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If you take one hand off the steering wheel and tap or massage K, you will probably feel the energy come up into your eyes and wake you up a bit. You should immediately pull over and rest. Tapping the K points not only can keep you awake, but also can help you think more clearly.

Countless times I have seen children in school, sitting at a desk, looking first at what the teacher is writing on the blackboard and then looking back to the desk. Their energy circuitry has been disrupted by this upand-down movement of the eyes. Science of Spirituality is a multi-faith, nonprofit organization dedicated to love, unity, and peace, under the direction of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. Karen Moriarty, D.

This technique is also helpful with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, as well as any situation, such as tennis or reading, where your eyes are rapidly shifting from one spot to another. Your thymus gland supports your immune system. Join the ranks of people who are doing what they love and working to bring positive change to the world.

Many people automatically tap their thymus point when under stress. Have you ever noticed how people tend to hold their mid-chest when an emotional shock comes their way, or how, if they are feeling faint, they pat this spot? So picture Tarzan and thump your own thymus before moving into a challenging situation. Once, after running on empty for far too long, I found myself teaching a class to people in another country and feeling extremely ill, as if hit by the flu. I felt like I was about to pass out. Suddenly I. As I watched the class watching me, I realized how ridiculous I looked and I began to laugh.

I continued to laugh and tap, tap and laugh. All at once I knew I was going to be all right. The class saw my recovery with their own eyes as I changed in an instant from looking white, pasty and shaky to centered, vibrant and full of color. To do the Spleen Thump time — about 15 seconds : 1. Then move them down over the next rib. Her bestselling book, Energy Medicine, is the authoritative text in its field and recently won U.

Learn more about her books and classes at www. See page 9. Remember to breathe deeply and deliberately with each activity, always in through the nose and out through your mouth. Our meetings are opportunities to be inspired, stimulated and educated for the greater good of our respective professions. Also a weekly world. Since Herbal consultations: seeking out root causes to chronic conditions. Reiki Master: classes and treatments. Wellness talks. Private instruction and meditation. All are welcome. Apprenticeship training. Healing the Traumatized Heart workshops. Holistic coaching, partnering clear visions with joyful manifestation.

Heal artfully to live joyfully. Expressive art therapy, the Nia Technique, and more. Free initial consult. Specializing in treatment of kids and those who are needle sensitive. Suitable for beginners to advanced students. Yoga for your body, mind and spirit. Free initial consultation. Join The Wellness Roundtable Community! This is a partial list of our members; we have many talented people in our network to learn with. Crystals, sound healing, aromatherapy and polarity will also be used to assist in your healing.

REIKI is an ancient hands-on healing technique that treats the whole person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The treatment is very relaxing and stress reducing. It also promotes the movement of energy blockages. Westborough Yoga For a schedule of classes go to www. Does money and better health interest you? Do you know the power ower ow er of network ma mark rketing rk eting and incredible team support? This is THE opportunity for you! The idea was inspired by the cooling effects of large volcanic eruptions, such as Mt. Pinatubo in , that blast sulphate particles into the stratosphere.

Costs of such technologies have been prohibitive, but new regulations could force the issue in the near term. Through photosynthesis, these plants absorb CO2, which in theory stays with them when they die and fall to the ocean. Initial experiments have not lived up to the hype, however, but more research is underway. This, the theory goes, accelerates the underwater storage of CO2 otherwise destined for the atmosphere. Pictured here is a now-decommissioned coal washing facility located in Clay County, Eastern kentucky. D, Lic. Psych Certified Bioenergtic Therapist offering individual, couple and body-centered psychotherapy with specialties in addictive disorders, older adolescents, and difficult childhood experiences.

I-ACT certified staff. Warm, clean, supportive environment. Neuromuscular, sports and injury treatment, incorporating reflexology, deep tissue and hot stone. Individual, couples therapy for anxiety, depression, etc. Licensed, experienced clinician. Nicole Maniez is a licensed acupuncturist and herbal practitioner. To learn more call or visit www. Certified and licensed in Acupuncture, Tuina, Tuning Forks and Facial Rejuvenation providing safe and effective treatments. Chiropractic Physician. Low-force, energy-based chiropractic CrainoSacral therapy. Applied Kinesiology, Reiki, spiritual emotion orientation.

