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Und, um genau nach Rezept zu kochen muss ich mir zu viel in den Vorrat holen, und oft wird es dann schlecht oder es wird zu viel gegessen. Das soll beides nicht sein. Nun aber zu obigem Rezept. Das Curry hat mich als solches sehr begeistert unheimlich lecker. Ballaststoffe erleichtern die Darmpassage der Verdauungsreste. Ich sag ja, ihr merkt es einfach nicht. Er ist damit der Sollte es Fragen zu Rezepten geben oder Ihr einen Fehler bemerken, bzw. Ich helfe gerne weiter. Mache dir keine Sorgen.

Wenn jemand eine Chance hat, die Kinder zu finden, dann ich. Ich passe schon auf mich auf, das verspreche ich dir. Upon reaching retirement, many Belgian citizens purchase a small property in Spain in order to move there. Their employers often provide hospitalisation insurance, into which they have paid contributions for many decades. However, it would appear that many of these hospitalisation insurers impose the condition that the insured parties must reside in Belgium. Moving to Spain results in the loss of all rights. Once in Spain, it seems to be impossible or unaffordable to join a Spanish hospitalisation insurance scheme.

Even insurance groups which operate in both Belgium and Spain impose this condition: moving to another country means a loss of all rights, and joining another scheme in Spain is impossible. Does the Commission think that this is compatible with the free movement of persons as laid down in the treaties? What guidelines apply to the hospitalisation insurance sector to ensure that the free movement of persons is respected?

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Is it lawful for hospitalisation insurers to set the condition of residing in one Member State in order for insurance cover to continue? Private hospitalisation insurance is covered by the Non-life Insurance Directives. The directives are also based on the principle of the freedom of contract under which insurers and consumers can agree on a variety of contractual terms and conditions, including geographical scope of the given policy.

The policy will have to be compatible with the rules designed to protect the general good in the insurance sector of that Member State. The Commission is conscious of the need to eliminate obstacles to the free movement of EU citizens and recognises the tension between the freedom of contract and the desire to continue insurance policies when citizens relocate to other Member States. The Commission services are analysing the situation with a view to assessing possible improvements of the existing EU insurance legislation.

Fornire dati aggiornati sulla variazione del fatturato industriale degli altri Stati membri? Fornire un dato aggiornato complessivo sulla variazione del fatturato industriale europeo? There was a 0. Domestic turnover fell by 1. In overall terms, the raw turnover indicator fell by 2. Provide up-to-date figures on the trend in industrial turnover in other Member States? Provide aggregate up-to-date figures on the trend in industrial turnover at EU level? Industrial turnover in the EU28 increased by 1. Amongst the main contributors to this increase were Germany, with a rate of annual growth of 4.

Always on a yearly basis, domestic turnover fell by 0. In de plenaire zitting van januari keurde het Europees Parlement met een grote meerderheid zijn resolutie over de eerbiediging van het fundamentele recht van vrij verkeer in de Europese Unie goed. Uit een rapport dat de Europese Commissie in januari publiceerde blijkt dat het sociaal toerisme dat populistische politici graag inroepen als reden om het vrij verkeer aan banden te leggen, zo goed als niet bestaat. Vooral arbeidsmobielen uit de nieuwere lidstaten worden in de populistische retoriek geviseerd. Dit is een groot probleem dat negatieve gevolgen heeft voor het vrij verkeer dat op die manier als hoeksteen van de Europese Unie wordt aangetast.

Wat is de timing hiervoor? At the January part-session, the European Parliament adopted by a large majority its resolution on respect for the fundamental right to freedom of movement in the European Union. Populist rhetoric is particularly directed against people moving from the newer Member States to work elsewhere. This attitude is a serious problem, adversely affecting freedom of movement, whose status as a cornerstone of the European Union is eroded as a result. Is the Commission planning action to inform EU citizens better about the advantages of freedom of movement and to eliminate the existing prejudices against worker mobility, and particularly against workers from the new Member States?

