Impact Evaluation of Infrastructure Interventions

Impact evaluation of infrastructure interventions
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We fund the production of rigorous evidence on the socio-economic and environmental impacts of public transportation by rail, bus and rapid transit systems, and essential services such as electricity and gas to expand access, foster inclusive growth, and combat climate change through sustainable systems. Add to Wish List. Hieronder kunt u uw verzoek toelichten of een vraag stellen. He has been a member of management committees for several evaluations including the new evaluation of the UN, Delivering as One, where he was appointed by the UN Secretary General. California: ESRI; ArcGIS 9. This government-funded programme aimed to provide interventions to encourage dietary and physical activity behaviour change to combat obesity.

In order to set the stage for the discussion of design and data, the paper first discusses in section two evaluation issues that are specific to rural road impact evaluation. Section three then turns to the implications for evaluation methods and data requirements.

Next, section four examines various steps in the evaluation and issues specific to road evaluations that need to be addressed at different stages, as well as some risks and difficulties that may be faced as the evaluation proceeds. Section five briefly notes some general findings from recent rural road impact evaluations, while section six turns to some of the outstanding generic questions that rural road evaluations could help throw light on.

The section also briefly introduces structural methods to assess rural road impacts as an alternative to standard impact evaluation methods. See Less -.


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This Page in:. This book illustrates the broad range of methods available for counterfactual analysis of infrastructure programmes such as establishment, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads, water supply and electrical power plants and grids.

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The focus on results in development agencies has led to increased focus on impact evaluation to demonstrate the effectiveness of development. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Impact evaluation of infrastructure interventions | The focus on results in development agencies has led to.

Understanding the impact of interventions requires understanding of the context in which the intervention takes place and the channels through which it is expected to occur. For infrastructure interventions it is particularly important to identify the links between the input and the outcomes and impacts because the well-being of people, the ultimate impact, does not change directly as a consequence of the intervention. Therefore impact evaluation of infrastructure programmes typically requires mixing both quantitative and qualitative approaches as illustrated in many of the contribution to this edited volume.

Building Blocks of Impact Evaluation

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