The Raft

The Raft (short story)
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There is no collection of human beings too small for conflict, as anyone who has had roommates or endured a family car trip surely knows. After surviving an airplane hijacking, he conceived of an experiment that he hoped would reveal whether violence was wired into the human genetic code or whether it arose through social conditions.

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In this case, instead of being confined to cells and divided into opposing groups, the subjects were set adrift for three months and encouraged to be as open and free as possible. He had selected his 10 companions based partly on their physical attractiveness, and his questionnaires were designed to get them thinking about sex, which he theorized was a source of conflict.

It turned out to be more of a logistical challenge, given the small dimensions of the Acali and the total absence of privacy. They would be from all over the world so that cultural differences and language barriers might provoke conflict , and they would all be sexually attractive so that desire might rub up against competition.

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Oh, and there was one other wrinkle that clashed with the state of our civilization: The women would be assigned all of the leadership roles, in the hopes that it might instigate the men into some kind of action. He wanted fucking and fighting.

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He probably wanted to do a little of both, himself. The situation unraveled in a way that must not have been conducive to recording the experience, because the archival footage dries up just when things are threatening to get out of hand.

Stark was then mocked by Barton, but Stark told Barton that he did not know they would be put in here. As the Raft was built for maniacs and criminals, which Barton claimed that they are all now. Stark then walked past Lang who said that you can never trust a Stark which Stark came back by not knowing who he is.


Marcus Lindeen's prizewinning documentary about an anthropologist's s social experiment doesn't fully immerse itself in the mission's. In the summer of , five men and six women embarked on a day scientific sea-adventure, drafting on a small raft named.

Sam Wilson imprisioned in the Raft. Stark continued to make his way to Wilson to ask where Rogers is so he can help him. Wilson asked how James Rhodes was after his crash.

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Stark told Wilson that he believed Rogers and that he needed his help to tell him where Rogers and Bucky Barnes had gone. Steve Rogers breaks into the Raft.

Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz took on Alisa Jones ' case, as Jeri Hogarth managed to get her a deal that would prevent her from being sent to the Raft. Hogarth informed Jones that in the Raft she would be kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours, each and every day.

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