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ISBN 13: 9780984472123

In terms of mechanics, the game allows a wide variety of attack moves. Most RPGs have bland, repetitive attacks that get boring fast. On my side of the screen an year-old gamer mashes down buttons. In terms of traditional themes, this game is a classic fantasy-style RPG. But Immortal Conquest emphasizes the role of spell-casting and elemental attacks while dialing back on the usual abundance of medieval weapons.


Although I found some of the scenes to be quite gruesome or violent, the overall story is well crafted and the characters are interesting. Cu Roi, is the main bad guy. Tammy R. There are some fun little Easter eggs or in-jokes ref1erencing other books and pop culture. Vince Bobbie has a talent few have! But it varies from religion to religion how prominent a role it takes. In the process, he caught pneumonia and died.

The crazier the spell, the higher the damage. And there are no Armageddon attacks like usual. They do look great though. Based on the theme, mechanics and graphics of this game, I would say it has the potential to became a new Age of Wushu. Jesus Alvarez Solorio rated it really liked it Jul 17, Robin rated it it was amazing Dec 20, Patty Roberts rated it it was amazing Dec 24, Brett rated it liked it Mar 26, Lauren marked it as to-read Oct 31, Laura marked it as to-read Mar 08, Deborah added it Jun 18, Debbie marked it as to-read Jun 19, Paolo Caracciolo marked it as to-read Sep 21, Randy Harmelink marked it as to-read Oct 31, Emily marked it as to-read Jan 24, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Kevin D. Kevin D. Facebook: www. There are many different kinds of vampire mentioned in folktales throughout history. Most feed on either the life blood or the life energies of the living Facebook: www.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Following the death of his parents and the decimation Immortal Conquest (The Immortal Epic Book 2) Kindle Edition. Immortal Conquest (The Immortal Epic) [Kevin D Blackmon] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What characterizes a person as evil?.

Most feed on either the life blood or the life energies of the living to sustain themselves. I combined the two types to create a new kind of vampire that I could push into an exciting new direction. By combining them this way, the vampire could gain knowledge and abilities through the blood of its victims, eventually becoming godlike! I couldn't limit my fantasy to just vampires, so I took many creatures from folklore and mythology to weave an epic story that explains why we don't see these creatures in our modern, everyday lives. But at the core of this story runs a strong vein of various religious beliefs and points of view on what is good and what is evil.

It is similar in style to some of my all time fav. Before I continue with why I enjoyed Immortals Requiem, I want to say that my only critique would be the number or characters. For myself, there were too many main characters and it made it confusing throughout the book remembering who was who.

The attention to detail and in-depth descriptors of the characters, monsters, emotion, scenery, etc in many cases tends to become nothing but a filler, but not in this case. Well done. Vincent is an artist, visionary, and quite a skilled author. I look forward to reading more of his work in the future. The bloodthirsty, vicious creatures that lurk in the recesses of our imaginations. An immortal beast thought vanquished two thousand years previously has returned, emerging from the ground, and its sole aim is to fulfill its destiny.

Immortal Conquest (The Immortal Epic)

When there is a spate of grisly murders on the streets of modern-day England, it throws people into turmoil. No one is clear who or what is carrying out these heinous attacks. A cruel and sadistic shapeshifter named Cu Roi is determined in his quest. He must be stopped before he destroys civilization.

Cam and Grimnir are the only hope, but will they be willing to sacrifice their lives in order to destroy this powerful force? Vincent Bobbe has managed to create such a rich story filled with myth and legend, shapeshifting, and folklore. All the characters have been meticulously crafted with detail, especially Cam and Grimnir who are original and authentic. The colourful and detailed descriptions to set a scene are some of the best I have ever read. Vincent Bobbe has also captured the art of building suspense and terror in the reader.

The story flowed perfectly from start to finish and included every element for a perfect fantasy novel. The last chapter was absolutely flawless and the Epilogue was a great addition to the story. If you enjoy the supernatural, fantasy or myth, then this is a must-read. This is my first, but not my last fantasy novel, thanks to the author.

Modern day England is beset by creatures and horrors thousands of years old who have come back.


They were the stuff of mythology, or so people thought. The author, Vincent Bobbe, makes you feel as if your safe, familiar world could be set upon at any moment by unbelievable horror. He weaves modern day reality with a bloody, harsh fantasy. This book is hard to put down!


He makes a supernatural take-over of our world seem possible. Well-written and recommended for mature fans of supernatural fiction and urban fantasy. The question of their survival is important and though they are said to be immortal, they are slowly losing ground. Their return can be fatal to society and will lead to civilization ending in bloodshed.

The story picks up when they make their return to Manchester and spread their horror through blood and death. Grimnir, the tattooed man, and other immortals show humans their dark side with gruesome and horrific killings. Whether it is Mark, Sam, Sarah, or others, their strange experiences make readers curious to know more. All the characters in the story have been portrayed strongly and the humans expose their vulnerable side when compared to the immortals, who are ruthless and unapologetic when it comes to killing and doing away with the humans that get in their way.

