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The US writers who imagined a fascist future
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Bogle was secretly stolen away by Sir Edward Tichborne, who had come to do some brief work at the estate and for unknown reasons decided to leave with him.

The breadth of his legacy, then, is defined entirely by his entanglements with the Tichborne clan. He remains nearly forgotten, his inner life wholly unknown. It was that inner life that most interested me. In beginning Washington Black , I set out to write a novel that depicted the case through the lens of Bogle.

What complications would such a life hold? The character of Titch also interested me — a liberal, high-minded idealist who does so much in the service of those ideals but then ends up, quite unthinkingly, betraying them. It seemed a sad eventuality in a society so rigorously defined by inequality and cruelty. In this world, every good act has a dark underpinning. The novel came to be about many things. What stood at the forefront for me was its exploration of freedom: what constitutes true freedom, what is within our power to grant ourselves and others, and what its value is.

When her plans go awry, she gives Washington a somewhat less brutal idea: freedom, she says, is the choice to eschew work, to remain silent, and above all, to be divorced from human entanglements. And it is this more basic idea of freedom that he carries out into the world and finds wanting, as he struggles to get his foothold in societies where he can only remain a stranger.

Beyond the unchained body are liberties much more difficult to grasp and to hold. A luger is obviously Why did I like this line? And sadly very American, even if the luger is a German pistol. People talk up a big game. In that context, fiction is better understood than it is by fiction writers. People know to exaggerate. To win in that situation you have to be willing to lose everything.

This same friend once escaped from jail. These ninja Swat turtles were screaming commands, in full gear, weapons raised. My friend was going to prison, no question. Later, prison killed him. None of this is in my novel. And also: artistic imperative. But my character Conan, who is the secret heart of the novel, would make such a claim if he could get away with it. After I wrote the novel, although I felt I succeeded in cracking into the humour of my invented world, a world meant to harbour the dirty and beautiful secrets of the real one, something more significant was at stake, and had been all along.

How do people not understand this? The novelist is not competing with TV, for instance. The novel aims to be a work of art. Art is much more mysterious. What did Kant say? Purposive without purpose. What did Nietzsche say? Beyond good and evil, baby. Minus the baby. Here is what I say: art must be made with a pure intent, and a commitment to genuine risk. The thing created must be smarter than the person who made it. That is not so difficult. But few are willing to see the reverse of it, that the lucky, too, are shaped by their luck.

It is deeply tempting to count oneself among the good. To see goodness as goodness, and not as luck.

Finding the SPARK in your story

But that is an illusion. In a modern, stratified, bourgeois society, life mostly goes how it goes due to circumstance. But your life could have gone wildly different. This is a confrontational truth that some might arrive at after reading my book, even as I did not drive toward, or intend for, the book to have that effect.

The feel of the Valley is a little like science fiction at its most utopian. Anne Bellamy. Aqibat: Life After Death.

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Words Inspired, Imagined and Revealed

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  • The US writers who imagined a fascist future.

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