Grail Bestiary Volume I: Creatures of Grail and Kilenya

Creatures of Grail and Kilenya
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Minecraft Xbox - The Legend Of The Holy Grail - Setting Fire To The Town - Part 1

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Being smart is COOL! This little boy just comes to life for you! You have two options. You die, or you Qualify. The year is An extinction-level asteroid is hurtling toward Earth, and the descendants of ancient Atlantis have returned from the stars in their silver ships to offer humanity help.

And in order to be chosen, you must be a teen, you must be bright, talented, and athletic, and you must Qualify. Sixteen-year-old Gwenevere Lark is determined not only to Qualify but to rescue her entire family. If you are good enough to Qualify, you are eligible to compete in the brutal games of the Atlantis Grail , which grants all winners the laurels, high tech luxuries, and full privileges of Atlantis Citizenship.

Gwen Lark is known as a klutz and a nerd. It tells of a girl named Alice falling through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. The tale plays with logic, giving the story lasting popularity with adults as well as with children. It is considered to be one of the best examples of the literary nonsense genre. Its narrative course and structure, characters and imagery have been enormously influential in both popular culture and literature, especially in the fantasy genre. The first print run of 2, was held back because Tenniel objected to the print quality.

A new edition was quickly printed, released in December of the same year but carrying an date. The entire print run sold out quickly. Alice was a publishing sensation, beloved by children and adults alike. Among its first avid readers were Queen Victoria and the young Oscar Wilde. The book has never been out of print. There have now been over a hundred English-language editions of the book, as well as countless adaptations in other media, especially theatre and film.

Laughing Author. Are you looking for a fun book to keep the kids entertained and happy? This funny joke book for kids is excellent for early and beginning readers. Laughing and jokes have been proven to have positive mental and physical effects on the body! This book is especially great for long trips, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home. Knock knock! Juno who? Allison who? Allison to the radio every morning! The Joke King is back with another hilarious joke book full of funny, laugh-out-loud, crazy comedy and MASSIVE assortment of knock knock jokes for children of all ages, teens, and adults.

This awesome joke book for kids is easy to read and full of laughs! Humorous, rhymed text is fun for adults to read aloud and is easy enough for children to follow along. The story works as a lesson in generosity as well as all-around entertainment. Great for home, library or pre-school — bedtime or anytime! The lines are few and simple, but the most imaginative, colorful and full-page illustrations more than make up for lack of words. Not too often do I meet a book that has such a wonderful blend of words and art. The illustrations are colorful and charming.

I particularly enjoyed the clever way that action verbs are portrayed to convey their meaning. Are you searching for a easy read to help a child with the adjustment of change or even a new arrival in the family? Kitty Cat is a very happy cat until the new pet arrives and upsets everything. Follow the adventures of Kitty Cat as she tries to outsmart Digger the dog and win over her family. If you like cute cats, silly dogs, kids and animal action adventure books…than this is the picture book series for you.

the virgin and the grail origins of a legend Manual

Spike the dinosaur has not always been so nice. In fact, not too long ago, Spike was a mean dinosaur. He loved eating other dinosaurs sandwiches. But that was before Mike, the microraptor, showed him what kindness was and how he, too, could be a good dinosaur friend. Activities also included.

Besides being great story for preschoolers , Mata Hill. With this book the author managesto offer profound message for young readers, the concepts that areusually difficult for children to understand. Besides being great storyfor preschoolers, this book also could be recommended for early readersto improve their reading skills — therefore parents should be advised to encourage children independent reading. Spike, The Not So Nice Dinosaur can be fully recommended as book that speaks about the touchy subject,dealing with it in a great way.

Grail Bestiary Volume I: Creatures of Grail and Kilenya

Overall, we liked the book very much. I read the story of Spike to my five year oldgrandson this morning and he really enjoyed it. It is a book withseveral useful messages for children. He particularly enjoyed thepictures and the games at the back. When George and Dougie receive an unexpected email stating that the mystery has finally been solved, Dougie and Katie try to persuade George to journey with them. Only when Dougie goes missing, will George and his friend Katie, accompanied with his dog, Flanagan, journey to rescue his friend. Burke Author.

Double Trouble!