The introduction of the characters is so strong that they will remain etched in the minds of readers. The eeriness in the story with its vampires, supernatural world, zombies, and other horrific creatures makes it intriguing and scary. The story is a blend of fantasy, horror, and the paranormal, and the immortal, fearsome creatures make the plot violent in many places. The fantastical elements, along with suspense, violence, and intrigue, will pull readers in and make the book a compelling read. The story opens with a grisly scene of mutilation and danger around B.

Here, we are introduced to these strange beings and their ways. It contains elements of the horror genre which include violence, corpses and mutilation, as well as elements of the supernatural or the occult. Along with that is a fast-paced thriller with plenty of adventures. In that sense, the book is a mix of genres and the writing style seamlessly blends different styles. Although I found some of the scenes to be quite gruesome or violent, the overall story is well crafted and the characters are interesting.

Follow the story of a reality quite different from our own, but just beyond our reach, a reality in which beings who live forever, the Immortals, find they are dying, even though they are supposed to live forever. When they realize that they are running out of time, they breach the wall between their world and ours, desperately seeking a way to save their immortality. When they arrive on the scene in modern day England, however, and the people of our world realize just what they need to do in order to achieve what they are seeking, an epic battle for the very survival of civilization ensues, and no one is sure who will be victorious.

Author Vincent Bobbe has done a great job of creating a unique, scary and exciting tale about what would happen in a clash between humans and the magical beings long thought a matter of myth. Magic was dying and anyone who cared to look could see it. Just as herbs had lost their potency, so too had magic lost its power.

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Beings born to live with such things still walk the land, a mere shadow of what they were or could have been. But these beings are lost to legends and myths, few know they still walk among us, and fewer believe they even existed. The streets of Manchester have never been so dangerous, and humankind has never been so close to discovering the truth and being forced to take their place in a new order.

War is coming and no one is safe. The threat to Manchester is such that a meeting of worlds is expected, and we follow the perspectives of several key people as they discover their destiny, their part in what is to come. The gradual build up of tension and the sometimes horrific scene setting describe this novel as a cross between urban and dark fantasy.

There are places of this world and time, and places before, as well as those unseen by mortal eyes. The threat is real and time is running out. Brace yourself because the past really is coming back to haunt us, and it has big plans. Their course of action becomes a nightmare that will haunt humans, starting with the tattooed man. Vincent Bobbe writes with a unique voice, a powerful tone, and prose whose beauty is timeless, evoking images that reflect the setting of this gruesome tale. Then the Barghest sloped back into the forest, eager for fresh meat.

Tabby was a petite woman with long black hair and a wonderfully wide smile. She was shy and kind and generous. Her hot eyes charged the air around her and her smile oozed lazy sexuality. The plot is beautifully woven and the dialogue is enticing. This is a great success in the supernatural genre and horror fans will find it interesting. You will be taken into the world of magic where anything and everything is possible.

They are immortal creatures destined to live forever, and they silently rule a part of us that we never want to see. But something has happened, these immortals are dying and quickly. There is a bigger entity that scares even these immortals. This is a powerful creature that has these immortals now looking for a sanctuary and, in their haste, they could destroy humanity for good.

If these immortals could die, can this creature perish too? And if it can, who will come forward and become the Savior of all? This is rather an intriguing novel. I loved the notion of the immortals and how they gelled well with the characters and the story. The novel opened with a bang and you are literally sucked right into the story. Opening with a supernatural character ensured that I was hooked. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the mood of the novel. I enjoyed the dialogues and the ramblings of the mythical characters.

It showed a different side of the story and a glimpse in their character development of sorts. Plus, it was very well written. Bobbe did a great job with creating a superb novel that I would share with my friends. This particular chapter in the tale begins around B. Two powerful creatures, tied together until death separates them, skip through time wreaking havoc as they go. One seems to be evil incarnate while the other is the dedicated soldier whose mission it is to stop him. There will be a lot of human collateral damage before this epic struggle is resolved.

I like this type of novel, where immortals move through time with their own urgent agendas. Vincent Bobbe sprinkles this epic novel with enigmatic gods, ruthless villains, and driven warriors. We get glimpses of life before Christ, and the expanding Roman Empire before the battle resumes in modern Great Britain. If you have a weekend with nothing planned and you just want to lose yourself in a good book, then this is exactly the kind of book to get.

You can lose yourself in it. It will actually feel as if you took a very long vacation … far, far away. Grab My Copy Now. Search No Results Found.

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This is a great fast-paced fantasy and adventure that will keep you reading until the end. A tremendous story. This is a book that fans of horror or pure fantasy fiction will surely love.

A New Epic Chinese Game: Immortal Conquest

The novel opened with a bang and you are literally sucked in to the story! Write A Review.

Forge your epic history in this MMO strategy war game!

About The Author. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our Terms Of Use and Privacy and Cookies policies. PathfinderSearch Search Pathfinder Table. If you are human, leave this field blank. Search Close Reset. An immersive and interesting read. Immortals Requiem Take a bit of fantasy, some cheeky Tolkien or C. You will either love or hate the ending. I thought it was perfect. This one is well worth the price of admission. RSL N. Craig Minto.


An Immortal Adventure. Vince Bobbie has a talent few have! Ash P Reads. Vincent Bobbe great new author to keep an eye out for. Dark fantasy, meets zombie, meets modern life. Teresa Jeacocke. Lisa Briskey.