Does the Commission agree that action in these fields is both necessary and urgent and ought therefore to begin as soon as possible?

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What is the timetable for this? Would it be possible to launch a large-scale information and awareness-raising campaign in all EU Member States in order to inform EU citizens correctly? It also intends, in cooperation with the Member State authorities, to continue with its efforts to raise awareness and improve communication and information on the subject, so that the public is better informed. On the subject of the sale of Maltese passports, Commissioner Reding has said that the Council could decide on a set of minimum requirements for granting citizenship.

The Council has not discussed the specific matter raised by the Honourable Member. Los neonazis lanzaban amenazas de muerte contra sus militantes mientras destrozaban el equipamiento de la citada sede. This attack is yet another in a series of attacks suffered by the organisation in different places in the Community of Madrid. The United Left is not the only target of these groups. There have also been attacks on the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia and various social movements.

The increase in violent attacks against organisations and individuals publicly displaying their disagreement with government policies is well documented in the Community of Madrid. It is discouraging many citizens from engaging in politics, as they are now fearful of expressing their political opinions, their affiliation with alternative political forces or their engagement in social movements. The authorities seem to be turning a blind eye and are instead lauding the good old days of fascism from many of their public forums.

Is the Commission aware of this recent attack on the headquarters of the United Left? Does it regard this report as presenting specific recommendations for the Community of Madrid? It is a competence of the Member States to investigate and, eventually prosecute any criminal acts on their territory in line with their national legislation. Only one of these cases falls within one of the mentioned key areas transport.

Nine months on, can the Commission say whether Spain has complied with the eight outstanding judgments of the European Court of Justice? If it has not, what action does the Commission propose to take to ensure that this Member State complies with European legislation?

Fondo Poligrafo Gargani conservato anche questo presso BNCF

Chi la controlla? Being the only known chapel directly supported by exclusively Ragusan merchants in Italy, it is interesting to compare the patronage of the Ragusan community in Genua with similar strategies devised by other Early Modern Schiavoni communities in Italy — which functioned as confraternities or colleges — in order to understand the self-image they tried to construct. Does the Commission agree that the moratorium on commercial whaling is necessary in order to protect whale stocks? In the inventory compiled by the Schiavoni confraternity of St Germano of Camerano, near Ancona, another painting is mentioned, owned by the confraternity of Ancona, which should portray the landing of the Schiavoni at Numana, on the Conero coast Subject: Loss of hospitalisation insurance if domicile obligation is not met. It is unfortunate that Slovak citizens have been lumped into this group, regardless of the fact that Slovakia is an EU Member State and part of the eurozone.

Wenn ja, mit welchen Konsequenzen? Wenn nein, warum nicht? How and to what degree does the Commission intend to promote democracy and human rights in Egypt in the future and simultaneously to ensure that these funds are also used for this purpose? Does the Commission intend to investigate the missing development funds and to uncover any misappropriations? If yes, with what consequences?

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What actions is the Commission considering taking in the future against the misuse of EU funds in Egypt? I understand that hovercraft are exempt from the regulations under both directives. However, hovercraft manufacturers are unable to opt in to the regulations and are therefore unable to market their products across the single market as they do not have a declaration of conformity. In light of this, what does the Commission intend to do to enable British hovercraft manufacturers to gain full access to the European market?

This directive excludes from its scope craft specifically intended to be crewed and to carry passengers for commercial purposes and, in addition, air cushion vehicles are excluded because their physical characteristics are not consistent with the Essential Requirements of the directive. The Codes are also applicable to Air Cushion Vehicles hovercraft. Hence there is a set of rules recognised at EU level, which might be appropriate in this instance: use as a passenger ship and on domestic voyages. These standards ensure the free movement of marine equipment within the internal market.

Da questa situazione traggono un grande e ingiusto vantaggio paesi come Regno Unito e Irlanda, parlanti inglese come lingua madre.