Grail Bestiary Volume I: Creatures of Grail and Kilenya (The Grail Bestiaries) ( Volume 1) [Andrea Pearson, James E Curwen] on *FREE* shipping. Grail Bestiary Volume I book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The primary purpose of this book is to display illustrations.

However, when an unexpected egg does develop into something new, Cora may be over her head. Like every other book by H. Cora immediately forms a bond with the dragon, but the little guy lands them in some difficult situations…. The writing is superb, the characters are fun, and the story is engaging, to say the least. The tree gives voice to love and loss, fear and hope, death and rebirth in a new form, as it is transformed first to pulp and then to paper, the very paper from which the child reads this story. Sensually told, it brings forth the sounds and smells of the forest. I remember: a gentler sound, The forest rustling in the rain Leaves were swirling all around I heard soft footsteps up the lane….

The paintings for the cover and interior pages are watercolor on paper, done by the author. Children would love the highly decorative style of the writing, and the sudden long strokes that express the emotions in this story. Each verse appears on a paper leaf that floats over transparent paper in the shape of an ellipse, which symbolizes a puddle of tears at the foot of the tree. If you liked The Giving Tree, you will love this picture book for kids, which mothers and fathers find utterly fascinating.

Peep flies through the jungle meeting new friends, visiting with old ones and trying to befriend a grumpy tiger. This book will introduce your child to some of the most popular jungle animals with the vivid descriptions and one of a kind pictures. Peep teaches the valuable lesson that learning new things and making new friends is a positive step we can all take every single day. Children young and old will enjoy going on this adventure through the jungle treetops and below with their new friend Peep.

Mike has lived his whole life in his quiet village on the mountain top. His village is secluded and peaceful. The only thing that makes his village different? It is full of creepers. The friendly creepers live away from the rest of the Over World and keep to themselves.

The creepers decide they will have to go down and see the rest of the Over World to try to get some help. Along the way, Mike and his group get split up in the perils of the jungle. The two of them must survive the jungle and learn about each other. For a hundred years, the peaceful Kingdom of Valaar has teetered precariously on the brink of civil war. Unbeknownst to the council, disaster lurks in the shadows. Conspiring men plot to plunge the island kingdom into conflict.

Amid the violent and volatile politics of Valaar, a prophecy uttered millennia ago, will see its fulfillment. Tyrants will rise, armies will assemble and the winds of magic blow ominously. When the dust settles and the age of uncertainty ends, who will wear the Crown of Kings? Smith Author , Zach Franzen Illustrator. Heather and Picket are extraordinary rabbits with ordinary lives until calamitous events overtake them, spilling them into a cauldron of misadventures.

They discover that their own story is bound up in the tumult threatening to overwhelm the wider world. Kings fall and kingdoms totter. Tyrants ascend and terrors threaten. Betrayal beckons, and loyalty is a broken road with peril around every bend. A captivating story with sword-bearing rabbits, daring quests, and moments of poignant beauty, The Green Ember is a tale that will delight and inspire young readers to courage and creativity.

But this one? How shall I put this? If I could choose only one book for my kids to read this year, this would be it. Go get it! Officially our favorite read-aloud ever. From the Read-Aloud Revival to S. Smith: thank you for giving us this beautiful gem! Smith has a voice for children and families that the world needs to hear.

Because as a child, I always had trouble falling asleep. All of the bedtime stories had some frightening plots or were packed with scenes that kept me too interested and awake! This book really does work as a sleep aid for your child. I could actually feel myself relax as I went through the book page by page! It does work. A great book for children and parents! In addition the illustrations are lovely, with vibrant colors that stoke the imagination. Beautiful book that will send your young ones to dreamland in an effective, gentle manner. Seamus is lonely.

He wants to know why she keeps on leaving him all day; has she found a new best friend? Sophie, meanwhile, is having trouble with her new job. Can Seamus save their friendship by helping Sophie? And can he really resist being who he truly is? Hilly Discover Her Feelings is the third book among a series in which Hilly is the main character. She then pauses to discover her emotion in different events that children encounter in daily life.

In the book, you will find an exercise for children to help them discover their emotions. It is helpful for children to learn at an early stage how to express their emotions.

Three books!