No cracking. Offering Shiatsu Acupressure massage and Sotai Therapy for relaxation, pain relief and re-alignment. To learn more visit us at www. Nora Dybdal, LMT, CYT is licensed in both massage and yoga instruction, she offers multiple modalities to provide a unique and personalized therapeutic massage treatment. Soothing relaxation and deep massage for body, mind and spirit.

Specializing in alignment, injury rehabilitation, facelift massage, body spa treatments, TMJ, cancer; easy, self-care for home or office. This may be more important than mercury removal! NEDA, a mercury-free office with non-surgical periodontal treatment, digital x-ray and more, offers consults and informational evening seminars.

Herbert S. Yolin presents seminars throughout the United States on Energy Medicine. He is available at his office for consultation on DDS and cold laser technology. Perhaps the archetypal green city is Curitiba, Brazil. Today the automobile-free zone is three times larger and serves as the heart of the bustling metropolis. Lerner also put in place a hightech bus system, greatly reducing traffic, energy usage and pollution; the move also encouraged density around transit hubs and thus preserved open space in other areas that would have likely turned into suburbia.

Green cities abound in North America, too. In , Portland, Oregon became the first U.

Walking in Cusco ( Peru)

Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. And Vancouver, British Columbia draws 90 percent of its power from renewable sources while its metro area boasts some parks and more than 18 miles of accessible waterfront. Urban areas all over the world are striving to lessen their environmental impacts by reducing waste, expanding recycling, lowering pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and expanding open space. Pictured: Curitiba, Brazil, considered by many urban planners as the archetypal green city, as seen from Barigui Park.

San Francisco is a leader in green building, energy efficiency and alternative energy, and has been on the forefront of the battle to reduce plastic usage. Austin, Texas is fast becoming a world leader in solar equipment production and has made great strides in preserving open space. It is also working to provide affordable clean power to low-income families.

Of course, many would argue that New York City — with its densely packed housing, reliance on mass transit and walking, and recent green policy moves by Mayor Bloomberg — may be the greenest of all. While there is no formal green cities organization, per se, many groups have sprung up to help urban areas achieve their sustainability goals.

GreenCities Events, for one, hosts conferences around the U. Box , Westport, CT or earthtalk emagazine. For more EarthTalk columns visit www. Do you have any seasonal suggestions for summer? Hi Liz, Thank you for the compliment. I believe that one of the reasons we feel so good after spring cleaning is that spring has cleaned us too! Our living environment extends outside and feng shui medicine can be applied to your yard, garden, porch, parking lot or window box — whatever is yours to enjoy, inhabit or view. Lay things out in curves instead of straight lines whenever possible.

Create smaller spaces within the larger view such as just one kind of flower, perhaps a miniature labyrinth, stone circle or gem collection. Consider a grouping of chairs, a birdbath or a water feature. Try to position these little areas that feel whole unto themselves separately and discreetly so they are revealed gradually as you survey the land. Lots of concrete? Introduce pots with shrubs or flowers. Something ugly? Beautify it. If you have a yard or garden, consider setting aside a fairy habitat. Let it go wild. Perhaps create your own sanctuary in a particular area you are drawn to.

It could take the expression of an outdoor altar, adorned with sacred or devotional items and statues, or a spot to honor an ancestor or departed loved one placing items that were held dear by the honoree. Consider what you might have inside that would like to go outside. Plants and trees that have weathered winter indoors are an obvious beginning. Furniture — not just outdoor specific — is another. Plates, tiles, tools, vases, shells and more can create unexpectedly delightful displays. Allow yourself to be whimsical and fun! They all have beams, which I really like.

My friend said beams are bad feng shui. Dear Woody, There is nothing wrong with the beams. After all, they are keeping your personal sky from falling. The issue is your relationship with the beams. Considerations of scale will largely determine that. In a room of average height, however, they matter a great deal. The purpose of a beam is to bear weight. Angles, with their stark edges, are a pointed aggressive feature. They can have a negative impact on you over time, especially within the small confined area of a home. Another way to conceptualize this would be between buildings.

A pointed exterior feature, such as a dramatic roof edge or gable aiming at the entrance of a neighboring building, functions as an arrow into its heart. I am reminded of a VFW hall I recently saw with two huge cannons pointed out towards the street — unfortunately right at the front doors of the gospel church across the way!

