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International Food Fair Poster Competition. Create a poster using the computer, crayons or felt tips, advertising our International Food Fair. There will be a prize for the winning poster and it will be printed and displayed in ESF schools and other venues! This year we will be trying to be more eco friendly and minimise waste.

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Five ways to wellbeing logo competition. You are challenged to design a logo for one of the 5 ways. Click here to see our google slides that have all the information. Please have all your designs given to Mr.

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Thompson by Friday 22nd March. Have fun! Mr Lowe and Ms Mak are hoping to collect old electronic or battery operated items and toys that have moving parts that are no longer needed as part of our Makers stock.

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If you have anything you can donate please send it to school and put it in the collection box in the foyer labelled Old Electronics. Arranging playdates to help your children develop their social skills were a major discussion points this week at parent consultations. The documents are free for you to edit so please make sure you read the important information on the top of the page before you add your contacts in.

Please be mindful of others and only edit your contacts. This week, the children consolidated their learning in U.


In English, they have been learning to write a story in the style of Oliver Jeffers and really thought about how the words they choose can have an impact on the reader. Nature does the work of growing the crop and we all muck in to harvest. If you are at all interested in growing your own field scale organic potatoes, let me know at pammy.

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Scoop the centres out of several ripe tomatoes. Put these in a jam jar and leave for 2 or 3 days no more without the lid on. During this time a natural fungus from the air will break down to liquid the jelly-like substance around the seeds. Tip the whole lot into a sieve and wash well, swishing them round, under cold water — you will be left with just the seeds. Drain well and then spread thinly on a paper plate. Leave this in a warm, dry place.

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The seeds will dry out, sticking lightly to the plate. You can then scrape them off and store in an air-tight container, or simply leave them on the plate in a dry place, stacked several plates high if necessary, with the name of the tomato written on the plate.

Tomato seeds prepared this way retain tiny hairs on the seeds — this distinguishes them from commercially prepared tomato seed. The hairs from the latter have been stripped off by the chemical used, instead of the fungal process, to remove the jelly from round the seeds. This method can also be used for cucumber and squash seeds, though with these you can go straight to the washing in the sieve stage. Would you like to be involved?

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Combined, the two school boards have almost , students in schools and more than 23, employees. I'm honored to be the inspiration for Shugga the Manta Ray—the baddest bass plucker in the big blue sea! Story continues below. It's possible to extend the growing season by placing early strawberry varieties under cloches or polythene covers in late March. Your Bibb City real estate search starts here.

Are you interested in working together with other families and friends to reduce your waste, energy, and water and food bills? The following results are the average weekly usage over a six week period for our household of 2adults. How this compares with others and what more we can do to reduce consumption will require comparison with others and the sharing of experiences. If you would like to join an Eco Team and explore how you can reduce your consumption and suggest how I and others can do better, do contact Mike or Kate. Mike Dennis. Small ways to reduce electricity consumption Do we always need to plug into the mains supply for our electricity or buy non-rechargeable batteries?

This is the sort used by some electricity meter readers and gives a good light.

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Works OK in the sunlight but does need a battery back-up for when the weather turns cloudy or not in direct sunlight. However, batteries can be rechargeable and these can be recharged in my solar powered charger which I leave on the window sill to recharge the previous set of rechargeable batteries. Outside the front door is a solar powered light which comes on with movement after dusk.

This is sufficient to identify visitors and allow us to see to put the key in the lock when returning home after dark.

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This replaced a defunct external mains powered security light. Can you suggest other ideas? MacLeod joined Ontario EcoSchools last fall. It's an education and certification program that helps schools develop ecological literacy and practices to become environmentally responsible citizens.

They have encouraged energy conservation and participated in numerous environmental initiatives, such as Lights Out Canada, an annual event during which schools turn off their lights and encourage the community to do the same at home. Conservation is the cleanest and least costly energy resource, and offers consumers a means to reduce their electricity bills, the release said.

The entire school has embraced sustainability through conservation and education.