What we feel teaches us much about situations, about hardship or a problem we have to deal with, and a lot about ourselves. I invite you to join the journey and open your minds for healthy new thinking. Robison Author. And Sarah McKinliy is very shy. During her first week of fifth grade at H. Stonewelle Elementary School, Sarah does her best to just blend into the crowd. She never does anything to draw attention. Attention is the last thing she wants. Things go well enough that first week. Sarah even makes friends with the most popular girl at school.

But things quickly head downhill when her mother becomes a lunch lady at the school cafeteria. Randall Kepliere, the class clown, finds out her mother is one of the lunch ladies and he embarrasses Sarah in front of the entire fifth grade class. And the most popular girl at school turns on her and excludes Sarah from her group. Both the characters of Sarah and her mom remain in your heart for a long time. Tal Author. Periscopulous Telescopulous, a famous space researcher, learns the fascinating story of planet Vee, which was frozen solid years ago after its kid inhabitants ate too much and turned from happy vital children to heavy, round and frozen creatures.

Perhaps, Thinks P. It explains the relation between food, weight, health and vitality and offers vital information about healthy eating and the importance of exercise to a health lifestyle. This an interesting short read. A creature colored emerald green hatched from an enormous egg by the tree. A dragon hatches who loves to eat, play and just be happy.

The baby dragon becomes a giant adult dragon over time that can breathe fire. This was an interesting read because a simple story book for kids contains so much information. When Cassie finds a magic pair of glasses that allow her to see fairies, she has to figure out where they came from. The author does a very good job at blending the whimsical aspects of the story with the more realistic moments, achieving a nice balance that makes the story very pleasing to read.

The children really speak and behave like children, and the grown-ups are relatable and believable. Cassie is a very likeable protagonist in my opinion. She usually tries to do the right thing, even when that goes against her personal preferences and interests. Have Kindle Unlimited? Click on the Peter Guy George author link to go to the box set.

A family-friendly sports mystery packed with action and adventure…for the 9 to 12 age group…. Tony Crowne is a backup quarterback and aspiring detective who has his share of troubles: He hates the nickname his father gave him, his eighty-pound dog clobbers his mother and grandfather at breakfast and he gets into a fight with the biggest kid in school. Tovi and his friends are at the seaside.

Can they find a way back to shore? Tovi books are designed in a simple animated way to give young readers the impression of watching a short film where Tovi and his friends play out their adventures. The books are aimed at children aged picturebooks , who hopefully will join Tovi in his mini-adventures, and learn something about life and the world around them. As the lovable characters in these books share a whole range of experiences, they learn about sharing, about helping each other, and most important, they learn the value of friendship. Philip Horne Author. Miss Edna, his foster mom, is forced to take him and his friend Sally to a world she secretly forsook two hundred years before to save his life.

There Jack discovers that an evil wizard needs him for unknown purposes and will stop at nothing to capture him. The wizard pursues Jack and Sally through forests and under mountains on the other world, and even across Kansas back on Earth. With all their hope placed in Miss Edna, she suddenly disappears, leaving Jack and Sally to carry on without her.

When Jack finally realizes why the wizard needs him, he learns that to live and love, you sometimes have to be willing to die. This is a a story of a boy named Max who used to give up easily. Then he learns the value of never giving up while playing a football match. Most importantly it offers kids and adults a perspective That family and friendship are big part of life.

Dealing with: friendship, emotions. Most of all it teaches us the spirit to never give up. He is a part of the Spelling Club in his school and he is always the member that they send every time there is a spelling tournament. When I gave him this book, he told me after reading that it makes him think just like Max he should learn on how to never give up and try harder. I like this kind of book that could impact my young nephew to do well in his everyday life. Good job Max on sharing your wonderful story.

And, yes your story did help someone in need! God bless you! When Clara and Zeke dig up a series of strange fossils from an unknown cat-shaped dinosaur, they expect to make a groundbreaking contribution to the science of Paleontology. Soon they find themselves in the sights of Myles Vulture, a trillionaire with unlimited resources who will stop at nothing to obtain the rare Kittysaurus fossils for his own collection.