If you have sharp, pointed angles in your living space, think of clever, pleasing ways to soften their sharp austerity. Try stringing some lights along an edge. Lights are uplifting fire energy, which uses wood to sustain itself, thus weakening any oppressiveness from the beams. Painting the beams the same color as the rest of the ceiling will tone down their influence visually. The lighter the color, the better. To create balance and mitigate the downward energetic heaviness from above, introduce upward energies. You can use floor lamps, tall upward.

Hollow chimes hanging from the beam funnel energy upward and their metal chops the wood figuratively. Feathers are indeed light; they even suggest flight! Do your best to create a feeling of lightness. Fireplaces in these areas can do a great deal because not only are flames reaching up but, again, fire uses the essence of wooden beams for fuel. I once visited a covered outdoor restaurant in Mexico and noticed a heavily downward-pressing beamed area delightfully balanced with tall, bold sunflowers kissing its underbelly. Let the natural impulse of your intuitive feng shui try out new and creative ideas and you will feel the pleasing effects of more harmony and balance in your space.

Back to the loft, Woody. Different and more important challenges are there because of the exaggerated distance between the floor and ceiling.

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You will better enjoy the expansive feeling lofts provide by paying attention to ground level. Create groupings with these different possibilities and use lamp lighting, as opposed to overhead lighting, wherever possible. In general, beam-itis can manifest in different ways depending on beam location. In an average size bedroom, having a beam across the lower half of your body while in bed is a pretty sure indicator of difficulty moving ahead.

A beam down the middle of the bed could sever a relationship with the partner you share it with. Beams over your head may press into your sleeping self, and can create enough compression over time to manifest headaches and an ongoing pressured sensation. But you, by your very own and also vertical nature, are more life affirming than any structural expression could ever be. Just use this information to your advantage.

Dear Lynn, I live in a beautiful old Victorian. Next door an instinct-damaged developer razed the old structure it had fire damage and built a low, substandard, hideous rental property. I cannot move. Any suggestions? Consider including additional lower, even denser, shrubs. If you want something less permeable, erect a fence in keeping with the Victorian flavor of the neighborhood.

And build the living wall as well. You can do similar evergreen plantings but also introduce something beautiful to grow up the fence. If you have plants at low, middle and tallish heights, their help can be more comprehensive. Spring clematis, fall clematis, morning glories, moonflowers, climbing hydrangeas, roses and sweet peas are a few examples. Great fences make great neighbors, especially trees and shrubs whose vitality and presence will also provide an absorbent effect as they employ resources from the ground to grow.

Both the property and the abutters will love you for this. Another aspect of this visual intervention is enclosure. Done well you should feel embraced by your surroundings. Lynn Taylor is a senior feng shui practitioner who teaches and consults in the United States and Mexico for both business and home environments.

She has been featured extensively on television, radio and in print. Send questions for this column or contact Lynn at lynntaylor bostonfengshui. Experience the peace and joy of living your fullest potential. Feel the expansion of your inner peace as it radiates into global peace.

Fran Spayne, MA, has 30 years experience as a therapist, coach, intuitive and healer, and incorporates universal, non-denominional spiritual teachings in her work. Law of Attraction Workshop schedule is posted on www. Discounted workshops. Vendor discounts for members. Karma Yoga grants for teachers. Support for teachers and practitioners. Yoga, pliates, movement, breath and deep relaxation all in one great class. Mediation, weight training workshops plus personal training. Bedford and Acton.

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Free catalog. Worldwide General Information YogaFamily. Include your studio in this Yoga Practitioners directory. The next ad deadline is August 1. Call or email advertise spiritofchange. Uxbridge Harmony Wellness Center, 9 North Main Street, , Tai chi, pilates, belly dance, meditation, massage, energy and spa therapies. We feel that no one should have to give out personal information or an email address just to find a yoga class or information about wellness.

All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people. I first read about the Family Constellation work of Bert Hellinger b. From this empirical foundation arose the awareness of looking at reality exactly as it is. Here is where we notice that. Hellinger noted that families are, by nature, permanent and indivisible, a collective of individuals spanning past, present and future from which one can never be expunged, not even through death.

