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Rusty , from Capaldi's second episode, Into the Dalek , made his second appearance in Villengard , a location mentioned only once before on television, in Steven Moffat's second television story, 's The Doctor Dances. It was also the final story with Steven Moffat as head writer and the first to include any part written and overseen by incoming lead writer, Chris Chibnall.

While not known at the time, this would also turn out to be the last consecutive Christmas special of the revived series, breaking the streak that began with The Christmas Invasion in The show would forgo its usual Christmas special in in favour of a New Year Special at the beginning of As the Doctor nears regeneration, he stumbles on his original self, also refusing to change. It takes a captain, a glass avatar and a familiar face to convince the Doctors the universe still needs them. The First Doctor nears his death after an encounter with the Cybermen from Mondas.

He is freed from his restraints by his companions Ben and Polly, now that the threat is over. However, he is weak, his body beginning to regenerate. Refusing to give in, the Doctor leaves and wanders the South Pole, mumbling to himself that he will not change.

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Wow - I don't think I've seen a 'woman driver' joke in print since last reading one of my mother's old 'Broons' annuals - from the s And can he hold out against the coming regeneration? Plot Summary. To watch full episodes, you must have a cable provider that supports BBC America's full episode service and you must have BBC America as part of your cable package. Sound Mix: Dolby. He briefly argues with the TARDIS, conceding that "they would get it all wrong without me" as he decides to regenerate, saying "One more lifetime won't kill anyone. Other books in the series.

The man claims to be the Doctor. With a smug sense of superiority, the First Doctor tells the man that's not true; "you may be a doctor, but I am the the doctor.

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The original you might say. The scene transitions to the Twelfth Doctor as he gets to his feet, shocked to see his past self. The Doctor is delighted at meeting his first incarnation but realises that he is refusing to regenerate; he panics as he doesn't remember refusing to to regenerate the first time or meeting himself. The First Doctor is confused and dismisses his future self as just another Time Lord; he asks if he has come to take back "the ship".

The Twelfth Doctor tells him its from "all those years of being bigger on the inside. You try keeping your tummy tucked in that long", defending his beloved vessel. The Twelfth Doctor questions why his younger self is refusing to regenerate, fearing the consequences the decision might cause. However, the snow suddenly freezes in midair, capturing the pair's attention, as a man dressed in World War I attire approaches them.

He seems disorientated and asks the pair if either of them are a doctor. Exchanging a glance with the First Doctor, the Twelfth asks if the man is making some sort of joke. The worn torn battlefield in Ypres , On Christmas Day , the soldier, a captain in the British Expeditionary Force , lies in a shell hole on the battlefield in Ypres. His revolver is aimed at a German soldier , who also has his sidearm trained on the Captain.

Both men realise they will kill each other in self-defence, their respective troops far away in their trenches, unable to assist either of them.


Just as the Captain prepares to accept his fate and fire, a wave of energy flows through the field, freezing everything around him. As he exits the hole, a bright light suddenly flashes and encapsulates him. He collapses to the ground in the Antarctic and hearing the two Doctors discussing the static snow, he approaches them. The scene once more shifts back to the Twelfth Doctor's perspective.

A portal of light opens in the distance, and the two Doctors approach it. The First Doctor orders the portal to reveal itself, while the Twelfth Doctor declares that the planet is protected, to the confusion of his first incarnation. However, the light quickly vanishes, surprising the Twelfth Doctor as "that almost never works. The First Doctor demands his identity, to which the Twelfth says not to be an idiot as they always know when they meet each other.

However, the First Doctor states he does not know, prompting the Twelfth Doctor to show him his hand glowing with regeneration energy. The First Doctor wonders if the Twelfth is his next incarnation, to which the Twelfth says is not the case; he'll become him eventually, "after a few false starts" the Twelfth says with a grin.. The First Doctor mutters that he thought he would get younger when he regenerated, to which the Twelfth snaps that he is younger than the First Doctor. The Captain interrupts, stating he does not understand what's happening, while examining a VHS tape.

The Twelfth Doctor says that's understandable for a solider from World War I being chased through frozen time by an unknown force. Disturbed upon hearing the Great War being called the first world war, the Captain asks the Doctor what he's talking about; the Doctor simply tells him "spoilers". The First Doctor notices the Captain's unease, telling the soldier to sit down and orders the Twelfth Doctor to fetch some brandy. He does so, and the First Doctor notices that there is less in the glass than he remembered.

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The Twelfth Doctor tells him that it's been "rock and roll" over the last years, so he's entitled to have a glass to steady his nerves. The First Doctor examines the control room, noting that the Twelfth no longer has Polly around since it's so dusty; the Twelfth Doctor begs him to stop saying things like that as it is insulting to women. The First Doctor then notices the Twelfth's electric guitar and amp, which the Doctor tries to pass off as something a companion left behind.