Their only hope of success requires a trip million years into the past to a lost period of history called the Zanyzoic where Clara and Zeke run the risk of getting eaten by their own discovery! Kittysaurus is a hilarious adventure, entertaining for middle school students, children and adults.

My son 11 years old and I both thoroughly enjoyed it. The kids, Clara and Zeke, are clever yet believable characters. It was also great to see some intriguing character names that let the readers know what kind of character they will turn out to be like Dr. Hyperbole and Mr. My son loved figuring that out. Ullman Author. Frequently abandoned by his crime-fighting family, teased by his older super-sister, and picked on at school, Elliott is miserably ordinary in his heroically extraordinary family. All of that changes when a mysterious new girl comes to town.

She believes Elliott is far from ordinary. In fact, she thinks Elliott is the only one capable of capturing a strange and powerful orb that crash-landed on Earth before it falls into the wrong hands. To succeed, Elliott will have to do more than just find the orb. Or, will he always be just an Epic Zero? Epic Zero is the first book in a fun, action-packed superhero adventure series perfect for children aged , middle grade readers, and the young at heart.

Epic Zero includes 16 illustrated character profiles and a full glossary of superpowers. Scroll up and click buy to start reading! This was a great book. Not too long, not too short. I finished it and was left wanting more. This book was a fun story with some danger, but not over the top. I loved the relationship Esme had with the ghost dog. Great dialogue, fun characters, and left me wanting to read book 2. Holly Horse is an enchanting story that reminds us to appreciate all that we have.

Where can I find more books like this one? Description: Is the grass really greener on the other side? Holly Horse thinks it is and she is setting out on a journey to find it. In this exciting kids book, Holly Horse meets many new animal friends on her quest for the greenest, most delectable grass. The story includes a beautiful message for both young children and adults alike: Be grateful for what we have right now! The end is so endearing that if you are an adult, it may even bring a happy tear to your eye.

Holly Horse and the Great Quest is a beautiful story that can be enjoyed by younger children as a bedtime story, and as a self read story for your older child as well. Please write more for me! Thank you. Your the best of both worlds. You should read it. Have fun reading this cool book.

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When Crystal begins seeing the ghost of a dead classmate, her life spirals out of control. Crystal has to find some way to save the people who have come to her for help all while trying to keep her abilities a secret. Will she be able to fulfill these overwhelming demands while solving the mystery that is the ghost of Olivia Owen? Written for young adults, Alicia Rades makes the story relatable to all ages. The plot was well developed growing the paranormal world and blending into the new world of Crystal. Both an exciting and enthralling book, Alicia Rades has written an excellent book.

I would highly recommend this book to younger teenagers as well as adults. Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money! This story will make your kids scrub up really well each night before bed! As a mom, I would have liked something said about cleaning up the mess. All in all, I loved it. I saw the two of them playing; the rhythm is good.

Tom has a funny pet dinosaur, but there is one big problem. What he gonna do?! You and your children are going to love this book. Are you up for a thrilling adventure? When the Mystery Kids visit a small village in the Scottish countryside, they make a startling discovery while exploring the nearby woods. Follow the children as they are chased through a maze of tunnels, rescue a trapped dog, taken prisoner by a gang of men, survive a harrowing plane crash, ride an out of control mine cart, and more! This story explains to children the emotional truth of how a new baby is made and what they mean to the parents.

This is a sweet picture book for all kids, but especially preschoolers. Also makes a charming new baby gift. Click now to download and share with your little one! So utterly charming and deceivingly simple. Part of My Heart rings true like most great books. You will love this beautiful story! Simple yet powerful message and beautiful art that hits home to parents and children alike.

Super cute!! While my daughter enjoys this book, I choked up by the story. At 17, Layla Weston is already starting over. Having lost both her parents and grandparents, and with nowhere else to go, Layla is moving from Florida to a small town in North Carolina to live with the only family she has left: her estranged uncle and aunt. Growing old before her time, Layla lost her identity. Now she must learn how to allow herself to be the one cared for and loved. Life takes an unexpected turn when Layla meets Will Meyer. His breathtaking good looks are enough to catch her eye, but his sincerity and passion are everything she needs to find the strength and confidence she lost — and lead her into love.