As individuals, our yearning to belong is so strong that we act in accordance with the desires and norms of our group in order to fit in and be accepted, sometimes no matter what the price. Our beliefs and ultimately our actions reflect this greater group consciousness. Science is now discovering evidence that genetic coding may bind us to conform to behavioral patterns in our family of origin, simply to belong.

Like the celestial constellations that have traveled our heavens since time immemorial, we are stars placed within the constellations of our families, each with its own unique mythology to play out. However, unlike the stars, our paths are not fixed and we can rewrite our stories to insert happier endings for ourselves and future lineage. For some, summer is a time for a family vacation or road trip.

Gathering with family often evokes memories of fights, silences, disagreements and tension. What might life look like if abundance, joy, and strength were felt when being around our family? What if good communication, peace and calm were present at the July 4th barbeque and the only fireworks were the real ones seen exploding in the night sky?

Being around family members often triggers negative emotional and life patterns. No matter how much you seek to learn, change and grow, life never changes. The latest findings in biological research suggest that deep-seated emotional patterns and irresistible impulses are part of our genetic inheritance and some of our core life challenges do originate before our birth. The stress of traumas that we experience can be registered as elevated cortisol levels in the body, lodging especially around the heart.

Bert Hellinger advanced this theory long before a confirmation came from science. As a young man, Hellinger became a Catholic priest and was stationed as a school principal at a Zulu missionary in South Africa for close to 20 years. After leaving the priesthood, he trained in psychoanalysis in Vienna. In the context of love and loyalty to the family, these behaviors mirror hidden family dynamics and issues unresolved from current or previous generations. These dynamics are ever-present within us as long as they reside unhealed in the family conscience. The family soul includes all members of the family.

Every member of a family has an equal right to belong, including those who have died, been forgotten or psychically banished due to immoral or unacceptable behavior such as imprisonment or institutionalization. Members who make up the family soul include the parents, all the siblings and children including terminated pregnancies, stillborn children and those who have died early, grandparents, greatgrandparents and ancestors even further back, particularly in families that have suffered trauma and upheaval.

Additionally, influence from outside the family circle includes former partners of parents or grandparents, victims and their perpetrators, and those whose misfortune or death brought the family a gain or loss. The family conscience has one goal: to keep us connected so that we belong. This pattern of belonging includes information passed down genetically from our ancestors and is communicated non-verbally among family members, and may include both healthy and unhealthy instructions for certain members.

If we are in harmony with our family, we sense that we belong and feel innocent and good, even if our behaviors are harmful to ourselves and others. When in disharmony with our family, we feel we have violated the unspoken agreement of where we belong and try to change ourselves so we belong again. Are you Stuck in a Rut? Want to Simplify your Life? Get Organized? Imagine working with someone who could help you design your goals for your future. Identify and implement all your strengths and plan a course of action. So I ask you: Where do you want to be?

Facilitating Family Constellations since www. We are inextricably linked by this energy field to our current family, yet it is also possible to free ourselves of unconscious links to unnecessary suffering. Through awareness, we can remain connected and introduce a new vibration of healing and love that shifts the family energy field, affecting not only our own lives, but those of our current and future family members as well. Family consciousness follows certain laws.

A Yankee Jazz Singer in Cuzco

One of them is that every member of a family has an equal right to belong, including those who have died, been forgotten or psychically banished due to immoral or unacceptable behavior. The overall health in the family energy field can be observed when a family constellation is set up, much like a living family tree. In a typical setting, a group of unrelated people gather for the purpose of working on their personal issues through creating constellations. One person seeker at a time is invited by the facilitator to briefly present a few facts and details about his or her issue.

The facilitator may choose to gather more pertinent facts about life events, or possibly parent or grandparent life details, however Hellinger, himself, discouraged too much questioning, believing it hinders openness to the intuitive information that can only emerge from the body and the felt experience of participating in the constellation. In general, the seeker remains silent as the constellation unfolds and other group members refrain from asking any questions.

Next the facilitator asks the seeker to choose people from the group to represent family members based on the issue they presented. One representative is also selected for the self. The seeker silently guides and places these representatives in particular locations around the room, according to his or her intuition and inner picture of the issue at hand. The seeker then sits with the facilitator and the process of going from the conscious understanding of the issue or story into the unconscious family energy field begins to unfold.

