The Five-Minute Rule

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A widely cited study by the Harvard Business Review research team tested the response time of 2, B2B sales teams after a prospect completed a lead capture form. The most surprising statistic from the study was that the average time it took a sales team to respond to an inbound B2B lead was 42 hours. The problem with slow lead response time is that buyers are busy and move onto other things, like other meetings and the rest of their life.

Or even worse, they move onto your competitors website and start researching them instead.

The Five Minute Rule

When you sales team finally responds usually over email , it takes an average of 4. A slow leads response time ultimately means that leads and meetings that could result in qualified pipeline just evaporate from your funnel, and evaporate from top line revenue number for your business.

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On a personal level, your marketers lose because they are spending money to buy highly targeted clicks that often never result in form completes leads at all. Your buyers lose because at the moment they were ready to engage with your sales team, no one was there to talk to them. Your sales team loses because they spend days trying to chase down leads and more than a third of those leads never respond.

2. Divide your day in two halves.

So if this is the process that your B2B demand generation team has in place today, how do you maximize pipeline and revenue? A study by LeadResponseManagement. The result for those teams is that leads evaporate and meetings get delayed or never scheduled, resulting in a dramatic decrease of pipeline and revenue. The "rule" prominant in high school that allegedly states that if a teacher is not present in the classroom five minutes after the final bell has rung to indicate class has begun, the class may leave.

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Yes, the biggest magic of the five-minute rule comes from the fact that often, for procrastinators, starting is the hardest part. In computer science, the five-minute rule is a rule of thumb for deciding whether a data item should be kept in memory, or stored on disk and read back into.

Although this rule has been tested, no conclusive evidence has been gathered to rule on whether this rule is real or not. After sitting in the dark classroom for five minutes without a teacher, the majority of the class decided to follow the Five Minute Rule, so they got up and went to the cafeteria.

Five Minute Rule unknown. When talking to someone of the opposite gender over some sort of electronic contraption , such as instant messaging, text messaging, or other alternate forms of communication, the rule states that if said person does not respond to a message in the time of five minutes, that they have either left, or are not paying attention to you. In most cases, this spells doom for relationships, but if your are talking to someone with a short attention span, this may be understandably excused with the necessary punishment of one minute of shunning.

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Guy One: Dude, I was talking to that girl but she didn't respond for a few minutes so I used the five minute rule. Original Title.

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Happiness is a choice, not a response to a situation. Even though I am wrestling with a lot of issues right now, I have the right, perhaps even the obligation, to be happy, to find joy in my life.