However, the First Doctor notes that it is the only thing in the control room that's not covered in dust, making it the Twelfth Doctor's possession. A humanoid glass figure seated at the top of a staircase speaks to the Doctor, addressing him as "The Doctor of War. Much to the confusion of the First Doctor, Bill then exits one of the corridors. To her surprise, the Twelfth Doctor demands that she proves herself to be real, as he believes Bill to have sacrificed herself to defeat the Cybermen. Bill insists she is her real self, explaining how Heather had saved her. The Twelfth Doctor asks what happened after Heather saved her and where Heather is now.

Bill struggles for an answer. The Twelfth Doctor decides to confront his captor directly and runs up the staircase. He is slowly followed by his younger self, who questions the need to move so fast. They find an empty chair with several panels behind it. The First Doctor takes to observing the panels, commenting on their extraterrestrial origin. He turns to his older self, his eyeglass dropping from his eye as he notices the Twelfth Doctor wearing sunglasses to scan the panels.

He is utterly perplexed by the idea that the sunglasses are sonic. They turn to the chair, where a woman made completely of glass materialises. While the Twelfth Doctor scans the panels with his sonic screwdriver , the original Doctor looks more closely. He berates the Twelfth Doctor for not noticing the asymmetrical features of the woman's face, blaming his use of the sunglasses instead of his eyes.

The Twelfth Doctor shyly agrees, and his younger self throws the sunglasses to the ground. The Testimony proceeds to explain its desire for the Captain back in exchange for Bill, insisting the Doctors return him to them.

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He declares they let him be taken, not wanting any harm to come to Bill because of his cowardice. However, the Twelfth Doctor disagrees.

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Picking up his sonic sunglasses, he races down the stairs, remarking he will find out what the Testimony's purpose is and he will stop it if he doesn't like it. The First Doctor once more berates him for revealing his plan, stating he hasn't a clue who his future self is supposed to be.

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The Testimony, in an effort to ruffle the First Doctor, reveals the history he is destined to create as a "Doctor of War" by showing how his future incarnations will engage in various battles, which perplexes him. As she does so, Bill comments on how much smaller it is, causing the Twelfth Doctor to briefly observe the windows before insisting his younger self take off into "deep space, anywhere".

The Twelfth Doctor uses the sonic sunglasses to access the data banks noting what his predecessor said earlier before placing the shades on the First Doctor. Befuddled, the Doctor asks why he must wear them only for his successor to remark on how much he loves it before taking them back. While searching the area, the Captain is attacked by a creature with multiple little green legs but they save him, both Doctors recognising the creature as a Kaled mutant.

Bill tells the Twelfth Doctor to come back alive, to which he replies; "Be here when I do. The First Doctor fetches the Captain another brandy, realising that was why his successor was missing some. He soon leaves to join his older self, while Bill looks after the Captain, but when she grabs the brandy, her hand is revealed to be glass. While outside on Villengard, the two Doctors rest, discussing their respective regenerations. The Twelfth Doctor remarks they have yet to change because they are in a "state of grace", though he himself finds his body starting to deteriorate.

He asks why his younger self halted the regenerative process, unable to remember himself. The First Doctor admits he is "afraid" of regenerating and doesn't like to admit that to anyone. The Twelfth Doctor remarks that technically he still hasn't. Before the Twelfth Doctor can answer the question himself, they suddenly come under attack from a creature in a nearby tower, and only stops when the Twelfth Doctor asks the creature to scan him, announcing; "I'm dying! He tells his younger self to wait outside to which he begrudgingly agrees. The First Doctor observes the area, finding the remains of a Dalek casing.

He inspects it as Bill sneaks up on him and begins asking why he ran away. The Doctor insists she return to the Captain but Bill insists, asking what he was running to. Interested by the question, the First Doctor responds that he left to discover why good always defeats evil. Bill suggests it might be because of "some bloke" though the First Doctor doubts such. Bill hugs him, thanking him for his efforts. However, when she pulls away, the First Doctor realises she is a glass avatar.

He remarks on how he is a "good Dalek" though Rusty continues to fire at the Doctor. The Twelfth Doctor decides to come to a truce to which Rusty agrees by disarming his gunstick. Time suddenly freezes again, the First Doctor and Bill entering the room. Although disappointed at seeing no evil to fight, the Doctors agree to return the Captain to his timeline. Keep me logged in. Try Independent Minds free for 1 month See the options.

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Captain: But it's so Twelve: You know, I thought it probably was. Glad it's not just me.

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Ten: I don't want to go. Twelve: Doctor I let you go. Twelfth Doctor: We do have one little advantage. First Doctor: What advantage? Twelfth Doctor: There's two of us. I don't really know what to do when it isn't an evil plan. The Doctor: Oh, there it is. Silly old universe. The more I save it, the more it needs saving. It's a treadmill. Well, except me You wait a moment, Doctor! Let's get it right.

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"Twice Upon a Time" is an episode of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, written by Steven Moffat, directed by Rachel Talalay, and was. Twice Upon a Time may refer to: Film and television[edit]. Twice Upon a Time ( film), a British comedy film; Twice Upon a Time ( film), an animated.

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