Time and silence is required for the representatives to let go of the story they heard, center themselves and allow the energies of the person they are representing begin to move through them. In doing so, they are tapping into what Rupert Sheldrake calls morphogenetic fields2, which contain an energetic blueprint of past energies and experiences that are stored in our DNA. This creates an energy field in which all involved participants begin to receive information physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, etc. The facilitator works with this three-dimensional space to gently assist the seeker in seeing their issue in relation to the larger family history, remaining deeply humble and open to be touched by this larger soul and available to receive guidance on the next step, word, picture, or phrase.

The facilitator may ask some or all of the representatives to notice what they are feeling in their bodies or sensing as they stand in, like surrogates, for their family member. They may be asked to comment on reactions to others in the constellation or invited to move where they are drawn in the room that feels more balanced. A re-creation of the family energy field can become startlingly apparent once the constellation is set up.

One woman set up her constellation to ask continues on page To learn more and schedule your private session, contact one of the Arvigo Practitioners today. Family Constellations show you the source of the story. See it. Feel it. Release it. Dan Booth Cohen, Ph. He has 30 years of experience helping people find peace in their lives. My mother and I are expressing our love better than we have in years. Now I am close to my family and my partner and I are discussing marriage. Our workshops will give you a better understanding of yourself and your present behaviors that may get in the way of achieving personal growth.

Horses are animals of prey, thus ultra sensitive to their environment and people in it. They will mirror back what they see which teaches us to live in the moment, and unearth and process our emotions. This leaves participants with new clarity and ideas for changing old behaviors and relationships. June 20, 21, Boundaries in relationships through the way of the Horse July 18, 19, Finding Inner Peace through the way of the Horse Aug 15, 16, Horsemanship through the way of the Horse.

Call us at to reserve your spot today. Workshops are limited to six participants and fill up fast! View the Complete Workshop Schedule at: www. I offer chronic intestinal pain. The constellation included a nurturing, serene, and safe environment maintaining your privacy a representative for the daughter, the mother and and sense of well-being.

In practice since , I am stellation, the daughter was facing and looking certified at the Instructor Level meeting the highest standards through behind her mother. This person would be phone: The facilitator tested this by placing an additional unnamed representative in the space between the mother and grandfather.

WITH: The woman was uncertain. No one else ever N. Main St Rt. Then reality hit her. She brought her fist to her mouth as if she stunned by this truth. Whether they left, Quest died, or were abandoned, the relatives who knew R e t r e at s the truth never spoke of them. When a family Dr. Israel and Cathie Helfand member connected to a shameful secret or painful truth is excluded from their place of belonging, a child born into the family gets drawn into the Marriage Counselors working with one couple at a time for over 25 years.

In this case, when the representative for the mother turned around to face her father and lost sister, the representative for the daughter let out a deep exhalation. Some constellations require few words to be spoken. When a few simple words are spoken from the heart with reverence and truth, a resonance can be felt by everyone within the space like a deep sigh, often accompanied by tears and heart-opening experiences.

Opening the door of compassion to all that happens within a family has a powerful healing effect for individuals, families and even the wider human community. Whether it is by divine synchronicity or chance that we are assigned certain roles in constellation work and in life, it is clear we are deeply interconnected in more ways than we are consciously aware. NOTES 1. Park Street, Jamy Faust, MA, blends holistic counseling, energy healing, guided imagery divination and the Constellation Approach in her private practice.

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Peter Faust, MAc, is a licensed acupuncturist, energy healer and constellation facilitator. They have been facilitating seminars and learning programs in the Family Constellation Method since Underwood Books, Zeig, Tucker, Inc. Looking for more natural ways to care for your pets? Does your beloved family pet have an ailment such as skin issues, irritable bowel, arthritis or even cancer? Want to know what healthy food options and supplements are out there for your pets? Learn about acupuncture, nutrition, cancer, vaccinations, homeopathy, chiropractic, Lymes, and all natural flea and tick prevention for your animals.

Visit the Exhibit Hall to receive free samples and meet with the makers of innovative pet products and the best natural treatments and foods for your pets.

