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Slowly, a smile lit in his eyes.

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A fighter and a brazen hussy. She should be offended. But the smile in his eyes, the touch of his finger moving slowly and feather-light from chin to throat and along the sensitive skin of her neck made it impossible to concentrate on rebuke.

An Evening of Food, Folklore and Fairies.

That gentleman mildly remarks, "Milton's angels are not Ladies. He brazens out the dilemma by making cruel jokes at his own expense—jokes which he expects no one to see or to laugh at if seen. I'm getting claustrophobic. Arching her neck she shivered against him. He was right. They were too closed in it was too smoky in here.

Fresh air and privacy lured her. When he captured her hand in his larger one, she let him lead her outside. Courtney flashed her a dazzling smile and gave her the thumbs up sign. She'd wrangled herself a cowboy, too - a young Robert Redford in a black cowboy hat that gazed at her with adoration and longing. The music faded as Cory led her out to his truck. Crickets serenaded them and stars twinkled overhead in the Texas sky. Warm fuzzies filled her and she looked at him seductively, giving into her urge to kiss him long and slow and rub her body against his.

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When he groaned into her mouth, she pressed closer. She knew she tempted him beyond all mercy. She shocked herself at her brazenness. But she couldn't help herself. She couldn't get enough of him.

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But what if we could all be given an extra hour in the day, every day? But the smile in his eyes, the touch of his finger moving slowly and feather-light from chin to throat and along the sensitive skin of her neck made it impossible to concentrate on rebuke. Be Seen Brunch: Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs of Color Today, so many connections were made between women of varying nationalities, ethnicities, color, and creed. Slowly, a smile lit in his eyes. Thereupon the prince did as she bade, and presently the brazen boat came skimming over the water more swiftly than the wind.

No man had ever gotten under her skin like this one. Not so like lightening nor so deep.

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Brazen's conversational recruiting platform is giving recruiters a better way to engage, connect, and hire top talent in this candidate driven market. brazen meaning, definition, what is brazen: used to describe a person, or the action: Learn more.

Tomorrow didn't matter, only here and now. She wanted him like she'd wanted no one else. Then Courtney's laughter sliced through the spell, and Cory pulled back.

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Not much, but their lips no longer plundered each other. Their bodies still curved against one another, sharing heat, trembling. Mortified at her own response, she laughed self-consciously. Huskily, she murmured, "I've never behaved this way before.

I've never. He put his fingers over her mouth, shushing her. I think you've bewitched me. A slow, sexy smile dawned over his face that made her blood simmer. She smiled back, deciding to follow her heart. He trembled as she traced his strong jaw line with her fingernail and she delighted in her effect on him. Cory blushed, craned his neck, and gazed up at the stars. In a gruff, hesitant voice he said, "I'm not a real cowboy.

Languidly, she asked, "What are you then? The irony caught her off guard and she chuckled. I wanted a good old fashioned country boy.

Skunk Anansie - Brazen (Weep)

His gaze turned serious as he hauled her back against him. I'm staking my claim and I'll fight any of those cowboys that come near you. I didn't really fancy living on the range with a lot of smelly cows anyway. Cory laughed. How about we hold any more talk till morning? Elaine Hopper. Some soulmate! All thought fled. If you liked this story, please share it with others:. Return to Paradise. Lisa returns to the island of her honeymoon to think about her marriage. Madeleine Rain. Prairie Dogs. All rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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