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Glossary of Wine Terms
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Sometimes I have to be in person though to accurately learn how to do something. Can I use your images to make a video for my Spanish students? Hi Isaac! Jessica from TakeLessons here. So glad you liked the graphics! A link to this original blog post would suffice. May I print the images to use in my beginners classes? Hi Sandy! F Fermentation The process by which sugar is transformed into alcohol; how grape juice interacts with yeast to become wine. Filtration The process by which wine is clarified before bottling.

Fining Part of the clarification process whereby elements are added to the wine, i.

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Ihr Display-Name sollte mindestens 2 Zeichen umfassen. Available now from major retailers in prints and eBook form. Thank you for purchasing this book and I hope that you will join me via the Internet links provided at the end of this book. English Grammar: Theory and Exercises. God is awesome, the power of love is awesome. However, some of the terms should be used carefully.

Fortified Wine A wine in which brandy is introduced during fermentation; sugars and sweetness are high due to the suspended fermentation. G Gamay A red grape exceedingly popular in the Beaujolais region of France. Graft A vineyard technique in which the bud-producing part of a grapevine is attached to an existing root. Gran Reserva A Spanish term used for wines that are aged in wood and bottles for at least five years prior to release.

Grand Cru French for 'great growth;' the very best vineyards. Green A term used to describe underripe, vegetal flavors in a wine. Grenache A hearty, productive red grape popular in southern France as well as in Spain, where it is called Garnacha. H Haut A French word meaning 'high.

Hectare A metric measure equal to 10, square meters or 2.

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Hectoliter A metric measure equal to liters or Herbaceous An aroma or flavor similar to green; often an indication of underripe grapes or fruit grown in a cool climate. Hollow A term used to describe a wine that doesnit have depth or body. Hybrid The genetic crossing of two or more grape types; common hybrids include Mueller-Thurgau and Bacchus I Ice Wine From the German eiswein, this is a wine made from frozen grapes; Germany, Austria and Canada are leading ice wine producers.

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J Jeroboam An oversized bottle equal to six regular ml bottles. Kosher A wine made according to strict Jewish rules under rabbinical supervision.

Late Harvest A term used to describe dessert wines made from grapes left on the vines for an extra long period, often until botrytis has set in. Lees Heavy sediment left in the barrel by fermenting wines; a combination of spent yeast cells and grape solids. Legs A term used to describe how wine sticks to the inside of a wineglass after drinking or swirling.

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M Maceration The process of allowing grape juice and skins to ferment together, thereby imparting color, tannins, and aromas. Madeira A fortified wine that has been made on a Portuguese island off the coast of Morocco since the fifteenth century. Maderized Stemming from the word Madeira, this term means oxidization in a hot environment.

Magnum A bottle equal to two regular ml bottles. Malbec A hearty red grape of French origin now exceedingly popular in Argentina. Malolactic Fermentation A secondary fermentation, often occurring in barrels, whereby harsher malic acid is converted into creamier lactic acid. Merlot A lauded red grape popular in Bordeaux and throughout the world; large amounts of Merlot exist in Italy, the United States, South America, and elsewhere. Must Crushed grapes about to go or going through fermentation. N Nebbiolo A red grape popular in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy; the grape that yields both Barolo and Barbaresco.

Negociant A French term for a person or company that buys wines from others and then labels it under his or her own name; stems from the French word for 'shipper.

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O Oaky A term used to describe woody aromas and flavors; butter, popcorn, and toast notes are found in 'oaky' wines. Organic Grapes grown without the aid of chemical-based fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Oxidized A wine that is no longer fresh because it was exposed to too much air.

P Phylloxera A voracious vine louse that over time has destroyed vineyards in Europe and California.

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Pinot Blanc A white grape popular in Alsace, Germany, and elsewhere. Pinot Gris Also called Pinot Grigio, this is a grayish-purple grape that yields a white wine with a refreshing character. Plonk A derogatory name for cheap, poor-tasting wine. Pomace The mass of skins, pits, and stems left over after fermentation; used to make grappa in Italy and marc in France.

Premier Cru French for 'first growth;' a high-quality vineyard but one not as good as grand cru.

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English Series: Slang Terms (Set 2) - Kindle edition by Mark Griffiths. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. This book is designed for people who are learning English as a foreign language and wish to improve their use of English slang. This is the second set of

Press The process by which grape juice is extracted prior to fermentation; a machine that extracts juice from grapes. Primeur en A French term for wine sold while it is sill in the barrels; known as 'futures' in English-speaking countries. Pruning The annual vineyard chore of trimming back plants from the previous harvest. R Racking The process of moving wine from barrel to barrel, while leaving sediment behind.

Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. This book is designed for people who are learning English as a foreign language and wish to improve their use of English slang. This is the first set of slang terms by the author.

A second set, written in , is also available. This book contains slang terms that are frequently used in English, arranged alphabetically.

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The slang terms are mild, i. However, some of the terms should be used carefully. For example, calling someone particularly a stranger a nosey parker to their face could provoke an undesirable response. Each slang term is provided with an example of its use. A short list of topics where the slang terms are often used is also provided.