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Roosevelt Sykes. Think metaphorically along the lines of hitting a re-set button. When Jones noted Morocco shared a similarity to Egypt, Omar, having never left the country, had to ask what that was. Once again the figure unveiled himself to be Walter Harris, who had managed to track him to the city. Jacques provoked a fight with Indy which Moreau broke up. Pete Seeger.

Silent auction each day with hundreds of products and services! Pre-Register Online Required : www. Call for tickets or exhibtor info; to donate a silent auction item or purchase an ad in the program guide. Sponsored by:. Located on acres in the beautiful Hudson Valley, Omega offers diverse and awaken the best in the human spirit. The Ywahoo lineage was established as the caretaker of the sacred crystal and teachings of the Pale One, a great teacher who rekindled the sacred wisdom of the original instructions at a time when the people had forgotten their spiritual nature and become warlike.

These ceremonies and teachings ensure methods of stabilizing the mind in times of confusion and bringing all thoughts and actions to harmonious resolution. In , Sunray Meditation Society was founded as a vehicle for these teachings to be shared. For the past four decades as an author, organizer, teacher and ceremonial leader, Ven. Dhyani has been involved in training peacemakers and meditators and in designing effective methods of reconciliation so that even anger and fear can be recognized as opportunities to give light to a new day.

Carol Bedrosian: I am interested in the work you are doing around peace and families. Can you tell me a little bit about this? Within the struggle for family and neighborly and international peace there is also some wisdom to be gleaned. There is inner pain. CB: You mentioned the inner conflict that people and families are feeling gets reflected on a national scale. VDY: Yes, I think the same dynamic of unresolved family issues also goes on internationally in terms of the Israelis, the Palestinians, the Greeks, the Creoles. If their people have not had an opportunity to bring to resolution their sense of despair, anger or powerlessness, then the same issues arise again and again.

So we see that on an international level and certainly for many on a personal level. CB: Can you speak a little bit about the time period in when there were certainly those who opposed the war, but obviously a greater number of people who supported going to war and, of course, re-electing Bush in ? I do think that many people were left with questions and what I hear from many beings and what I see in terms of off-the-press investigations is that much of the information that led to the war in Iraq was not all based on facts. And the deeper issue is for individuals to understand how to read between the lines and not to easily accept what is offered as the only analysis of the facts.

I recognize that for many Americans an incredible distrust has arisen based on that incongruity of facts and reality, so we are at a point in our nation where I think it is the lowest trust level that Americans have had for their government. So this angst in the American public is a wound that is causing separation. It is rising more to the surface and the issues of honor, truth and mutual respect are just as important on the national level as they are on the family level.

Parents have less time with their children; many families are working more than one job. The ideal of democracy bringing forth positive result is dissonant with the facts that individuals are facing. So we are at an incredible crossroad. Students have several delivery models to choose from as they create their own educational paths to pursue their passion. What do we value of human beings? I see a connection between the present situation and the situation of people who are returning from war. There are inconsistencies and dissonance in the dream for those who come home from Iraq. First, they are returning to a situation where it is not appropriate to kill.

They are looking for what opportunities are available for their families. Where is the work? Where is the education? This dissonance then affects the entire family. I was talking with my son and he pointed out to me that there seemed to be a rise in the murders of wives of the men who have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq, as if somehow the mental virus of hatred towards women in those countries was being expressed by increased spousal abuse among returning veterans.

It is true wherever we go; we are affected by the culture, the environment, even its negativity. So the family is yoked, so to speak, with the dissonance carried by the returning soldier. And so I think about some of the ways in native culture that people cleansed and purified the returning warrior by addressing the spirits of those who died and making spiritual food offerings, giving closing to the families or the survivors of those who died.

CB: How does that work if the families are in a foreign country? VDY: Basically it gives an opportunity to change the resonant field of the soldier. I recognize the view that we live in a field of consciousness and by making these amends on a spiritual level through ceremony one also touches the heart essence of those families with whom one has fought.

CB: If the returning soldiers are not of the native tradition, how would they be able to work with cleansing those spirits? VDY: Very easily. And so on returning home, before returning to the family, spending time in nature and creating a spirit fire and offering prayers to those who have been lost on both sides, or all sides, and also offering prayers to the survivors on all sides that they may have what they need and find their way into a healthy life. In that everything begins as a thought, as mind, and we become evermore aware that even the electrons and the subatomic particles are an expression of consciousness — i.