Through it all, Layla learns what it means to truly love and be loved. Kids have moments of being brave every day. Often it goes unnoticed, even to them. Are You a Princess? This is a tale about a young ballerina as she prepares for her big concert. Follow her as she attempts to conquer her fears about performing in front of an audience in this heart warming tale. Your younger children will enjoy the illustrations and sing-song tone of the story while your older children will particularly like the rhyming story format. Darkness is falling across mystic Azdia. Soon, all of life will stop glowing with light.

Soon, the trees will no longer spring to life. Even the mighty feldroes will cease to roam the forests. Already, many lumens, the shape-shifting caretakers of Azdia, have lost faith in their provider and protector, the mysterious Mr. The only hope for the creatures of Azdia are the awaited chosen ones sent from another world called Earth. Del Ryder and her three best friends stumble through the portal into Azdia. There they meet Crimson, a lumen full of hope, who believes Del and her friends are the ones they have been waiting for. Held hostage by living trees, battered by storms, and caught in a stampede of feldroes, the darkness of Azdia blocks them at every stage of their adventure.

But Del and her friends persevere, following the clues of a cryptic riddle, in the hope that it leads them home. It is an adventurous ride, with fast-paced action, and colorful characters. Ideal for boys and girls, and enjoyed by adults as well, we follow Del as she grapples not only with being in a strange and fantastic world, but also with whether she can trust anyone and ultimately know what it means to be loved.

After accidentally discovering the possible existence of a second Guardian book, Lusam and his party are remorselessly hunted high into the Elveen mountains by the Empire agents, who are intent on killing or capturing them. What they discover there, may very well change the balance of power in their favour against the Thule Empire. I liked both of the first two books, but this one was better. I do feel that he writes the same thing multiple times.

Such as when Lusam says something, then Renn repeats it slightly different. But overall a great read. The length was great and it left off at a good point instead of right in the middle of something. Good job and keep the story going! Follow the adventures of Spike the Dinosaur! Each story is full of adventure and excitement. The earth as we know it is changing.

Each day, unknown forces are taking over the human race. Evil is growing stronger, and innocence is the victim. If not stopped, the future of humankind is bleak. With current protection angels being stretched past their limits, a new wave of protection is being developed. A new breed of angel is being trained to fight. Fledgling is one of them.

She did not ask for this life. After living three short lives as a human, she was chosen. With a mind of an eighteen-year-old, she struggles to adapt to her new life surrounded by angelic rules. All contact with her past life is ruled prohibited, and romance outlawed. Yet she still finds herself torn between her kind-hearted trainee friend, who has gorgeous blue wings with matching eyes, and the love of her human lives.

Her human love is on the verge of either joining the angels or becoming lost to her forever. She is forbidden to intervene. Despite her qualms, she is passionate about saving the innocent. Will she be able to place aside her struggles in order to fulfil her passion and new life, or will she become exiled from succumbing to her temptations?

Celest is a lion cub walking with her mother. My kids enjoyed this book. It was a funny cute moment! Thanks for writing this book. We really liked it! I got it for my 6 year old who is addicted to the books!!! And he is in so much love with this one!!!! I read this book to my daughter because she picked it out based on the cuteness of the character. She found it funny because the cub reminded her of how she is and what she does.

It has a really good explanation of why birthdays are important, and I wish I would of thought of that answer. My daughter realized how much we love her now and she loves this book. I was impressed by the way they involve you I the book and draw you towards the characters. Steve is a player who can find an adventure to be had every day. However a new adventure has found its way to him.

Day-to-day life in Minecraft is beginning to become speckled with strange occurrences. Half-built homes, leafless trees, overpowered mobs and unknown entities only scratch the surface of the bizarre events Steve will encounter. Along the way, he guided by cryptic notes left by an anonymous player. Impossible, he thinks. Steve only plays in single player. Is this all the work of a hacker or something else? Journey with Steve to uncover the truth behind these mysteries, and discover what it truly means to be a hero. Author Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure.

From cats and dogs and birds and squirrels and goats and turtles to llamas, sheep, cows, chickens, bears and elephants, hippos, rhinos, even giraffes, frogs and fish— all have mothers. Whimsical illustrations of animals, insects, reptiles, as well as people, bring home the message that everyone has a mother. The idea is amusingly stated in rhyme to delight any small child and honor any mother. Over 30 happy and colorful illustrations dance across the pages. Super Cute. This book not only explains the importance of mothers in an endearing fashion, but it also teaches the different names of baby animals.

