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Gypsy: A Musical Fable
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Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Fable III's Russell Shaw

He has been composing film and TV…. News Home News. Posted in News , newsproductionmusic , newspublishing May 6, by john fablemusic. Posted in News , newsproductionmusic , newspublishing April 10, by john fablemusic. Posted in News , newsproductionmusic April 3, by john fablemusic. Posted in News , newsproductionmusic April 1, by john fablemusic.

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RS: Probably the recorder when I was about 5. Sometimes I find it hard to believe I wrote that track. On the eve before the final curtain call, LuPone made news when she literally stopped the show in the middle of the song "Rose's Turn", to scold a patron for taking illegal photographs during the performance. On the last day of the booking, the star stripper in the burlesque show is arrested for solicitation. A young Bernadette Peters appeared in the ensemble and understudied Dainty June, a role she would play the following year in summer stock, opposite Betty Hutton 's Rose. The New York Times described Peters as "a surefire box office draw who nonetheless may surprise some Gypsy aficionados Original Broadway Cast Album.

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Is she saying that, with willpower, we can overturn the patterns of the past? Is she yearning for a cleaner, purer, preindustrial world? Whatever her mission, she has written exhilarating songs that have elements of trad jazz and folk. The narrator Hermes sets the ball rolling with a number that has the railroad rhythms of so much American popular music.

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Mitchell maintains that train-type momentum in Way Down Hadestown, which haunts you long after you have left the theatre, and in When the Chips Are Down, where the Fates stompingly assert their power. The standout performance comes from Patrick Page who, as Hades, has a voice that seems to issue, appropriately, from the depths.

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