So the first thing to avoid carrying anger, which is often the ghost of another, is to make offerings to those who have passed over. Here is water, here is fire, may you see your way into the light of understanding. May whatever the cause is of our meeting as warriors, may we meet again in a place of understanding. And so the water is to wash away the tears and to wash away the anger and the fire is to illuminate the path of reconciliation. VDY: Actually I think there are many people in the military who are very aware of the spiritual aspects of war.

And there are many who do have inner and perhaps private ceremony because many people also become warriors out of the ideal of protecting and caring. For some there is a spiritual inclination and understanding that they are part of a large system and sometimes it simplifies into the belief of my interpretation of God is better then yours and thus becomes also a basis of sectarian violence. And for others there is an understanding of a cause and effect.

I learned this in working with Vietnam veterans. I would say how their spirituality is expressed is not often observable. I think this is really clear when you look at the prisoners of war who return home. The unresolved anger and the abuse they experienced is often beyond their control, which gets spewed into their family situation. CB: At this time when there will be many returning veterans, what solutions do you see for these soldiers and their families? Sessions offered in person as well as by phone.

VDY: The ideal solution is for the returning veterans to be encircled in love by their families, their neighbors, and also deep spiritual counseling because many of the returning soldiers have not grown up in a warrior culture with the full circle of support and resolution. In fact, the majority have joined the military because they had no other options out of poverty or to get money for college or money to live. And so for them a recognition, first, that we can all return to the circle of love, whether we call it God or mystery or Christ or Buddha. This field of energy, we are inseparable from it.

So what are the reasons that one joins in the military? This is where the dissonance gets horrendously loud, when you review the inconsistencies of fact and actuality. So what does a young person do when they return home? First, they take inventory of their physical health to be sure they are not bringing home any diseases from another region. Then they go through the process of spiritual ceremony of purifying, washing away the ghosts and making prayers that the ghosts find their way into the light of understanding.

They are also looking at their mindset because very often the returning soldiers have not worked on a battlefield; they have worked in neighborhoods. CB: But what about all the veterans who return to neighborhoods which are violent themselves? VDY: The neighborhood level is a very important spiritual connection.

Where there are churches or synagogues or spirit fires in an area, these are places that would benefit the entire neighborhood and the nation by inviting veterans to come and share in ceremony. What stands out in my mind is how old women would surround and hold hands around a veteran and just stand there all surrounding and holding him in their arms. CB: Is this a Cherokee tradition? VDY: Yes, this is something I saw as a young person, and that somehow to be received again in the arms of the community by the elders seemed very significant.

In my child mind it appeared that these people were being made new. CB: In the absence of these traditions in our own neighborhoods and towns now, what else can we do? VDY: It is incumbent upon us as a nation to create situations that are welcoming and loving and transforming. Because when certain patterns are broken, particularly fighting in neighborhoods, you really want to reclaim those people back to the bosom of the community in a way that they know there is love and this is not a hostile situation.

As human beings we have our work cut out for us and we all have the tools. We have the tools of discernment, most importantly, to recognize what is true and what is not and to call for clarity and truth and to name it when something is inconsistent or dissonant. It looks like Americans have, as many elders would say, abdicated their spiritual sovereignty. Each time we accept an opinion that is not based on truth, or without investigating the facts, we are making that line of communication to the wisdom within us narrower and narrower and narrower.

So we all have a spiritual responsibility, first with our family, to be kind and support the wisdom potential within one another, sharing food, warmth, shelter. We also have a spiritual. At what point do we take responsibility for those we put in office? An old Cherokee clan law was if someone in your clan did something that caused hardships to another then your clan was responsible to sustain that other person. So when our elected officials are not responding to the calls and needs of the people, then let someone else come forward. It requires energy. We each need to discuss and attend meetings and educate ourselves about what is happening behind the sound bites that are passed to the media.

So many believed their pensions would be there, then they are not. Companies have disappeared, jobs and benefits are gone. So many believed their home was their castle and now some are living in tent cities. So we see the incongruity of the ideal and the expression of that ideal and wonder how did it happen. It happened a little bit every day when people decided not to speak. It is one planet and what happens in one part of the world does indeed affect the entire planet, so there is this reminder to work collaboratively.

