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This will be the last book by this author I read. I have managed to read all three of the books in this series and have determined that Ms. Skye must not have an editor. There are plot points that are brought up and never resolved, questions that are never answered, and in all three books, we never really get a lot of background on the main characters.

We know the men served in the military but they never confide in their significant others about their pasts or the nightmares they all experience This will be the last book by this author I read. We know the men served in the military but they never confide in their significant others about their pasts or the nightmares they all experience. The plots of all three books were intriguing, there were just major flaws in the books and many things are left unresolved. The book was more frustrating upon the conclusion because the happy endings just seem to come about without question and hard work.

Sep 05, Julie rated it liked it. I felt like there were a lot of loose threads at the end of this book. Every one wonders where Sawyer Sullivan's money disappeared to and yet we are never told so why make that part of the story. The video tapes? Why we're they hidden on a boat nobody new about. Again no explanation. Olivia's drunken bit I front of the police station? I don't know what that was, it didn't seem to make any sense to me.

It just didn't seem to to be smooth storyline from beginning to end. Glad it was the last of th I felt like there were a lot of loose threads at the end of this book. Glad it was the last of the series and not the first as I may not have continued. And I liked the other three books. First caveat: I am not a knitter. Second caveat: there is way too much chili being served.

I think the middle book was the best of the three. The plots all run willy nilly over bizarre happenings. There is no thread or flow. Glad I'm done. Jan 04, Cheri rated it liked it. I didn't read the first 2 but I got the jest of it. I actually liked this book compared to others reviews who did not.

It kept my interest and that's what matters. Jul 28, Sonya Heaney added it Shelves: reunion-romances. Putting this up early so I don't forget! For whatever reason, it se Putting this up early so I don't forget! Butterfly Cove is a book for anyone who likes the current small town craze which is about Heroine Olivia Sullivan is a little bit of a wimp her reaction to the injury she obtains early on in the book left me unimpressed and an old lady nothing wrong with knitting, but she seems to be obsessed with it and nothing else!

Hero Rafe Russo is what you would expect of a broody returned military hero, and fits into the small town trope the way these characters tend to do. Review copy provided by NetGalley. Sep 25, Heather andrews rated it it was amazing. Rafe and Olivia have history so much so that when he shows up again and she's passing out and not making sense from an accident it's him she talks about I thought that was both cute, and really funny, "he looks like Daniel Craig.

Rafe, I mean. Always was too gorgeous for his own good. He could have any girl in town. I mean he's really a looker especially when certain things are.. He wore nothing else, and Olivia saw the dark, chiseled sweep of his chest in the moonlight. You may be certain of that. Sep 07, Maureen Hubley rated it it was amazing. It was a lovely book--I do hope the series continues. Jun 15, Issa rated it it was ok Shelves: zchallenge , library-checkout. Premise was so-so but could have worked with a better executed plot and better chemestry between the leads. Jun 14, Mummy Cat Claire rated it it was ok Shelves: kindle-books , netgalley , read-in Olivia Sullivan lives in Seattle and works as an architect.

Without notice, she is fired from her job. She decides to pack up and leave for Summer Island. Summer Island is a small town on the Oregon coast. It's where she grew up and where her father still lived Olivia's friend, Jilly, lives in an old home called the Harbor House.

Jilly and her husband want to convert it into a bed and breakfast.

Summer By The Sea (Mills & Boon M&B)

Jilly is a chef and hopes to open a restuarant. As Olivia is headed back into town, Olivia Sullivan lives in Seattle and works as an architect. As Olivia is headed back into town, she is involved in a serious car accident and hurts her leg. Rafe Russo is there to pull her from the car and save her.

The two had a secret relationship when they were younger and haven't seen each other in years. After serving in the military, Rafe has been hired on as an officer for the town of Summer Island. Things become uncomfortable for Olivia as she has to deal with the set back of her injury and now an old flame, who she never expected, nor wanted to see again is back in town. She is also having to deal with her father's estate.

