Into the Outdoors

Into the Outdoors
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But for those who just want to go explore the back country in our province, local paramedic and former search and rescue veteran Luciano Nisi says there are some key necessities before heading into the wilderness.

As May long weekend approaches, more people are heading out into the outdoors. Campfire safety is key! Fires must be kept to 0. Your support of the Outdoor Foundation gets more young people recreating outside. It creates new customers. It supports the health of our industry. Each year, the Outdoor Foundation produces reports to help understand the demographic and lifestyle changes taking place in the U. They learn through this show that they're a part of this natural world, that it requires stewardship and respect, and that learning all this is an adventure of the highest sort.

The title itself says it all: an exhortation to get "Into the Outdoors", right now, today, it's all there just waiting for a curious kid to take a look. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources about freelance legal notices top of page Need this information in an alternative format? Call When and where it airs EEK!

Digging deeper online Why TV? Television can be so fast-paced that it's hard to get in-depth information you'd like.


Environmental Education for Kids , the Department of Natural Resources' website where kids can learn more about Wisconsin's natural resources. If a segment on wolf tracking leaves you wanting more, visit EEK! Couldn't quite follow Amelia's origami instructions? Test your knowledge with EEK!

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Teachers who want to bring ITO into their classroom will find special hands-on activities to go along with the television show on the EEK! Teacher Pages. Into the Outdoors lists air dates for the shows, information on the characters, special outdoor events and provides an address where you can e-mail your ideas for future episodes. Both the television show and EEK! Why TV?

Five Ways to Make the Outdoors More Inclusive

Meyer decided the time is right to invest in a television show for youngsters about the state's outdoors and environment. His strategic aim?

To build a natural resources ethic in today's youth — tomorrow's citizens — by using television, a medium that kids enjoy, while satisfying demand for quality children's programming. Through "Into the Outdoors," the DNR hopes to: introduce children to Wisconsin's natural resources and environment show children how to appreciate, use, sustain and protect these resources teach children how dependent we all are on our natural resources The decision to help produce "Into the Outdoors" acknowledges a sober truth: Wisconsin won't maintain a quality environment and abundant natural resources if future citizens don't know or care about nature's bountiful, but vulnerable, assets.

That reality already is evident.

Something Old

Social and economic changes nationwide continue to move each generation a little further from the land, while technology and population growth place more pressure on it. A generation ago, youngsters could more safely and independently explore the outdoors. Environmental topics were rarely taught during the school year, but more kids lived in rural areas or had close relatives who took them berry picking on a dry hillside, fishing for bluegills in a nearby lake, or just exploring woods, fields and streams.

Now the reverse is true.

Got water ? - Into the Outdoors episode

Thanks to committed teachers, strong curriculums and supportive parents, young people learn a lot about the environment in school, but they have fewer opportunities for outdoor experiences. To suburban and city kids, nature seems more distant even though outdoor fun may be just blocks away at a waterside park or bike trail.

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Busy, two-income households and more single-parent families need all the help they can get to find convenient outdoor getaways to enjoy with youngsters. As a result, many kids just don't know what it's like to muffle the sound of their shoes in a woodland carpet of moss, hear a whippoorwill call in the summer twilight or glimpse a brook trout fanning its fins in a gravelly streambed.

The show will feature children taking part in many popular outdoor and environmental programs currently offered in Wisconsin.

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Look for segments that teach viewers to enjoy the outdoors safely and skillfully whether hunting, fishing, or operating a boat, snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle. Look for fun lessons about forestry, wildlife, water and air quality and recycling. So starting Jan.

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Creating pathways to environmental awareness and outdoor lifestyles that empower our next generation to become sustainable stewards of Planet Earth. Creating pathways to environmental awareness and outdoor lifestyles that empower our next generation to become sustainable stewards of Planet Earth. Watch.

The fun and learning are waiting for young people, their families and Wisconsin's future on "Into the Outdoors.