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Le candidature possono essere presentate in una qualsiasi delle lingue ufficiali. Pertanto la Commissione non ritiene che alcun gruppo di candidati potenziali sia stato posto in una situazione di svantaggio. In effetti, un simile ritardo avrebbe un impatto negativo sostanziale sui cittadini e sulle organizzazioni dell'UE che desiderino partecipare al programma.

This situation implies a major and unfair advantage for countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland where English is the mother tongue. This launch took place on Applications can be submitted in any official language. Thus the Commission does not consider that any group of potential applicants has been put at a disadvantage. It is a long document that is currently being translated by the Commission's services, which are also simultaneously translating similar guides in respect of the other new EU programmes.

The Guide will be made available in all languages as soon as possible. Indeed, any such delay would have had a substantial negative impact on EU citizens and organisations wishing to participate in the programme. Tras este anuncio, las obras continuaron y se reanudaron las negociaciones. No se ha estudiado la posibilidad de conceder ayuda financiera a las empresas en forma de fondos de la UE en este caso. Meanwhile, credit for households and SMEs is shrinking, and credit for the public sector is rising.

The extension of the Panama Canal is a unique project of immense importance for the global economy. The award procedure and management of the contract is the responsibility of ACP. Following this announcement, the works continued and negotiations resumed. Contacts with the authorities of Panama were also taken. Despite a temporary breakdown in the negotiations early February, the parties appear to have made good progress towards a solution of their dispute, as indicated by recent press articles.

This would allow, if confirmed, the completion of the project on time. No financial assistance to the companies in the form of EU funds has been considered in this matter. If not, what measures does the Commission intend to take to ensure that this Member State complies with EU legislation?

Spain now considers that it has fully transposed the directive. The Commission is checking the various acts notified to ensure that this is the case. The next step in the process, as with all the other Member States, is to check whether the national legislation correctly transposes all the obligations under the directive.

The Commission is currently in dialog with Spain in order to ensure its compliance with the findings of the Court. If not, what measures will the Commission take to ensure that this Member State complies with EU legislation? In the course of the proceedings, Spain notified several national transposition measures. Depending on the outcome of the examination, the Commission may decide to close the infringement procedure or take the next procedural steps.

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Although home should be a safe place, for many it is not, especially numerous vulnerable people, such as the elderly, who lack the financial resources needed to maintain their homes. Inadequate housing conditions represent a serious environmental health threat that could be prevented. What strategies are being adopted to assist elderly people who are living in such conditions to improve their homes or to find alternative accommodation which is safer and more decent? Healthy ageing and independent living have been promoted in Member States as part of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.

However, the Commission provides them with policy guidance and support through various EU policies and Funds. In the SIP the Commission also proposes the Member States to implement integrated housing-led strategies to prevent homelessness and housing exclusion and to provide social housing for the most disadvantaged people. L'Afghanistan ha compiuto progressi straordinari in campo sanitario rispetto al , quando l'UE e altri donatori hanno iniziato a fornire aiuti. Gli stanziamenti di bilancio dell'UE destinati agli aiuti umanitari finanziano anche siti sentinella di controllo nutrizionale dell'OMS.

L'UE fornisce inoltre assistenza sanitaria di emergenza alle popolazioni vittime di conflitti e di catastrofi. L'Unione intende procedere nel a una valutazione congiunta del paese su cui si baseranno un riesame del programma indicativo pluriennale e una programmazione congiunta nel Diversi donatori si sono detti interessati a parteciparvi.

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Parliament has pointed out on several occasions in its assessments of EU aid to Afghanistan that the aid has not produced any of the anticipated results, in spite of the huge amounts of money allocated to development and humanitarian issues. Parliament has also reiterated its request that the European External Action Service EEAS provide a clear and transparent impact assessment of the Union's aid to Afghanistan, and has made several proposals on how to improve aid structure and effectiveness. The prevalence of stunting in under-five children was Nation-wide and reliable nutrition data are not available since then.

