Eddies Desert Rose

Eddie's Desert Rose
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For those of you who have been following our story, Pachinko is one of my foundation cocks and Sweet Revenge is a bird that was stolen from my loft and returned with her band cut off over 1. Anyway, I had heard that Eddie was a good handler but the training tosses and races proved the latter hypothesis correct. The birds arrived in a huge first drop 39 birds at a blazing speed of YPM thats miles at 64mph for the non-pigeon racers reading this.

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It was quite evident, that these birds made a direct path home while the other birds overflew. Knowing my birds, I was not surprised that mine were not in the 1st drop at those speeds.

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But, it is my opinion that a handler should never be frowned upon for having the birds in good condition, after all, the winds WILL be different next year, they always are. So I chalked it up as a loss, had a cocktail and thought about what I could send next year that could perform in those conditions. The following Saturday my brother Phil, friend Chad Sandstrom and I were betting on horses and talking pigeons like we often do.

Mid-conversation my celly rang, and what do you know, it was Eddie himself. The book also digs deeper into the patriarchal society of the Middle East countries. There is a brotherhood that exists to promote the cultural, religious,and hierarchical status of men and the economy.

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Vincent Meis takes us on a clever journey to the underbelly world of one Royal family. Where the secret lives of men are carefully compartmentalized and covered up to protect the family power structure at all costs. Two sets of brothers battle against family secrets, homosexuality, murder and political cover ups. It's a fascinating story of paralleled lives on one hand but completely at opposite ends of the spectrum.

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Meis uncovers the lives of Eddie and Dave one layer at a time. We understand their choices.

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Eddie's Desert Rose book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. It is the 's and everyone is trying to get ahead. In EDDIE'S. Compre Eddie's Desert Rose (English Edition) de Vincent Meis na rapyzure.tk br. Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais.

The author could have further developed the relationship between the two brothers Majed and Muhammad. A complete picture of this Saudi Arabian family and the dichotomy between these two brothers from adolescence to manhood would have enriched this story even more. Nonetheless, I was riveted by the twists and turns, compelled to finished this new book. One obvious question remains across all continents, cultural boundaries and social norms.

Will society ever drop the trappings of religion and embrace the imbued nature of so many men?

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Homosexuality is not a curse, a choice or an unintended consequence of society gone rogue. It does however play a key role, in Eddie's Desert Rose, and forces everyone to move forward. By Michelle Star. This book is great; a well-written thriller, but also an inside view into Saudi life and culture in the changing world of the 's where impact of economy, tradition, gender, sexual orientation, immigration, crime, and justice seem to be constantly redefining life.

I was fun and informative.

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Highly recommended. By Martin. I happened upon a reading the author gave at a coffee house in Southern California.