The illustrations are just adorable. They helped keep my daughter engaged while I read. She listened to the story very contently. I highly recommend it. I have read many books to my daughter written by this author and like this one, they are all just as sweet. I not only recommend this book, but I also recommend checking some other books out by this author.

Commonly named among the Great American Novels, the work is among the first in major American literature to be written throughout in vernacular English, characterized by local color regionalism. It is a direct sequel to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The book is noted for its colorful description of people and places along the Mississippi River. Set in a Southern antebellum society that had ceased to exist about twenty years before the work was published, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is an often scathing satire on entrenched attitudes, particularly racism.

Lee Author. Do you love dragons? Fire breathing dragons? Dragons bent on conquest? Shapeshifting seven-headed dragons? Then buckle up! Rogers, Author of The Sword of Demelza. Ten-year-old Andy Smithson believes he is merely a kid too often in trouble with his overambitious parents—until his destiny as the Chosen One to break a year-old curse is revealed. Swept away to the land of Oomaldee of medieval times, he discovers he must collect several ingredients for a magic potion to defeat the oppressive curse that plagues the land, the first of which is the scale of a red dragon, the fiercest of all dragon species.

Armed with only his wits, an ancient sword and a magic key, he must overcome grave peril at every turn before he can even attempt the feat. Tate, Book Reviewer. The characters were fun and the story kept me guessing… Imaginative and worth checking out. The characters, especially the dragons, are believable… in this multi-layered, mythical story of dragons.

This book is ten chapters of wonderful. I read it to my son who is four over the course of two nights. The book is well written and my son found it extremely entertaining. My son really loved that David liked to collect hats among other things as my son has a number of hats himself. My son who is four was able to follow along with the story with no difficulty but he did ask me several times why there were no pictures.

While I understand that the book was probably intended for children older than he is I do think that even a few doodles here and there would have added to the story all that much more. This book really forces you to use your imagination and that is something I loved about it. My son and I discussed several aspects throughout the book from sharing and having a good attitude. I always enjoy books that make it possible for us to talk about what happens.

As always happens in a good book a lesson is learned in the end and every ends up happy. This is the type of book that you can read over and over without it losing its magic. Overall I am very happy with this book and I would recommend it to anyone. The half-tree, half-human beings lived a secret existence deep in the old growth forest. When year old Daisy Castillo discovers a plot to destroy the forest, she tries to halt the approaching evil while keeping these magical creatures from being discovered. But danger waits in every shadow. For if these corrupt men succeed, the Forest People will die.

A few surprises are in store, as some unknown and undiscovered friendships hold the key to her success. Fate hangs in the balance as Daisy faces her deepest fears, including heartbreak from the past, to rise up against all odds. Suspenseful, mysterious, and full of danger, Forest Secrets captures the enchantment of nature and the power of friendship in this classic tale of good vs.

If I let my balloon go, how high will it fly? With gorgeous watercolor illustrations and a fun, sing-song rhythm, your children are sure to love this journey of a little red balloon. I thought this was a very nice ebook well illustrated for young kids and just short enough for their short attention spans. I would highly recommend this ebook for kids between years old.

Because it was such a. I received this ebook for free and in return have now left an honest review. Great work D. By Angela. Bounced between foster homes and the streets, she only has time to concentrate on staying alive. But a visit from the imaginary friend of her childhood opens a world of possibilities, including a new life half a universe away on a planet that is bursting with magic.

The Society of Imaginary Friends follows Valerie on a journey that straddles two worlds. In order to survive, she must travel many light years away to a realm where anything is possible. On the Globe, imaginary friends come to life, the last of the unicorns rules the realm, and magic seeps from the pores of all the Conjurors who live there. But choosing to embrace her potential will set Valerie on a treacherous course — one filled with true love, adventure and perilous danger.

