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click Or at least that's how it was a few years ago But now, with the way the work in construction trades has all but slowed to a crawl, MOST contractors are looking to hire the cheapest, dumbest, do-anything-he-tells-em-to-do-know-nothing bootlickers, that he can possibly find. Here in The States you won't even have to speak English or have a green card either Been kicking around this forum for about a year now and I can't figure out why everyone wants to be a crane op these days!

Those lucky few who are employed in the trade are MOSTLY either family members of the boss or the worst kind of scab-rat-bootlicker there ever was, and there's practically nothing in between. This trade lost it's pride and prestige when they made it so that anybody can take 2 weeks of class, learn to catch a hook, and then give 'em a crane license. And when I see these guys on the job and watch them work, it's like an apprentice class all over the place.

And whats even more astounding is that some of these greenhorns don't even know the difference between a basket and a choke hitch and to them it doesn't even matter! No apologies for the flaming BUT that is the new reality! Gripper2 in El Cajon, California. Right out of the gate, I'll tell you that I am not an operator nor have I ever been at the controls but I am a whirly or gantry crane rigger at a shipyard.

Now that you know my limited knowledge of operating, I still have an opinion and I have to say that some replies were great. Practice, practice, practice is the key. You must have seat time to gain confidence and coordination.

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Professional Crane Operator Your Keys to Success in Becoming the Best eBook: Steve Horton: Kindle Store. Jobs 1 - 20 of Professional Crane Operator Your Keys to Success in Becoming the Best file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also You can.

Discipline is important and definitely, knowledge of rigging is hugely important. There are many more great tips I read here and some tips that are irrelevant but 2 of the comments I read I want to express an opinion on. I have to agree with the person that was saying either you have it or you don't. You can have the best training there is and endless seat time but may never excel. Communication is one of the keys to good and safe operating.

I do also strongly agree that a good rigger is very helpful. One of the things I have learned is that a bad rigger can make even a great operator look bad. For what I think the top physical skills that an operator can possess would have to be Hand eye coordination Good depth perception There are also other skills that are very important.

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As you perspire, be sure to keep yourself hydrated to avoid sweating too much and lowering your body temperature. Scothem Fathom in Beaverton, Oregon months ago. With equipment ranging from 26 ton boom trucks to a ton crawler and a ton hydraulic, we have what it takes to meet your crane service needs. Campbell Transportation Company, Inc. January 31, By Admin Safety 0 Comments.

Communication , steady nerves, patience, focus, ability to get the big picture, knowledge of your crane and rigger, and more and more. Most people do not understand the many functions an operator must perform and exactly how much the operator does for his rigger.

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It took a few different operators to get in my azz to get me to understand what they have to do. Mike in San Luis Obispo, California said: I am possibly moving down to San Diego in March is there any companies to get my foot in the door did a lot of rigging for concrete tilt ups. Want to start out rigging then work my way to crane operator. Try Brewer Crane and rigging Brewer is non union. OKeefe in Menifee, California. I have to agree.

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Ill tell you that the training site was filled with dirt hands trying to obtain thier cert. My response to them was you can teach a monkey to pull levers but you cant teach them to think.. That was proof when 20 of us got called to San Onofre and only a handful had seat time Joe your an Idiot. That'll get someone killed or injured..

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You must be an iron worker or a hot mopper. Waldo pepper in Los Angeles, California said: Does anyone know the cause of the accident here in los angeles on I ? I think your talking bout the fatality The dolly on the terex was messed up and started to fishtail. Harold lost control Cosmo in Lake Jackson, Texas. OKeefe in Menifee, California said: I think your talking bout the fatality Is this the accident that happened in ?

And was that a Brewer crane? Wow, I was working in Century City at the time when that happened and lucky I was on nites so I missed the horrendous trafic tie up that resulted. What we heard was that the dolly wasn't pinned to the boom or maybe it came loose and when boom and dolly disconnected the house swung around and the whole crane flipped on its side almost instantly. Then it rammed the center divider retaining wall cab-first. Driver never even had a chance to bail or anything.

Pretty bad wreak. The oiler tried to pull him out but was unable to. BK in Clark, New Jersey. May 18, Does the following crane sound like a crane anyone would want to buy? It was my dad's.

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Thank you. Sincerely, BK. Dave K in Victorville, California. Kaleb Newman said: I am looking for a certified crane operator with oilfield experience. Salary is Negotiable. Opening yards on a quarterly basis including Casper Wyoming shortly and after that Ohio, and then Colorado.

