Windows of Faith

The Faith and Hope Stained-Glass Window
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Additionally, some of the missing glass had been replaced with poorly executed restorations. The conservation treatment needed to address the question of how to improve the legibility of the work without compromising its integrity.

The identical canopies, or headers, above each figure had major losses to their original glass. The upper part of the Faith header was missing some fairly large pieces.

David Wilkerson - The Window of Faith - HD [Full Sermon]

There was an old restoration panel on the lower part of the Hope header that did not match the color or the painting style of the original. Fortunately, between the panels of Faith and Hope , all elements of the original design were extant. This meant we were able to re-create the missing glass by copying from the original without inventing design elements.

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For example, we were able to restore the Faith header by replacing the lost area with a new glass piece, replicating the original decoration on the Hope header figs. In fig. The replacement piece was made in the same manner as the original by cutting and etching a piece of blue flashed glass and using kiln-fired vitreous paint and silver stain.

The new glass was joined to what was left of the original using a technique in which solder is applied to copper foil wrapped around the edges of the glass.

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The very thin solder join is easily distinguished from the original, thicker lead strips, known as cames, that hold the glass together. The solder join also serves the added purpose of delineating the original from the restoration fig.

Windows of faith : Muslim women scholar-activists in North America, edited by Gisela Webb

Similarly, the old restoration panel from the Faith header was replaced by a new piece copied from the existing Hope header fig. From an aesthetic point of view, the extensive paint loss to the faces of the figures of Faith and Hope was disfiguring. The viewer's eye is naturally drawn to the face, and the loss of paint left each face with a ghostly appearance—an almost negative image of what had originally existed.

To return some legibility to these areas while leaving the original untouched, new glass plates were cut to the shape of the pieces on which the heads and shoulders were painted. A new feature called Snap Assist an update to Aero Snap allows you to grab apps from multiple desktops and snap up to four windows. An improved command-prompt experience allows you to paste in directories using Ctrl-V.

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