Is your worst enemy the one looking back at you from the mirror? But home is eight thousand miles away in northern India, and Isabella is imprisoned in the bitter winter of nineteenth century London. Sent to England after her father goes missing in a violent battle, Isabella runs away from a life of drudgery and hardship. Rescued from death by a gang of street urchins, Isabella finds the shelter and love she so desperately craves. As an accomplished trickster, she starts to save for her passage home with the money she makes from swindling the rich.

After a moment of heroism which surprises even herself, Isabella wakes in Kensington Palace. This is an opportunity too good to miss. If she can steal one of the glowing, priceless paintings, she and her gang will have enough to keep out searing cold and gnawing hunger for the rest of their lives. At first Isabella suspects Prince Ernest, a hardened general, and next in line to the throne. Instead of taking advantage of Alix, will Isabella puts her own needs aside and cast herself into mortal danger to save her friend?

A fate which will have consequences far beyond those she could ever have imagined.

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A sizeable cast of beautifully developed, memorable characters makes solving the mystery even more deliciously puzzling, and readers will be guessing to the surprising end. Imaginative and touching; like India, a sparkling jewel in the crown. Young Adult Paranormal Romance. This Boxed set includes the first 2 books in the Celestra Series.

The book is written beautifully and the plot unfolds delicately. Wow oh wow is this book amazing! I recommend this book to anyone who is tired of the same old paranormal romance book. This book has it all. When her newly remarried mother moves the family to Paragon Island, to a house that is rumored to be haunted, Skyla finds refuge in Logan Oliver, a boy who shares her unique ability to read minds. Suddenly an entire faction of earthbound angels wants her dead, at least she still has Logan, or does she? An entire band of wicked angels is after her blood, a Sector is after something far more sinister, and her newfound powers lead her on a quest to save her dead father.

And when Skyla decides to use her powerful blood to change the fate of another deceased soul, just who is going to stop her? This is Sally. She is twelve years old and loves to read. Sally lives in a small town called Durham in North Carolina, and she visits the library almost two times a week. People say Sally is addicted to reading. When Sally goes to the library, she takes Milkshake, her cat. Milkshake likes to sit on the tall stool in the library and watch Sally while she is looking for a good book to read.

It was Monday morning, and Sally did not have to go to school since it was a holiday. In this new series we meet Sally, a young girl twelve years of age in a library in Durham, North Carolina. Visiting often she is always accompanied by her cat Milkshake. This particular day Sally reaches for a book, stumbles form a stool, and notices that the book emits a strange light.

Upon opening the book out of the light in the book come a tiger, a zebra, a penguin, a fox, a duck, a bear and a lion — all wandering around the library. Grady Harp, September Jack is one clownfish that will say yes to any dare, no matter how silly or crazy it is. The story ends with a great lesson about friendship that all parents will love. The house is crowded; everyone grabs at meals, One jumps on your head; two are at your heels. Thanksgivingland tells the story of a ten-year-old boy who learns the meaning of Thanksgiving from a magic turkey.

He goes to the mall with his mom and gets sidetracked, climbs on the big turkey and they take a ride, to Thanksgivingland. Things are a bit different there and you wonder if he will ever make it back to his home.

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He watches what is going on with gratitude jars. Silly rhyming book at times.

2.99 Science Fiction + Adventure

Meaningful at other times. I hope Todd the magic turkey visits my house again next year. His visit and this story will become our new family tradition as a reminder to begin the holiday season with the mind set of being thankful for what we have, not making lists of what we want. This simple contradiction of marketing ploys is needed by many entitled Americans. DO remember where you keep your toes. Packed with completely useless advice and jolly illustrations, this charming rhyming picture book is a simple, silly guide to life, which will enlighten and entertain silly children and silly adults everywhere!

A silly rhyming picture book for children by Gerald Hawksley, created especially for the Kindle. Gerald Hawksley has written an easy to read-aloud rhyming advice book — one that incorporates the absurd silliness that young children find so amusing. A wonderfully silly A to Z picture book of ridiculous mythical animals. The charming, original illustrations and witty captions are sure to delight children of all ages as well as parents. As a first grade teacher I thought this book was very well made.

My students really enjoyed the pictures and the writing was very straight forward and easy for them to comprehend and understand. This is a great supplementary for our lessons! I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and opinion. Definitely a show stopper in our house. This book really helps my children use their imaginations.