What common dreams do we share? We know that all people want a safe place to live, clean water, work that is meaningful and good relationships. All form arises from thought, from more subtle energy. What we choose to energize about the future is what comes about, so it is important not to be fearful and to bring forth that message of reconciliation and cooperation, the wisdom of the people. Most importantly to understand that aggression begins in our own hearts. Aggression arises when people do not speak and walk in truth and harmony and when people feel that the authority and the power to experience joy and harmony is outside.

In the Beginning there was onlyThe perfection, we are now returning toThe Perfection. Receive the Golden Light, the path of Oneness and bring complete healing to yourself, your love ones and all life on Mother Earth. Introducing a new, evolutionary energy, Spontaneous Healing! For more info and upcoming class schedule: or spontaneoushealing gmail. All are welcome to attend. Please visit www. Dhyani or the gathering or call Transformative healing opportunities from all over our world are converging. Ancient spiritual customs are engaging with neuroscientists; living-system biologists confirm the traditional wisdom of indigenous healers.

We are truly fortunate to be living at this unique time in human healing history. Yet some, sadly perhaps those who are most wounded, have no knowledge or access to transformative healing. Our military veterans are returning home with invisible wounds. While most of us can simply shut off the devastating footage on the evening news, combat veterans with PTSD may re-experience the life threatening images over and over again as if they are still happening.

Chronic pain, feelings of isolation and detachment, hyper-arousal and difficulty sleeping are just some of the many devastating issues confronting veterans with PTSD. While PTSD usually starts shortly after the traumatic event, its onset can also be delayed months or even years. News of the current war can continue to worsen their symptoms. Concerned with the enormous number of veteran PTSD diagnoses, the government has recently started investigating various holistic practices for emotional healing.

Reiki, transcendental meditation, yoga and animal assisted therapies are just some of the clinical trials currently being done. Yoga Warriors focus on being centered and on opening up the heart. Because of their wartime experiences, many veterans with PTSD actually disassociate from their physical bodies as the mind tries to numb and suppress the painful memories. Mercury-free fillings Safe amalgam removal Metal-free restorations Natural products Non-surgical periodontal treatment Testing for sensitivities to dental materials In office Zoom teeth whitening Veneers and bonding. Neuroscience has found that environmental cues such as physical surroundings can be extremely powerful triggers for persons suffering with PTSD.

Smith, M.

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Westford, MA Swim with wild dolphins daily, see volcanoes, enjoy a luau, hot stone massages, deep energy work, etc. Our physical bodies are separate, which leads to the illusion that human beings are separate as well. But we share our thoughts, our feelings and beliefs in a global consciousness. Whatever we believe as a group creates powerful shifts that can radiate out to others. Wherever we focus our group mind, our global reality will follow. The pain of the victims of war introduces heavy elements that manifest in our global consciousness.

Veterans, having been actively and passively involved in what happens in war, are carrying this pain in very complex ways. They are also bringing pain into the collective consciousness of their nation. Once we understand our wholeness, we can then see that we are connected with veterans and their families in powerful ways. The transformation begins within. But this would only continue the cycle of fear, hatred and war. Or, we can take charge and see our own responsibility in what happened to them and in war, actively or passively, and help change this reality from despair and pain to peace, respect, responsibility and love.

It has been through the intense contact with veterans and their stories that my eyes were opened to the humanitarian drama we are currently facing with returning soldiers and their families. Their suffering is usually silent, and the true extent of this drama has not even begun to show. They keep to themselves, talking to each other but hardly ever outside of the military community. Even my contacts within the military confirmed that it is next to impossible to convince a soldier who suffers from PTSD symptoms to ask for help. As long as emotional pain is seen as weakness, and asking for help can carry the risk of ending a military career, this is most likely not going to change.

When I first started helping veterans with PTSD, I went online to find out more about this diagnosis and how it was made. To my surprise, all I could find was a collection of symptoms. Those symptoms included insomnia, nightmares and intrusive thoughts, denial of problems and their seriousness, excessive anger and aggression, hyper-vigilance and physical symptoms such as headaches, which are explained as a response to terrifying trauma.

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