Unicef has not confirmed the validity of the data contained in recent press articles. Malnutrition is a chronic problem in Afghanistan, linked to health and infections, food insecurity, gender dynamics i. Some of the alarming field data may be the result of increased outreach rather than a worsening of the situation.

Development aid to Afghanistan is currently delivered within the context of a mutual accountability framework agreed between donors and the Government in Tokyo in The EU currently intends to carry out a joint country evaluation in , which is intended to inform a review of the multi-annual indicative programme and a joint programming exercise in A number of donors have shown interest in participating.

While this is commendable, it is also essential to ensure the highest level of accountability in the management of this EU public money. The Commission is therefore asked to clarify the following points:. What, if any, performance indicators are used to evaluate the effectiveness of EU aid?

What practical steps are planned with a view to making EU aid more effective in the future? This is also a measure of conditionality. Separate contracts exist for audit and control. Gli Emirati arabi uniti hanno recentemente annunciato di voler introdurre il servizio militare obbligatorio. Il primo ministro degli Emirati arabi uniti, lo sceicco Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ha annunciato che gli uomini che hanno conseguito un diploma di scuola superiore dovranno prestare servizio per nove mesi, mentre coloro che non sono in possesso di tale diploma dovranno prestare servizio per due anni.

Nel corso degli anni, gli Emirati arabi uniti si sono avvalsi di un numero considerevole di sistemi militari. Anche se gli Emirati arabi uniti non devono far fronte a pericoli immediati per la sicurezza, vi sono tensioni con l'Iran a causa di tre isole contese nello stretto di Hormuz. Intende l'UE sostenere l'addestramento della nuova forza di coscrizione degli Emirati arabi uniti?

In altre parole, intende inviare addestratori e consulenti militari? A law was endorsed by the government which will require men over the age of 18 or those who have finished high school and under the age of 30 to complete military training. Women may be allowed to join on a voluntary basis. According to a number of military observers in the region, the UAE has chosen to introduce conscription in order to maintain stability. Over the years, the UAE has procured a considerable amount of military systems.

While the UAE does not face any immediate security threats, it has experienced tension with Iran over three disputed islands in the Strait of Hormuz. What is more, in light of regional problems that have emerged since , it is likely that the UAE authorities thought it wise to implement a system of military conscription.

In other words, does it intend to send military trainers and advisers? No EU support in the form of training is currently considered for the United Arab Emirates' new conscription force. Una nuova strage in Iraq ha provocato la morte di 24 persone e il ferimento di altre 58 in seguito all'esplosione di sei diverse autobombe. Tra le vittime un giornalista al servizio di una rete televisiva di Falluja. L'accordo di partenariato e cooperazione costituisce inoltre un valido quadro per intensificare la nostra cooperazione in questo ambito. A further atrocity in Iraq has resulted in the death of 24 people, with another 58 suffering injuries following the detonation of six separate car bombs.

Among the victims was a journalist working for a television network in Fallujah. In the medium term, the promotion of the Rule of Law and the respect for Human Rights is considered as one of the intervention areas of EU assistance in the period The Partnership and Cooperation Agreement provides also a valuable framework for enhancing our cooperation in this area.

Uno scandalo in Germania ha investito un'importante istituzione del settore automobilistico che conta quasi 20 milioni di iscritti, circa un quarto della popolazione tedesca totale. Il club ha dapprima smentito l'intera vicenda, salvo poi confermare che i dati sono stati manipolati.

Neanche in occasione di concorsi del passato sono stati notificati alla Commissione casi analoghi.

The club initially denied the entire affair, but then went on to confirm that the data had been doctored. This matter is extremely serious when one considers that the club in question also conducts business with rental companies, insurance companies and travel agencies. Based on the information provided, the Commission is not in a position to evaluate to what extent the results manipulation in this competition would distort the competition in the European automotive markets or in associated markets, such as the car rental and insurance markets.

