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A: grant sejour. A: Saint Valentin. A: rivieres. A: voule. A: voules. A: sil. A: Entre. A: doubte. A: aime. A, F: conforter. A, F: envoit. Bien met le corps en grant sejour, En grant repoux et en grant aise Le panser, qui le cuer apaise. Panser puit homme jour et nuit Ce qui lui plaist ou qui lui nuist. Et si fait au cuer grant soulas, Quant ungs homs est pesans ou las Et il veult prandre son repoux. Et, en dormant, il songera Aucune chose merveilleuse, Bonne pour lui ou dangereuse, Aussi com je feis, au matin, Le jour de la saint Valentin. Petiz et grans, tous y estoient, Et devers la mer y venoient Oyseaulx de diverses fassons.

Illec faisoient leurs parssons. Et seulz qui savoient chanter Vouloient leur mestier hanter. Le roussinol et la maulvis Se taisoient moult envis, Dessus tous ouyr se faisoient. Et les columbeaux se baisoyent. Chascun faisoit en sa maniere Ce qui lui sembloit que bon yere. Celle parsson estoit moult belle, Car tous estoient deux et deux. Or vueil retourner a mon songe. Car de ce me prins je bien garde.

Ja soit mon affaire petis, Si sui je dez oiseaulx gentiz, Et ne sui mie si estrange Que vouler vueille pour le change. Nul besoing est que je le nomme. Tant par est beaul et bien voulant Que chascun lui est bien vueillant. Il est en tous ses fais certains Et a vouler le plus haultains, Et non obstant sa grant haultour, Jamais ne feroit un faulx tour.

Car sa noble condition Est de vouler tousjours plus hault. Ou il ne veult ou il ne daigne, Mais lez prent on vifz a la main. Bien voule au tart et mieulx au main. Jamais ne trouve temps diver. Et porte la plus belle plume Que nul oysel puisse porter. Autre chose ne vous requier. Car je feroie grant trespas Et grant folie et grant oultrage Vers un oysel de son paraige, Se pour mon par le demendoie.

Tel ne sui que fere le doye. Jamais autre ne choisiray. Pour lui ma franchise larray Et tout le desduit du bosquaige. Quant je sui en sa compaignie, Je suis en parfaicte plaisance A regarder sa contenance. Tant ayse suy quant ad ce vient Que de mon mal ne me souvient. Et pour ce je retourneray Le plus briefment que je pourray. Chascun quiert ce qui lui est bon. Telz gens ont moult poy de confort, Se Espoir ne lez soustient fort.

Ce ne seroit pas advenent. It puts the body in great rest, In great repose and at great ease — Thinking, which calms the heart. A man may think, day and night, What pleases him or what does him harm. For no one will ever be able to know If he thinks folly or wisdom Until he himself makes it known Either by speech or by action. And yet to the heart it does great solace When a man is depressed or tired And he wishes to take his rest.

He can think about such things That in his thoughts he will fall asleep, And while sleeping, he will dream Some marvelous thing, Good or difficult for him, Just as I did, in the morning, The day of the feast of Saint Valentine. Yet it happened that I fell asleep Upon a bed on which I lay, And while I slept, it seemed to me That the day before I had left behind A ruby and a diamond In a garden, and I had to go That morning to look for them. But when I came near to the garden Where I thought to find my rings, I saw within a great many birds, White and black, tame and wild, Fledgling, molted, nestlings, tree dwelling, From the woods, the fields, and the rivers, From houses and from dovecotes.

Small and large, all were there, And from the sea there came Birds of many different sorts. There they were forming into pairs. Each one there chose its mate As they saw each other in the open. Beak to beak, male and female, They embraced each other with their wings And they aligned their feathers. The gentle with the gentle, They joined, one next to the other, And they stretched out to the sun. And those who knew how to sing Wanted to display their skill.

The nightingale and the redwing Kept silent much against their will; They made themselves heard above the rest. And the doves kissed one another. Each one did in its own way What it found to be good. And well did they know how to please, Whether by a look or by a kiss, Or by anything that one knew That would give pleasure to the other. By their appearance it certainly seemed That each was happy with his own, For they had just what they wished And a great abundance of such good.

Among them all there was seated The eagle, who dispensed justice And gave each one what was right According to the day and season. The eagle had her mate beside her. The pairing up was very beautiful, For all were arranged two by two. Their way of life greatly pleased me, And their joy which I saw, And from this I had great pleasure, For it seemed to me, in my heart, That I understood their speech, By which I was greatly comforted. And my comfort was so great That I forgot about my rings In order to listen to the birds And to hear what they were saying. Thus I learned that they were accustomed Every year at this celebration That each of them, one by one, Should choose as a mate from within its rank The one who was most pleasing to it.

And together they make their dwelling Identical in heart and love, Until the end of the year. And when the season is ended, Whoever wishes can change its mate And choose another without refusal. Among them there is no reluctance. Let no one consider it a lie. Now I want to return to my dream. As I slept, it seemed to me That among the others, I saw A bird perched upon a pine That seemed to be a peregrine. In wings, in head, and in body, In feet, in beak, and in plumage, In length, in weight, and in size, In its perch, its eyes, its height, It closely resembled a falcon, Except that it was a tercel.

For of this I took careful notice. This bird was keeping watch All alone above the others, Without a tether and without a hood, But it had around its feet Fine bells and beautiful straps. The eagle, who was well aware of it, As she who sees clearly, Had it come before her In order to uphold the custom. Even though my rank is low, Yet I am one of the noble birds, And I am not at all so strange That I want to engage in any ruse.

Change is neither fair nor noble. I used to be domesticated, And if I can, I will be again. I am sorry that I escaped, But I had a great desire for pain. If you wish to know about my life, Know for truth that I have been For more than a winter and a summer In the possession of a nobleman.

There is no need for me to name him. But he brought me up and taught me, And he owns many good birds of worth, Falcons male and female, Flying, called back, and held in hand, That fly very well and very high When the weather is good and they so wish. Among all his falcons there is one, And it is not at all ordinary But it is different from the others Just as much as the sun Is different from the moon. This bird has such fortune That it is loved and held dear More than any, before all others. It is so fair and flies so well That everyone wishes well for it.

It is sure of itself in all it does, And it is the highest to fly, And despite its great altitude, It would never make a false turn. So well does it know how to beat its wings It alone does more than twenty-four, Whether for heron or water fowl. Nothing escapes if it wishes to strike, Without straining its body too greatly.

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The slower man, who reminds Lano of his death at the ambush Inf. He can think about such things That in his thoughts he will fall asleep, And while sleeping, he will dream Some marvelous thing, Good or difficult for him, Just as I did, in the morning, The day of the feast of Saint Valentine. What do we learn from these challenges? The brothers went to war against one another, with Frederick eventually prevailing and becoming the undisputed ruler of Sicily — Told that he has eaten his son, an enraged Tereus, his sword drawn, chases the two sisters, but before he can catch them, all three are transformed into birds: Tereus becomes a hoopoe a crested bird with a long beak , Procne a nightingale, and Philomela a swallow in other versions Philomela is the nightingale and Procne the swallow. Raised in the cosmopolitan Hohenstaufen court in Sicily, Manfred knew several languages including Hebrew and Arabic and was a poet and musician as well as a patron of arts and letters e. Bonagiunta da Lucca is discussed below.

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