A Brand Plucked from the Fire: The Life of Rabbi Herman E. Schaalman

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After that, no one threatened him again. Schaalman became the face of the Chicago Reform Jewish community and was invited to participate with other Jewish leaders at special meetings with our country's presidents. During the Clinton administration, Schaalman was again invited to the White House. On his office shelf, the rabbi proudly displayed his picture shaking hands with President Clinton in the Oval Office. Schaalman came to America in as a refugee on a scholarship to Hebrew Union College.

Six years later, on the same day as his ordination, he married his life-long wife, Lotte. After serving for eight years as the rabbi of a small congregation in Cedar Rapids, Ia. In , he took the post as senior rabbi at Chicago's esteemed Emanuel Congregation where he served for the next 30 years. During that time, Schaalman established himself as one of the foremost Reform rabbis in America. One of his major contributions to Reform Judaism, and the one he is most proud of, was his role in establishing the first summer camp for Reform Jewish youth, Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute in Oconomowoc, Wisc..

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The camp became a model for the development of 18 other Reform camps across the United States and Canada. Because he believed that the Holocaust was partly the result of a lack of understanding of Jews and Judaism, Schaalman took positions in theological seminaries where for more than 50 years, he taught seminary students in both Catholic and Protestant seminaries, including his long tenure at Northwestern's Garrett Theological Seminary from to ; Catholic Seminary of the Society of the Divine Word; North Park College Theological Seminary; and 20 years at Chicago Theological Seminary, where there is a Herman E.

Schaalman Chair in Jewish Studies. Schaalman once estimated he'd had 10, Christian students overall, most of whom became clergy. His friendship with Chicago's Joseph Cardinal Bernardin set a precedent for interfaith cooperation. The friendship of the two clerics was so close that when Bernardin was near death, he requested that Schaalman participate in his funeral, the first Rabbi ever to have officiated at a funeral for a Cardinal.

Schaalman was awarded the prestigious Order of Lincoln Award from the Lincoln Academy of Illinois for his exceptional effort to advance religious knowledge and understanding among citizens of different religious persuasions.

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As part of his commitment to interreligious understanding and the promotion of a peaceful world, Schaalman served as a trustee on the Board of the Millennium Institute, as a member of the Executive Committee of the Council for the Parliament of World Religions. Several of his colleagues have sent wonderful notes.

Rabbi Dr.

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We are hanging by a thin, gossamer thread to the last vestiges of our American heritage and way of life. Ethnic relations. After that, no one threatened him again. Braham and Bela Vago. The Obama administration had insisted that Israel stop all settlement activity, including so-called "natural growth", in line with its commitments under the road map to peace. This collection also reveals that problematic views of the Holocaust are not limited to Muslim communities. In Hebrew.

Gary Zola wrote this: "We have come to the end of an era. Here was a life very well lived-a man whose achievements and contributions were literally numberless. Jacob Sarna, "[Schaalman] was a giant. Herman and his beloved Lotte were 'brands plucked from the fire. Sign up for our weekly newsletter featuring issues and events in the Jewish world. This approach proves problematic; the book sometimes appears to be more a collection of many small stories than the presentation of one bigger, more compre- hensive story.

In addition, many redundancies could have been removed with better copyediting. Schaalman is a great work of research and writing on a remarkable personage, whose thinking is still progressing and who continues to live an active life, dedicated to his wife, his family, and the future of Judaism. He is currently working on his second book about the life and times of the German Ameri- can rabbi, Joachim Prinz — Notes 1 Herman E.

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Hasia R. In Roads Taken, Hasia R. Diner tells the stories of peddlers: itiner- ant Jews who took to the roads of America, as well as nations around the world, selling their wares to non-Jews who knew little of Judaism, yet still welcomed these strangers into the most private of spaces, their homes. The book is organized into five chapters, as well as an introduction and conclusion.

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I've just published a biography of one of Chicago's best-known rabbis, A Brand Plucked from the Fire: The Life of Rabbi Herman E. Schaalman (Ktav Press. A Brand Plucked From the Fire: The Life of Rabbi Herman E. Schaalman tells the story of one of Reform Judaism's most accomplished rabbis. Born in Munich in.

Rejecting a strict chronological frame, Diner uses the road metaphor to focus analysis on a single theme that includes primary source evidence across both time and place. Related Papers. A Brand Plucked From the Fire.

"A Brand Plucked From the fire" 1 of 3 by Pastor Paul Penno

By Richard Damashek. The Gang of Five. Bibliography of Zev Garbe1. By Zev G.

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