This story has several issues. The author really needed to find a direction for her book and for the sanity of her readers. There are so many story lines that start and never end. There were a few examples found in the book but he wasn't abusive. Olivia just eludes that he mean. Her father's secrets begin to come out but are never resolved. She had never seen his dark streak and his anger. Rafe had made sure of that. But the Marines had pulled that part out of him. They had used his anger, honing his traits of independence and command to make him into a valuable weapon.

Even at the end it was just mentioned how he was upset with his skills. It may not have matter much in the beginning but when the subject keeps coming up, I want to know what happened. What happened with the plans for opening a bed and breakfast. Butterfly cove is mentioned twice but it's like the characters never go there and I'm not sure exactly where this place is. Overall, the author really needed to narrow down the direction of this book.

The epilogue helps to settle some lingering questions but I swear the open ended story lines wore me out. I can see why other readers had such an issue with this story. The story was okay as things develop between Olivia and Rafe. I thought they were working together to solve a mystery The romance does take over and the author lost her path o the mystery sub plot.

This could have been the sole reason for her coming in to town. This story needs an editor. Content: not a clean romance but not horribly dirty.

Mild language. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Jul 05, Sandra rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I've read all 4 books in the Summer Island series. Butterfly Cove is the last book. I enjoyed the read. I enjoy Christina Skye's books. The story of Olivia and Rafe ends the story of all 4 women. This book wrapped up everything and everyone. But again, there were a few things that didn't get spelled out. I know every author's stories are personal and the way they want them to be. I was just a little frustrated by the end of the story when after reading the whole book and Olivia trying to find ou I've read all 4 books in the Summer Island series.

I was just a little frustrated by the end of the story when after reading the whole book and Olivia trying to find out what happened to her Father's fortune, that you never know where it went. All you get in the end is a safe deposit key and a women giving her a letter that her Father dictated for her. But you never here what the letter says. You never get to see what's in the safe deposit box.

You just get to assume it's good news for a change. Maybe it was her Grandmother's legacy she left her. Maybe it was her Father's bank accounts no one could find. Who knows.

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You are just left guessing. I really hate that. After all, you are reading someone else's story, how are you suppose to know the answers unless the author tells you? You don't and so I am left with in completion of all of the books. Feb 28, Linda h.

mills boon summer

Lost continuity Disappointed. Lost continuity many times. Poor editing. Previous two books better. Felt sex scenes written first then story filled in by different writers that resulted in loss of continuity. Apr 02, Kathrina Tillston rated it it was ok. Too many questions left unanswered. Waste of time. Dec 07, Jenifer Wilcox rated it it was ok. This book was not for me.

I skipped a lot of the book. Just could not get into it. Dec 18, Janga rated it liked it. This book and the series in general have most of the elements of a terrific series: a picturesque small town, adorable animal characters; a group of women with a long history of loving, loyal friendship and shared experiences; hunky, wounded heroes with dangerous pasts in some cases dangerous present as well that required them to lay their lives on the line for the greater good; and sufficient external and internal conflict to keep things interesting.

It is the story of Caro McNeal, victim of an automobile accident and accomplished knitter, and Lieutenant Gage Grayson, a Marine on his way to Afghanistan. I liked the characters and enjoyed the epistolary quality of the story but disliked the truncated feel of the conclusion.

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Added to these ongoing concerns are those particular to the third novel. We know he has a mother and a younger brother, but when he returns home, he never visits them or calls them or has any contact at all with them. I kept wondering why. Also, while connecting his youthful rebellion with his missing father is a line the weakest student of psychology can draw, the issue is never really addressed.

The novel ends with no real answers. I understand that series sometimes have overarching plot threads, and that authors may use them to tantalize readers, up to and including cliffhangers. But the money issue is not an ongoing thread; it is a central concern in this particular book. I felt betrayed when the mystery was left unresolved, especially when logic dictated that the story of the fourth and final Harbor House friend should offer closure.

If you are a patient reader who is undisturbed by a plethora of loose ends, you may find Butterfly Cove and the other Summer Island books more satisfying than I did. Sep 20, Margreet Asselbergs rated it really liked it. My rating: 3. Now Olivia must take a walk on the wild side to show the new deputy that in matters of love…being bad can feel very good.