Morever, since the facts take place in Germany, the German authorities would appear well placed to deal with any possible issues, including those that may involve fraud or the application of competition rules. Nel , attraverso il quadro dell'Unione europea per le strategie nazionali di integrazione dei rom fino al , la Commissione ha invitato gli Stati membri a intraprendere una serie di iniziative volte a ottenere una maggiore inclusione sociale delle popolazioni di etnia rom stanziate sul territorio dell'Unione europea.

Alcune di queste iniziative andranno a pesare unicamente sul bilancio dei singoli paesi, mentre altre, come il programma ROMACT attualmente attivo in Italia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ungheria e Slovenia , prevedono un cofinanziamento europeo. Alla luce della valutazione della prima fase di attuazione del programma ROMACT la Commissione intende estendere il programma ad altri paesi e comuni. A partire da oggi tuttavia i finanziamenti che verranno stanziati per il programma ROMACT e per le altre iniziative indirizzate all'integrazione dei rom da adesso fino al saranno decisi nel corso delle successive procedure di bilancio annuali.

Some of these initiatives will be funded solely out of the budget of the individual countries, while others, such as the ROMACT programme which is currently being implemented in Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovenia , qualify for part-financing from Europe.

Marco Montemagno - Segreti e prospettive della comunicazione sul WEB - Interviste#07

Detailed figures in terms of financial allocations per country and municipality will be available only at the time of the midterm evaluation of the programme, as the amount which the Commission allocated to the programme is not pre-distributed per country. Taking into account the evaluation of the first phase of implementation of the ROMACT programme the Commission aims at extending the programme in other countries and municipalities. As of today however funding which will be allocated to the ROMACT programme and other initiatives aimed at Roma integration from now until will be decided in the course of the successive annual budget procedures.

The Commission expects that through addressing some of the obstacles to successful Roma integration at the local level the ROMACT programme will enable municipalities to take effective measures for Roma inclusion. Local authorities in Poland recently adopted their budgets for Does the Commission have any information on the failure by some Polish local authorities to take road investment decisions despite the disastrous condition of some roads?

The Commission does not have information on, nor does it have the competence to intervene in, the investment decisions of Polish regions as described by the Honourable Member. Investment in road infrastructure is one of the priorities of EU co-financing through cohesion policy. The European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund have invested significant amounts in the modernisation, reconstruction and construction of roads in Poland in the period.

These investments have included local roads. In order to assure adequacy and financial sustainability of EU co-financed infrastructure investments, road repairs fall exclusively under the responsibility and budget of national or regional authorities. The Polish authorities should commit to appropriate budget allocations and an appropriate strategy for maintaining EU co-financed road infrastructure.

W art. That question referred to a report produced by the Panoptykon Foundation, an NGO looking into the issue of state surveillance. Does the Commission have statistics showing the number of instances of snooping by government agencies in Poland as against the numbers for other countries, in particular for the years , and ? That data may be accessed for legitimate reasons by competent authorities, on conditions and in compliance with legal procedures set out in national law, in compliance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The Commission would like to note however that the statistics provided by Member States differ in scope and detail. In a number of Member States, including Poland, competent authorities usually submit the same request for mobile telephony data to multiple service providers, which might distort the statistics.

In light of this, what guidance, if any, has the Commission given to encourage Member States to allow their citizens to use a non-gender specific identifier on passports? National law applies to the issuing procedures for passports as well as to which entry to use to determine the sex of the document holder.

However, the ICAO specifications leave to individual countries the choice among the three possibilities mentioned by the Honourable Member for the indication of the gender. The Commission will, in the appropriate fora, encourage Member States to consider doing so. One of my constituents has recently contacted me concerning whaling. The Japanese are taking advantage of a loophole in the law that permits the killing of whales for scientific research. Australian anti-whaling activists say that the whales were killed within an internationally recognised whale sanctuary but the Japanese argue that it is for scientific research.

