Indie Artist Insider Guide: Finding Inspiration (SongCast Indie Artist Insider Guide Series)

Independent Artist Magazine April-May 2013
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Ashanti Ross is a great example of the massive amount of talent we present on Spotlight. Spilling out lighting fast rhymes over top of well produced grooves, this hard working indie artist just gets better and better. Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and get on the latest track from this indie artist on the move. Explicit and exquisite, callous and comedic, parental guidance is recommended. Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and treat yourself to one of the best in the genre.

Nothing is overpowering the rhymes here, the vocal prowess is strong, the material innovative and original, and the vibe enthralling. The vocalist and frontman for Survivor, the writer and performer of the theme from Baywatch, and a prolific and acclaimed songwriter, Jamison will always be remembered for his warm, soulful vocals. Stream this Rock Spotlight and immerse yourself in the world of a rock icon. Since then, their fan base continues to grow and they have racked up numerous live shows.

Stream this Rock Spotlight and check a few tunes from the release Motionless. Stream This Rock Spotlight and check three tunes from the release Finally. Remaining fluid, they are always exploring new ideas and incorporating new elements into their music. Stream this Rock Spotlight and join London rock fans in your appreciation of this great indie band. Peter earned himself a Grammy nomination for his performance on a song featured in the film St. Beatlesque rock with modern flavorings, Think Out Loud is a must for any melodic rock fan. Since then, they have earned praise from mainstream metal press such as Metal Hammer and Kerrang!

Stream this Metal Spotlight and see what the fuss is about. Their soaring and scathing live shows have earned them a solid base of metalcore fans throughout their native country. Stream this Heavy Metal Spotlight for some power and precision from this incredible metallic release.

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Indie Artist Insider Guide: Finding Inspiration (SongCast Indie Artist Insider Guide Series) eBook: SongCast Distribution: Kindle Store. Meet SongCast Artist Heather Ryan, and read on for her SongCast success 5 Finance Tips for Indie Musicians . Dec 19, , Inspiration, Spotlight That was the beginning of this wild ride in which we find ourselves. SC: What advice would you give to other indie artists trying to make their mark?.

Dive into some melodic mayhem that will melt your face off! Driving, galloping, gushing waves of heaviness are always mountainous, always complex, and enough to keep you guessing and wanting more. This band demands attention. Stream this Heavy Metal Spotlight and rattle some paintings off the wall with tracks from the release Hourglass. Epic vocals, a powerhouse of percussion, and thick, harmonious arrangements make for a exciting listening experience sure to resonate with rock and metal fans.

Their stabbing, fast, and rig shaking speed will leave you breathless. Stream this Heavy Metal Spotlight and slam dance around the room! They describe themselves as a hardcore band at heart, with a variety oif genres thrown in to add flavor. Their musical influences are derived from the life and times of its members. Stream this Heavy Metal Spotlight and smash the silence with a great, up and coming, metallic monster! Watch it here! Check out her website for more info on this indie pop powerhouse! Her lyrics lyrics express all the pressures adolescents might experience at school, within sports and with friendships.

This amazing track has a catchy hook that keeps you guessing until the end. Dynamic, very well produced, polished, and tasty, this pop track will stick in your head for a long time after you stream this Pop Spotlight. Hit the official website for the latest and purchase some tracks from this phenomenal indie artist! Support indie music! Her youthful energy is combined with a seasoned voice and a talent for songwriting. Stream this Pop Spotlight and check out some indie pop that is every bit as good as anything you would find in a major label.

Stream this Pop Spotlight and become enveloped in the trance like beats that only Miz Gold can deliver. Stream this Blues Spotlight and check out two diverse tunes from this master of the blues. You can also look up many videos of Sonny on You Tube and check out his official website. Blues: Melbourne, Australia: Dean Haitani is a prolific songwriter and master performer. Stream this Blues Spotlight and enjoy the work of a master of the blues. Stream this Blues Spotligh t and enjoy a few tracks from the release 3D Blues.

High energy blues, with tasty guitar, a harmonica player that is off the charts, and catchy tunes that will have you seeking out more music by this great band. Check out the many videos available on You Tube and seek out material from their four excellent studio releases. Say hello on Facebook and tell them you heard them on Spotlight! Check out his Wikipedia page! Releasing over 25 studio albums during the course of his storied career, Johnny Clarke is one of the finest reggae artists that has ever lived.

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Learn more about him from his Wikipedia page and stream this Reggae Spotlight , featuring a few dubs guaranteed to fuel your reggae fire! Chicken Chest entry into the music industry started out as a dancehall DJ while performing with some of the most popular sound systems in Jamaica. It was during these performances that he developed and sharpens his skills as an entertainer. Stream this Reggae Spotlight and step into the world of Chicken Chest. Simple Simon lives on through his music.

Stream this Reggae Spotlight and elevate your day with a few tracks from the release Real Man. The music of his native country resonates through his soul and now into his own music.

When I Stopped Writing Songs - SongCast Music Distribution Blog

Stream this Reggae Spotlight and hear an interview with this phenomenal reggae musician and songwriter. Experimental and unique, fantastic and furious, this band will amaze you with their catchy arrangements, one-of-a-kind vibe, and masterful musicianship. Crack up these tracks from the release Between, Above And Below. Their music is characterized by beautiful melodies, tight harmonies and an uplifting positive mood that embraces Folk, Pop and Rootsy Rock with a unique timeless quality.

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In past years, music videos were extremely difficult for independent musicians to produce, given the equipment required. However, you might have everything you need in your own pocket! Read more….

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The bartender leads guests through options before mixing up drinks. Hey there, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues. We help Artists move their fans down the funnel from 'casual listener' to 'fan', to 'customer' with state of the art tools and best practices baked into the offerings. ReverbNation's flat fee is a yearly, annual, reoccurring fee. Mike Wright Acting like a dictator is refusing to release the funds without all the burden documents provided.

There are numerous options available for computer and mobile devices that can take care of your video editing needs, while only costing a few dollars — if that! This new data tool was formed as a key piece of the YouTube for Artists site to help reach fresh audiences. One shining example of how it can help you meet your music marketing goals is that it can put your song on the radio.

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