Room to grow! Might be interested in re-locating to that Casper yard to boot. Meanwhile, we got a bunch of companies here around Bakersfield looking for certified crane operators. So I ask for a reply that all can see and my question is; what are your company's requirements for crane ops and exactly what kind of oilfield experience is needed?

Thanks, Dave. Objective To contribute extensive work experience to a position as a Crane Operator where skills and training will be fully utilized in the safe and timely completion of the project. Compiled daily reports and crane log. Completed daily reports and crane logs. The accidents do not surprise me Cabrillo had alot of Accidents over the years. Brent Brewer in Encinitas, California. I would be terribly disappointed that this propaganda was generated by either of you individuals. By decision of my father it was merged into the parent company Cabrillo Corporation and lost its identity.

As for the fatality that occurred in , I lost a dear friend and mentor as a result of the incident. The accusation that I did not have Insurance is absolutely untrue. The crane involved in the accident had just recently undertaken a full overhaul with every detail related to safety taken into consideration.

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The individual responsible for this post should be ashamed of their unnecessary slander. It is obvious the contents of the post was the product of anymosity.

Sintac in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It takes a minimum of 2 people to make a lift. A good operator knows his riggers strengths and weaknesses. Only work with someone you can trust without a doubt. Sometimes you don't have that option so train him as well as possible and take everything only as fast as the weakest link on the crew.

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OSHA regulations must be known not looked up from time to time. Load charts must always be followed and LMI never overridden. You are not an engineer but they will still ask you how to get the job done at times. And just one more bit of advice If you know that you are not the sharpest tool in the shed let someone else do it because people lives are in your hands daily.

Sintac in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania said: 1st realize no matter how good you are or think you are lifts are a team effort. I realized that was more than 3 top traits but I could go on forever and 3 is not nearly enough. Cray vision, mind reading and Jedi mind tricks are nice to have as well. Upload your resume Sign in. Advanced Job Search. Forums are open to the public. Content is not continuously monitored. All content is user created. If you have a complaint about any content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support.

Indeed reserves the right to remove any posts which Indeed feels are not relevant to jobs and company search.

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Top crane operator skills needed to get the job. Host What are the top 3 traits or skills every crane operator must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your crane operator expertise? Gotta get the basics down before you try to become a great crane operator. Scothem Fathom here from the West Coast USA, It's about the drive of the individual, the confidence in the individual, and the trained knowledge of the individual. Ooooh well, Hope the above list helps you?

I'm also immediately available, for any crane related job anywhere. Regards Mark. Not just for crane operators but for everyone. We can carry out in-depth analyses for whole organisations or teams to identify organisational and individual training needs. Learn all there is to know about lifting and hoisting operational procedures and improve the safety of lifting and hoisting operations with your own company specific operational procedures! Our hands-on three day Master Class will provide attendees with an understanding of how to set-up, roll-out and audit their company specific lifting and hoisting procedures.

As per ISO Cranes Safe Use, the Appointed Person is one competent person who has overall control of the crane operation and acts on behalf of the management requiring the load to be moved the employing organisation. The aim of our in house developed training is to provide candidates with underpinning knowledge in order for them to understand the role and responsibility of the Appointed Person. Following successful completion of the course candidates will be able to identify and implement safe systems of work for lifting operations and hold responsibility for the safety as well as compliance with regulations during lifting operations.

Just as with crane certification, however, the process is relatively meaningless if the standard that is being certified to is not stringent enough, or is flawed in some other way. There are varying governmental requirements throughout the world for operating a lifting and hoisting appliance, e. This means the government is verifying that an individual has met the standards, which it deems necessary for competent lifting and hoisting operation.

Remember that certification, in fact, is only as good as the process by which it was created, as well as the certification expertise of the organization offering it. Heffen is een activiteit waarbij de last op een gecontroleerde en geleide wijze wordt opgeheven, normaal gesproken vanaf de onderkant van de last met bijvoorbeeld een vorkheftruck, schroefvijzel, dommekracht, hydraulische vijzel, teenvijzel, hefkussen, etc. Het verplaatsen van een last horizontaal, verticaal of onder andere hoeken en mogelijk door verschillende vloerniveaus, door gebruik te maken van verschillende soorten hef- en hijsmiddelen.

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