First main concern is that although not listed anywhere, this is a novel that is or should be part of the Summer Island Series. But you won't find it described as such on Amazon or Goodreads. It seems to be marketed as a stand alone novel and as such doesn't work. Sure, a lot of 'fill-in" information is provided in the course of the book in an attempt to get the reader up to speed, but you will never quite grasp the strong connection between the women in this book, nor their commitment to Harbor House or their joint love for knitting and its significance in their lives.

The second issue I have is again, with some of the backdrop of the story, in this case Olivia's circumstances. She is left destitute by actions of a father who in his latter years, perhaps in his confusion or so we are lead to believe made not only his own, but also Olivia's fortune disappear. This issue becomes a highlight in the story, and in fact, new characters are drawn in who were connected with her father before his death, yet they don't bring any answers, and nothing is ever resolved The story itself was very charming.

Old flame comes back to town, damaged from his time overseas fighting for his country. Bad boy turned hero for the local Sheriff's Department, albeit grudgingly. Town princess falls on hard times and returns trying to scrape her life back together and find some answers. Good heart, community and the love of friends prevail and when you add the appearance of a long lost lover, who jumps to the rescue when needed, the scene is set for a sweet reunion.

The characters are well-defined, full-bodied and entirely credible. Emotions they experience are easy to follow and not that difficult to envision, which means enough insight was provided to understand them well. That defines a good writer in my book. Christina Skye certainly is a good writer! If it wasn't for those nagging issues I mentioned, I would not have hesitated giving this book at least a 4 or 4. As it is, and only because of the undeniable quality of writing by Ms.

Skye, I feel I can't award more than 3. Review A romance that keeps the reader interested and entertained. Hope to read more about Rafe and Olivia in future books. Aug 13, Rachel rated it it was ok. In all honesty, though, I think I would have enjoyed it more had I first read the other books in the series which I did not. The book is pushed as a standalone, but I did feel like I was missing half the story by not reading the others in the series first.

This story focusses on Olivia and Rafe. Again, having not read the other books, I felt that I was missing a lot in terms of the Harbor House and the other characters. Rafe has also just returned to Summer Island. As the town's former bad boy, Rafe spent a decade with the Marines and returns as a local police officer. Rafe and Olivia haven't seen each other in 10 years - not since the night Rafe was supposed to take Livie to the prom, but never showed up and never contacted her again. Until now. As the two reconnect, they realize that the sparks between them are shining as bright as ever.

They both try to ignore their attraction, until they can't deny themselves any longer. Their time together is rocky - they both have a lot to sort out, including the hurt from their shared past. I really enjoyed the premise of the story - small town, second chance at first love, etc, but I couldn't shake that something was missing.

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I will go back and read it now, but I wish I had known it was out there. United States Census Bureau. She had grown up in proverty and fear and she decided that the next step was to marry a rich man. Only she wasn't thin or glamorous, and only the kindest of souls would ever call her beautiful. Also, while connecting his youthful rebellion with his missing father is a line the weakest student of psychology can draw, the issue is never really addressed.

The author tries to add depth with the mystery of her father's death and missing fortune, but the result was very unsatisfying for me. I also felt that the relationship between Olivia and Rafe was a bit contrived - too much back and forth in too short a time-frame.

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The ending just felt a bit rushed to me. Anyways, this is just my review, and again, I would have probably felt a stronger connection to the book had I read the others in the series. It cetainly wasn't a "bad" book, but I just didn't connect with the story. Sep 28, Candy rated it really liked it Shelves: reading-challenge , so-many-reads-reviews.

Olivia Sullivan has just been fired from her architecture job in Seattle. Olivia Olivia Sullivan has just been fired from her architecture job in Seattle. Olivia knows a different side of Rafe though. The side that she feel in love with in high school.

Rafe doesn't think he is good enough for Olivia. Can Olivia make him see the truth and find happiness? All of the books were so well written. You know it's a sign of a good series when you frantically search the Internet hoping the author decided to write just one more book. The friendship between the four women is beautifully written. They even give each other much needed kicks in the butt when things get stagnant.

The overall story line in this book is the classic bad boy from the wrong side of the town falling in love with the perfect good girl. Skye keeps the theme fresh with her own take on it.