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Sign in. All Football. By Hayley Richardson. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed here. This helps reduce discomfort during the procedure and for several hours afterward. Giving a pacifier dipped in sugar water and swaddling a baby also can help reduce stress and discomfort. Following circumcision, it is important to keep the area as clean as possible. Gently clean with warm water — do not use diaper wipes. Soapy water can be used if needed. If there is a dressing on the incision, apply a new one with petroleum jelly whenever you change a diaper for the first day or two.

Even after the dressing is no longer needed, put a dab of petroleum jelly on the penis or on the front of the diaper for 3 to 5 days. This can help avoid discomfort from rubbing and sticking to the diaper. It usually takes between 7 to 10 days for a penis to heal. Initially the tip may appear slightly swollen and red and you may notice a small amount of blood on the diaper.

You also may notice a slight yellow discharge or crust after a couple of days.

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This is part of the normal healing process. If you notice any of the following problems, call your doctor right away:. However, with quick intervention, almost all circumcision-related problems are easily treated. As with a penis that's circumcised, an uncircumcised one should be kept clean. Also, no cotton swabs, astringent or any special bath products are needed — just warm water every time you bathe your baby will suffice. Initially, do not pull back the foreskin to clean beneath it.

Over time, the foreskin will retract on its own so that it can be pulled away easily from the glans toward the abdomen. This happens at different times for different boys, but most can retract the foreskin by the time they reach puberty. Vitamin A will kill the odor-causing bacteria down there and eliminate the smell. Applying an all natural penis health creme that contains A and other vitamins every day is a simple and easy way to keep the foreskin and the penis clean.

Hope this helps. Nature knows what to do. If it becomes a problem when he hits puberty, as in pain, steroid creams and stretching work great. My son is 1 year 3 month when he pee his penis it makes like a ballon i dont know if the pipe or the tube where the urine passes is small. Am worried please help. I need your help. I have been so worried for my son. He was 7 months when I took him to his 6 month check up.

The Dr. I said yes, just the norm. She says no you have to pull down and clean. I will show you. So I was like okay, so she did and it was a horrible thing. She got my son and pulled his skin down where I could see the head. My son at the moment cried and I saw a little blood. What happened? Did she teared something? Or what is this going to scar him?? I really want to know. He is not circumcised. Same thing happened to my son also yesterday.

He is 16 months old and when I took him to peadtrician for routine check-up, I told him that my son grabs his penis a lot.. Then he forcefully pulled foreskin of my sons penis and showed me white smegma.. Once I came home, my son was in lot of pain and so I went on net, only to read and find out that foreskin should never be retracted in a child till it automatically separates and retracts up..

Dr Green, pls help me with this and whether I should take any precaution from now on? And also let me know if I should leave my sons foreskin as it is now, or start cleaning it by retracting up after days as his paediatrician has suggested? His penis currently looks swollen from centre ring glan. Parents need to understand that most American doctors have no clue how to care for the foreskin since they are not taught about it in medical school.

Please inform yourself before taking your son to these idiots. I know it may make you feel like an idiot to call and ask if the doctor is educated about the foreskin but it will be worth it and your baby wont have to suffer another incident like that. I personally prefer European doctors. Never had a bad experience. That is called forced retraction.

That is assault. I would report that doctor for harming your child. The good news is, leave his foreskin be, and it will heal the damage that doctor caused. My youngest is 3 and has not retracted, and even then his doctor never put a finger on it. He said it was normal for the foreskin to still be attached to his penis. I agree, parents should report those doctors.

Go to doctorsopposingcircumcision. I heard they work with attorneys who will literary contact your clinic or doctor about that. Is it the smegma coming out? He nor I did not retract the foreskin. It just came out.

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Is it normal that smegma comes out by itself? Thank you. My 3 year old son has a partially retractable foreskin it pulls back enough to expose the majority of the head of his penis. But not enough to clean under the ridge. Should I be concerned about the pain he says happens when I wash him? It only hurts if you get soap or any other chemicals in the tip of your penis. Hope this helps! Why do you say UN circumcised as if this was something left undone. Would you call a women with both beasts UN mastectomized? Yes, stop manipulating his foreskin. You could potentionally vause him to need a circumcision.