The pictures are very cute and keep my kids attentions. I am impressed with the writing… Very creative and catchy. I love that it is also teaching my kids the alphabet. I received this book for free but would easily pay full price for it! This book had us laughing throughout it. We loved the pictures and the funny combinations. This really is a silly book with made up animals and a sentence about this animal. The drawings are different then the types of picture books we normally look at so that was a nice change. These were like colorful sketches and this book inspired my kids to use their own imagination to come up with their own funny animals.

This is a great ABC book, there is a picture for each letter and it is easy to click through the kindle book. This is a story about the adventures of a brave little spider,. This is a story about the adventures of a brave little spider, Which in consistency, determination, perseverance and courage managed to cross a major ocean riding on the back of a shark And managed to return home safely. Grady Harp, May In a tropical rain forest the storms have begun and Mrs. Spider and her son seek shelter. Spider Junior proposes an idea — if Sharky will give him a ride across the ocean to his home, Spider Junior will tell him what kind of shark he is.

With that Sharky swims home to the ocean party where everyone is celebrating. Spider Junior greets his parents who are very proud of his getting back across the ocean to his home. And two fast friends have been formed out of bravery, courage, and trusting in the manner of good friends. Double Trouble! Destiny and Faith enter second grade in a school for twins.

They make enemies and friends and have to step in when friends fall out. This is the least of their troubles however. When the principal has a plan to force all twins to dress alike, Destiny and Faith take a stand. There is going to be trouble — on the double. After lunch I still sat next to Grace, and Faith still sat next to Hope, but I noticed something odd. I looked around. The kids in our class were in different seats. Not only were they in different seats, they were in different clothes. Even Jourdana and Jourdonna were wearing different outfits.

Lessons learned in this humorous adventure include: Dealing with sibling rivalry What to do when friends fight Being culturally aware. Moore Author. But all of that changes at Whispering Pines Lodge, Corbett learns he is never really alone, thanks to his Uncle Dell, who takes care of him, and his new friend Pike, who pulls him into one mischievous adventure after another. Griffy and Pike spend the summer searching for adventures and cool things to do. When Griffy catches not one, but two elusive walleyes, he is surprised to discover how much he likes fishing.

Eager to test his newfound skills, he and Pike are stunned to hear that a seventy-pound muskie is on the loose. They resolve to catch the ferocious fish, no matter what. How could a modern day girl like Charlotte ever envisage that magic really exists? Or so she thought, until she stumbled across a hidden curio shop and an even stranger shopkeeper.

He gives her a gift that resembles an antique snow dome, but this is not an ordinary globe. Discovered by a young elf alone in the forest, she embarks on a journey in search of a group of travelling Entertainers. She encounters heart-stopping dangers and real life monsters, but a far greater threat shadows her every move. Even the strength and skill of her new found companions cannot protect her against a ruthless druid assassin.

But in this realm, Charlotte is not the vulnerable little girl she thought she was. The book incorporates ideas related to family, change, geography and adventure with a backdrop of bright, colorful illustrations. It is a perfect book for the emerging reader, young children just learning about the world around them and those who love dogs — particularly Airedales.

Big Fish had a big friend. They could speak and laugh together. In the sky, Big Fish could see anything on the earth, and it saw that its ocean was only a part of the earth, not all of the world. I loved the concept of Big Fish. Children can learn that even if they do something bad, they can still change and become good kids.

Being good is the best way to become popular, even if they are not a big fish who can make it rain. Ahmad Amani, author, has a wonderful imagination and what a wonderful way to introduce a story of the moon and rain. Is this a story about countries? Or individuals? Regardless, I ended up reading the book three times as pondered what the writer was trying to say, which is the sign of a good author to me. Oh, and children will enjoy the simple drawings. Go, go, go! But Peanut breaks the rules by running in the house. What will happen when Carmin discovers his big mess?

Join Carmin and Peanut in this heartwarming story about learning from mistakes. Peanut is a delightful, beloved dog who forgets the rules and runs in the house, creating a big mess. Carmin stumbles over the mess and ruins her nice dress. Peanut hides under the bed in fear.

You made a mistake but we can clean it up!