's making his human mate sick, and must learn the cure before time runs out.

Because if the boy dies, then so does he. The main character Shinku going to his friend's Claire birthday party. He has quite an unexpected night. Again this a gay love oneshot. Forbidden Love of the Night by yaoimastersephiroth reviews This is a story about a man named Tristan who isn't as normal as he seems. He is a vampire who has grown tired of living, until he meets this man in the bar.

Which changes how he sees his life forever, or does it? It has a twist ending. Decipher by SpreadtheLove reviews What does a wink, kiss or hug mean? Fifth by lgandt reviews Slash. Oh, and no real plot. I do tease these two quite badly. So what really goes on between Michael and Anthony when they're all alone? Yaoi, yes. Heart reviews Take an old joke that strands three teenage boys on a deserted island and add some yaoi I think you know. Putting it on my new account.