No special care is needed until puberty hits, at that time playing in the shower will keep him clean. Why is a boys penis so prone to need such washing. Men can go forever without washing it. You just wash as you would any other part of the body. End of discussion. Be careful with the type of baby wipes you use, especially the ones that contain alcohol and fragrances. Even my gynecologist recommends her female patients against it. Obviously good hygiene is important but over-cleaning it can cause problems too. I have two sons and only used gentle natural oatmeal or goatmilk soap.

Hello Doctor, Please advise under what medical circumstances should one consider circumsing a below 12 months boy. I am getting some problem in my penis. When I pull up my foreskin, I see on penis there is some white white things — like curd. How can I wash that? Because that is under the skin. My glans is not coming out.

Is it normal? Can you please tell me a solution for this? I am a year-old man and I am having problem with my foreskin pulled back I just now started having problems about two weeks ago can you tell me what I should do. Many doctors are not so be careful. From what I know there are manual techniques you can do, steroid creams, and even a procedure called Preputioplasty if all else fails. Hello doctor, I m 25 years old. I have some problem related to my penis. The foreskin does not open to let the urethra show up, which means the hole is not big enough very tinny.

There is no retraction yet. I do not have any pain or any other problem. Tell me what should I do. The foreskin does not open enough to let the urethra show up, which means the hole is not big enough. Some stretching can help in fact.

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Circumcision Penectomy Penile prosthesis Preputioplasty. Thomas Aquinas, disagreed. Health - partner news. Actual regeneration of the foreskin is experimental at this time. Damien and I spoke after he had been wearing his ManHood for the entire next day.

Use warm water during shower and it will soften the foreskin and in a week you can see results. Not to worry. Have a great sex life ahead. What should I do? This procedure is not extreme, harmful, traumatic, or as painful as circumcision. Dr Greene, I need help. Today, while his penis is a bit bruised, he says it does not hurt. I am wondering: if he tore his frenulum or some part of his internal foreskin or even the head of his penis — should I take him to a urologist to check it out?

Again, no pain or blood today.. I just got a bit scared when I read online that it is possible for the frenulum to heal up misaligned, leading to problems is that a valid concern? He previously would retract his foreskin slightly when washing in the bath with no problems or pain. Do I go to a urologist, or wait it out? Hi, My son is 2yr3mo and he is cirucmcised.

Is this something to be concerned about? My 7 year old son complains of pain in his penis. His urine test and culture reports are normal, but he repeated his complain after every 4,5 months. He always cleans his penis with warm water and soap. One of my sons had this issue.

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There are all kinds of reasons they can get sore. Good luck. My son is 13 mo and is not circumcised. It is plain skin. Docs here are advising to go for circumcision, which I am very scared of for my little one. Can you please help?

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Her First Foreskin - Kindle edition by Walt Remington. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks. During the first year of life, only clean the outside of the foreskin. Don't make As the foreskin becomes able to retract on its own, cleanse beneath it. This helps.

Is it possible that skin will retract later even without any mark edges from where it has possibility to retract on it? Some guys use a penis health creme with vitamin A that helps cut down on bacteria. This could be a good supplement on top of washing thoroughly. Hi DrGreene, my son who is 9 years old has not been pulling back his foreskin for a while as I forgot to remind him. The other day I asked him to do so whilst showering and he found it difficult and painful and was not able to do so.

I told him to stop. He was worried about the pain and bleeding recalling earlier memory. What would you advise? It has been this way for quite a while 8 months or so and I ask him to retract it each day, which he does without any pain, but I am concerned about it. Is it normal for part of a toddlers foreskin to be attached?