The moratorium on commercial whaling was put in place to allow whale stocks to recover. It is vital that the moratorium is respected to protect whales and to ensure that past mistakes are not repeated. Does the Commission agree that the moratorium on commercial whaling is necessary in order to protect whale stocks? Does the Commission condemn the whaling that is being carried out by the Japanese?

Does the Commission intend to publicly comment on the fact that Japanese fleets are whaling in an internationally recognised whale sanctuary? What steps will the Commission take in order to protect healthy whale stocks and to prevent countries from whaling? The Commission supports the moratorium on commercial whaling as a necessary means to protect whale stocks. Japan conducts scientific whaling under special permits. While the IWC does not ban this activity, the European Union has expressed strong reservations on such scientific whaling and will continue to do so.

At this stage, the Commission does not intend to make a public statement on Japan's whaling activities in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary, since this issue is currently being examined by the International Court of Justice following a complaint by Australia. The Commission monitors this court case very closely and looks forward to seeing the findings of the Court that are expected to be published in a few months. EU policy and legislation provides strict protection of all cetaceans whales, dolphins and porpoise and bans the trade in whale products.

The EU will continue to press for decisions on whaling within the IWC that lead to better conservation of whales worldwide. In addition, the European Union has a regular dialogue with Japan covering environment-related issues, including whaling. La Commission est consciente que le gaz naturel extrait de formations schisteuses est un combustible fossile.

While this document takes into account the environmental and health hazards, it also prepares the ground for a regulation, which is tantamount to accepting that some states should use this energy source. We also learn that shale gas is a possible substitute for fossil fuels with a view to energy diversification. Is the Commission aware that shale gas is also a fossil fuel? Ebooks

How does the Commission intend to ensure the energy transition and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time paving the way for the production of shale gas? In the negotiations on the Transatlantic Free Trade Area, the Commission had asserted that it would respect the decision of those Member States that had refused to produce shale gas. Can confirm that the recommendation in question will not make it go back on the position it held last November before the European Parliament? The Commission is aware that natural gas from shale formations is a fossil fuel.

At the same time, it is of the opinion that it could contribute to the EU's security of supply and competitiveness. It could also offer climate benefits provided it replaces more carbon-intensive fossil fuels like coal without displacing renewable energy sources and provided greenhouse gas emissions are properly mitigated during the extraction process. In this sense, the exploration of shale gas does not undermine the Commission's commitments towards decarbonisation, renewable energies and energy efficiency.

The Commission also fully acknowledges the fundamental role of energy efficiency in the Framework and will further determine its role in the context of the review of the Energy Efficiency Directive planned for mid Predmet: Problem cementne industrije u Republici Hrvatskoj. Hrvatska industrija cementa nije imala financijsku korist od tzv. U Komunikaciji Komisije o okviru za klimatsku i energetsku politiku u razdoblju do Tako bi se osigurao kontinuitet u sastavljanju popisa. Any change would lead to disastrous consequences for the Croatian cement industry: a substantial reduction in exports, a sharp fall in cement production, the closure of production capacity, and higher cement prices on the Croatian market.

Without a free allowance, production in Croatia cannot be maintained on a long-term sustainable basis.

Because of the difficult situation resulting from the fall in production since the onset of the global crisis and the decline in investment on the global market, the cement industry no longer matches the scale required for inclusion on the list of sectors exposed to a significant risk of carbon leakage. Will the Commission take any steps to ensure that the cement industry will remain on the list of sectors exposed to the risk of carbon leakage when greenhouse gas emissions trading is implemented in accordance with the rules of the ETS Directive, applying exactly the same criteria as those applied in ?

The European Commission has a legal obligation to determine a new carbon leakage list to be valid from to This would guarantee continuity in the composition of the list. Betreft: Publicatie uitkomsten questionnaire over financiering haveninfrastructuur en vennootschapsbelasting Europese zeehavens.

