The Best Friend (Fear Street)

The Best Friend
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I was pleasantly surprised. However, the people demanded justice! Ooh, I also really like this cover. Also: The only good friend is a dead friend?

I defy you to find a better one. Anyhow, this is the winning entry, sent in by Sara Bilkman from Grafton, Wisconsin. Well on you! Part One oh, no Becka wakes up nervous for her first day of school at Waynesbridge High. Waynesbridge, as a point of interest, is well known for its biker bars. Becka grew out her auburn hair and lost some weight, so instantly becomes way more attractive. Seems like starting the year off sane is out of the question. Things perk up a bit in her first class, when a gorgeous girl takes interest in her, telling her to take really good notes in the class.

Becka scrawls Billy over and over again in her notebook, without meaning too.

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So, not going to be a stellar academic year? The really pretty girl, Glynis Glynis?

The Best Friend (Fear Street, No. 17)

Becka has a pretty serious girl crush on Glynis, starting at her all the time thinking how awesome she looks. It gets better. She sees Eric in the pizza parlour, the cool guy who dated both Becka and Honey in the last book. I mean, the not blonde hair? The totally unbalanced behaviour? The creepy girlcrushing? It has to be Honey, right? No doubt in my mind by now.

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The Becka facade starts to break apart. Honey gets a call from Frankie, confessing his eternal love to her. Effed up! They go to the mall with Frankie, and she awkwardly asks Honey if she took her clothes.

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Of course I did! At the mall, Honey runs into Eric, working at one of the stores. Are you pretending to be her again? I know it was obvious, but I love being right. Honey does not appreciate being called out, and responds to Eric by strangling him with a string of beads. And who should witness this event besides the mall and countless security cameras?

The real live Becka, who was just starting to get over Honey when she sees her murdering one of her exes. Honey jumps up, blames the murder on Becka, then runs away. Is it just that easy to strangle someone with beads in the middle of a crowded mall? Becka, Trish and Lilah are all sitting together, discussing how Honey escaped from the mental institution she was in over the summer. Becka is really freaked out, and her friends are worried about her, because she keeps on seeing Honey everywhere she goes.

Our Dark Lord & Master

While Becka is annoying, a little healthy post traumatic stress from witnessing all your boyfriends being murdered in front of you has got to be allowed. As they leave the church, Billy shows up! He survived the stabbing, but lost a lung. She has too much guilt over him losing a lung, and freaks every time she hears him wheeze, and so their love died awhile ago. I am so not a Becka fan, what a bitch. As she leaves the coffee shop, Bill approaches her and she freaks out.

Her car has been all slashed up, and there is a rat disembowelled on the seat. She has a nervous breakdown, again. Becka ends up back on her tranquilizers. Neither should her friends.

Fear Factor Best Friends #2: S05E14

Becka agrees with me, and hangs up on Trish. While completely doped up on tranquilizers. Actually, it probably seems like a great idea at the time, like a ride. She goes next door, and trips over a dead body! The amount of things people mistake for bodies in Fear Street: brooms, mops, now fertilizer?

The dad comes out to yell at them, and shake his fist for good measure. The girls think this is hilarious. Lilah brings news. She found an article about a murder-suicide that occurred several years ago in Shadyside. A man killed his wife and son, then himself, leaving only the daughter and twin of her dead brother as a witness to the whole thing.

Becka has a huge flashback of Hannah, who she went to elementary with. Hannah was a clingy, unpopular girl in grade 4 that everyone hated, Becka included. The cool kids came up with a plan: they told Hannah to get onstage during school assembly, get down on her hands and knees and bark like a dog, and they would all be friends forever.

Hannah predictably follows through, and everyone laughs at her. Then Becka goes up to Hannah and tells her it was a joke, and to stop following them around. A week later, Hannah witnesses the destruction of her family. Oh, that is so mean. I knew I was right to hate Becka! I love this little twist, that Becka might actually deserve a little crap in her life, based on how she uses the people around her.

I think Becka had forgotten about Hannah, and gets a bit of this karmic realization as well. Pretty certain little Hannah grew up to become Honey, with mental issues from a lifetime of bad experiences and mistreatmen.

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Young Adult. In a scene ripped straight from the first book, Becka tries on some of Glynis's clothes. Who Let the Ghosts Out? Error rating book. At home, after she finishes painting her chewed fingernails, Frankie calls. THAT'S the big answer on how she gets her com I know I've read this at least once before, but I had absolutely no memory of it whatsoever.

She lived with her uncle until sent to a mental institution. Someone beats her face into the gravel until she passes out. She sees Honey everywhere she goes, until she completely loses it in a screaming fit. Larry drops her off quickly, probs thinking the hysterical girlfriend thing is getting pretty old since she started looking like dog food. Oh great.

She goes home, and is confronted by her mother… who somehow found out that Becka was out with Bill that night? Becka runs upstairs to her room to sulk, and Honey jumps out of the closet, as if that was a perfectly normal place to wait for her.


Honey slowly leaves, but not before telling her that she broke up with Eric that day. Good news! While there things are going okay, until Honey shows up in the same outfit as Becka. Becka freaks at her again, and makes a big scene. Honey walks away. Later, Trish is at the top of the steps with a cake. Becka sees Honey there…. Becka runs, sees the police, tells them Honey pushed Trish, then faints.

Best Friend 2 (Fear Street Series)

She wakes up the next day in her bed with her Mom and a doctor No Dad again! And then, just like clockwork, the phone rings. She rushes over and looks through the kitchen window. To which Becka….. Body Count: 1??? Bill died but I think that Lilah and Trish are okay??? Romance Rating: 5.

Bill has his problems but he seems okay, even if Becka is only willing to sneak around with him. Bonkers Rating: 9. Fear Street Relevance: 7. Becka lives on Fear Street and so does Honey, and the final showdown is there. Her car slid hard into the other car.

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