Hi Jon, did you receive an answer to your question? What have you done? It can be a slow process that takes years. Occasionally the frenulum is too short frenulum breve or even turns the penis frenulum chordee , but having a frenulum is desirable and normal — though it often prompts questions. With your statement that the left side being attached and not the right — this may not be a frenulum, but part of the normal process of the foreskin becoming unattached, or something else altogether. Nothing hurts, he pees normally I do pull back his foreskin very gently and just spray it with water when showering.

Could it be smegma? Smegma is not necessarily bad. In fact it protects the genitals. Since his foreskin is retracting and the tip of his penis is being exposed, it needs to be moist like your eyeballs, inside of your mouth, the vulva, etc which is why you see that stuff there. Should a 15 yr old uncircumcised have retractable foreskin? What advice should I offer to him as parent? I have a question, my son is 1yr 2 months and he was recently in foster care. I just got him back a few days ago and I went to clean him and his foreskin is able to be pulled all the way down…. Geisheker in particular and perhaps Attorneys for the Rights of the Child.

You know baby girls also have foreskin and we dont pull them back to clean them with soap. Soap and repeatingly pulling the foreskin can actually introduce bacteria and encourage a PH imbalance and inadvertently cause an infection.

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My son is 11 years old, I have never attempted to pull back his foreskin, nor have I encouraged him to do so himself. This is not rocket science people. Most little boys have no problems discovering their penises in the bathtub. That is enough to keep it clean. Leave the foreskin alone. Hi, my son is 12 month now and definitely uncircumcised as I am.

I never asked my father about it. So one day I did it without much pain, found the smegma dead cells and ever since not worrying about that. I never had any infections before or after that day. I would try to keep him as clean as possible at the tip of his penis without retracting the foreskin pull gently just the extra skin and clean…..

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My child is 1yr old. He was diagnosed with hypospadias at birth and his pediatrician told me I should retract his foreskin softly. That he had a thin strip of skin covering his urethra making it look like he had hypodpadias. His next followup was at 12months. He retracted the foreskin back a little and told me I had to do that weekly so that the smegma could be cleaned out that it will take years for the forrskin to fully retract and that the strip of skin is the one penises have underneath the urethra vertically.

This is my first child and I am so lost between what I read and the different things the doctors have told me. Every doctor told me to pull it back. Did you have any luck? What has your doctor said? Thank you this helped alot I have 2 boys and the oldest is 3 his skin retracts easily because I would retract it every now and then since my mother in law told me it was important. But now my 1 yr old I have totally neglected his penis since I assumed it wasnt nessecary but lately I remembered because the tip was a bit red amd when I tried retracting it, it became painful and I was afraid that this was abnormal.

My mother in law had told me her nephew had to get circumcised at the age of 5 or 6 because his skin would not retract so I have been paranoid. I have a 9 month old little boy. He is uncircumcised as am I. My well-meaning sister retracted the foreskin from the glans as early as a few months ago age 6 months. I was not aware of this until a few days ago. Now that the seal between the glans and the foreskin is broken, would it be better to occasional retract the foreskin and wash with warm soapy water? Or should we continue to only clean the outside for now, as we have been.

Aside from circumcision? We conservatively estimate the annual incidence in the U. Ironically, many occur when a parent takes the child to a well-baby visit, at 6, 12, or 24 months; but this injury might occur at any age. The children we have helped range in age from one week to 12 years. Yes, I have found that the best way to treat my 2 sons over time is after a warm bath, I put a tbl spoon of baking soda in a cup and place his wee in it for about a minute.

I know that this pain is so sever but the baking soda kills bacteria if there is infection or prevents it.

Removal of foreskin remnants in circumcised adults for treatment of premature ejaculation

The baking soda does not sting and takes away some burning. Then I put diaper rash cream on the tip area but never force down to retract skin. It is such a experience to see them in such pain when so little but I found that this works and he became calm down within 20 minutes. Such a sad ordeal to go through but God is good. I pray for all of you. When the foreskin is pulled back forcibly all at once, sometime adhesions or even scarring can form, making it harder to retract for awhile.

Often this will soften back up on its own over time — but not always.