De Europese Commissie wil de generieke vrijstelling van vennootschapsbelasting voor Nederlandse overheidsbedrijven, waaronder de havenbedrijven, afschaffen. Tot nu toe zijn de antwoorden op de questionnaire en de conclusies die de Europese Commissie hieraan verbindt nog niet naar buiten gebracht. Als er niet snel meer duidelijkheid komt over de verschillen tussen de Europese zeehavens bestaat de kans dat de Nederlandse zeehavens onnodig worden benadeeld.

Zijn de uitkomsten en bevindingen van de questionnaire aan de lidstaten inmiddels bekend? Wanneer is de Commissie van plan om over de uitkomsten van de questionnaire te rapporteren? De Commissie heeft van alle lidstaten antwoorden ontvangen op de vragenlijst. Twee lidstaten hebben echter niet geantwoord op het gedeelte over het functioneren van havens. De vragenlijst kwam er op eigen initiatief van de Commissie en was bedoeld om informatie te verzamelen over de ontwikkeling en handhaving van staatssteunregels in de havensector.

De uitkomsten van de vragenlijst geven aanzienlijke verschillen tussen lidstaten te zien wat betreft eigendom van havens, organisatiestructuur, maar ook wat betreft financiering. Aangezien deze exercitie geen publieke consultatie was, is de Commissie niet voornemens om de uitkomsten te publiceren. Uit de antwoorden op de vragenlijst is voorts gebleken dat EU-havens over een uiteenlopende reeks inkomstenbronnen beschikken, die fiscaal verschillend worden behandeld, naargelang de lidstaat.

Deze antwoorden leverden een aantal mogelijke probleempunten op, die nader moeten worden onderzocht om te bepalen of daarmee staatssteun gemoeid is. Aan de betrokken lidstaten zijn vervolgverzoeken om informatie gezonden, om een en ander verder op te helderen. The European Commission wishes to abolish the general exemption from corporation tax for Dutch public sector companies, including the port authorities.

So far, the answers to the questionnaire and the conclusions that the European Commission has drawn from these answers have not yet been published. The European Commission announced that it will not issue criteria for ports and airports to receive state support until , while the plans for abolishing the general exemption for Dutch port authorities are simply going ahead.

If there is not more clarity soon about the differences between the European seaports, there is a risk that the Dutch seaports will be placed at an unnecessary disadvantage. Are the results and findings of the questionnaire sent to the Member States now known? If so, can these results be published? When does the Commission plan to issue a report on the results of the questionnaire? The Commission has received replies to the questionnaire from all Member States; however, two Member States have not replied to the part on the functioning of ports.

The questionnaire was prepared at the Commission's own initiative and was intended to be a fact-finding exercise to seek information for the development and enforcement of state aid rules to the ports sector. The results of the questionnaire show that there are substantial differences among EU countries in relation to ownership of ports, organisational structures and also in terms of financing.

Since the exercise did not take the form of a public consultation, the Commission does not intend to publish the results. The replies to the questionnaire also show that EU ports have a variety of revenue sources, which are subject to diverse tax treatments depending on the Member State. Certain possible issues have been identified that require further examination in order to find out whether state aid is involved or not. Follow-up requests for information have been sent to the Member States concerned in order to seek further clarification.

Last June, with the aim of reducing the dramatic youth unemployment figures, the European Council approved a global plan for combating youth unemployment, which is intended to speed up the application of the Youth Employment Initiative and the Youth Guarantee and to increase the mobility of young people and the involvement of social partners. However, virtually all of this money has to be paid in advance by Member States, which means that the States which have been hardest hit by the economic crisis, such as Spain, have to find a solution to prevent the money that is paid in advance to fund the plan from being recorded as a deficit.

Otherwise, in the worst case scenario, this could lead to an imbalance that could cause the suspension of regional funds in compliance with the new macroeconomic conditionality provisions. When will the Commission give the final approval to the Spanish plan that was submitted in December? What kind of aid is the Commission providing for those young people aged between 25 and 30 who cannot benefit from the Youth Guarantee? Final assessment of all the YGIP received will be presented together with the country-specific recommendations.