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Incidentally, in a few weeks the French public will have the chance to appreciate the sound of Monk as much as his playing: this time, the stage at Salle Pleyel, where numerous great soloists have appeared, will this time see "one of the most powerful personalities in jazz" whose style will doubtless "get across" to the audience because of its freshness.

Because Thelonious, whether in a studio or a club, is no longer the same man once he sits down at the piano. As withdrawn as he was calm and lazy before, he seems to enter a trance right from the very first notes, humming and "living" everything he plays. His work is at the same time complex and wild, and once you are familiar with it you can observe everything that today's jazzmen owe him.

Just think: he wrote 'Off Minor" in … And we know how prolific T. Monk is as a composer. It is highly regrettable that Thelonious hasn't recorded a solo version of it, rather than the quintet recording in which, as we've seen, the trumpeter and the alto player are rather mediocre. Among his best works we can also mention 'Ruby My Dear' and 'Reflections. Above all, when it comes to swing he's a man without peer.

The result of all those elements is that the most "advanced" progressive musicians are still surpassed by Monk. As prisoners of various formulae they are rapidly becoming tiresome. Listening to records by Thelonious, on the contrary, one can always discover some new detail, some find, that has escaped previous listening, so rich in creative gifts is this great musician. We can wish for him that his visit to Europe gives him the place he deserves: that of one of the most important innovators, and one of the most original pianists.

To my great shame I have to confess that until then I hadn't understood his music; and yet it's the basis of everything. Whether you like Monk or not, you have to admit that harmonically, and in his use of his left hand, he is the founder of today's piano style. In fact there are two basic personalities: Lester and Monk. Their combined influences have given us Parker, Bud Powell, etc…. It is difficult to know how, where and when the Renauds met Thelonious Monk, as Henri Renaud gave imprecise and contradictory information in interviews many years later, but it was definitely early on at the beginning of their stay, as proved by the photo taken at Birdland with Art Blakey and Duke Jordan that illustrates the article that Jazz-Hot published in its February issue; it was probably taken on Monday, January 4, Jordan , Thelonious Monk Quintet S.

So that's Birdland. Rollins, Willie Jones, dm …. Thelonious is accompanied on drums by Willie Jones, a young drummer in the Blakey tradition despite his rather personal style, notably in the force behind his drum hits and the spirit of his solos, which have a savagery that really evokes African rhythms….

My wife and I were the only whites there, in a crowd of young black people who were dancing. Which is proof, if that is still necessary, that you can dance to the music of Monk. I saw him a lot in I often went over to his home and my wife and I had even arranged for him to come to the Festival de Paris [Salon du Jazz, or Jazz Fair] that same year….

Remember that Jazz Selection had published his first Blue Note records in , records that had no success at all with the critics, no more than his performance in Pleyel where he'd played magnificently the recordings made during the radio broadcasts from the Festival show this well. Let me tell you that his behaviour onstage, judged anti-commercial at the time, would 'get across' to the public now and would no doubt be qualified today as original. Ingrand, J. Applaudissons donc les efforts des organisateurs. Signalons enfin que la R. Belgique , Sarrebruck, la B.

Ce dernier remplace le trompette Chet Baker. Now, finally, we come to the most newsworthy event of these past two years in jazz circles: the 3rd Jazz Fair. Without a break, some of the most famous French and foreign musicians will make themselves heard from June 1st to 7th at the Salle Pleyel. In the hall of this imposing concert venue will be the Fair itself, reserved exclusively for the exhibitors: publishers, record companies and instrument makers, an exhibition of previously unseen paintings and photographs, etc These stands, designed so as to recall a street in New Orleans, have entailed the use of some 3, square meters of plywood for its construction.

But jazz lovers needn't worry: despite the setting, they'll be able to hear 'primitive' jazz as well as 'advanced' jazz. Because it's here in this club that Bobby Forest will be presenting, from 4 p. In the course of this event, to which all jazz lovers are invited, the full Academy will be announcing the name of the musician who will receive the Django Reinhardt Prize rewarding the Best French Soloist of the Year. So let's applaud the efforts of the organizers. These efforts will allow these brilliant musicians to play the music they love without the slightest concessions.

As at every Festival, we're happy to note first-time participants from various first-rate European bands. The Sudwestfunk is sending Kurt Edelhagen's orchestra, considered by many to be the best big band in Europe, a technically perfect ensemble that is certainly appreciated. Max Bruel, Lars Gullin's Danish rival, will lead one of the best Scandinavian bands and represent Denmark here for the first time. Note that for the first time—on an exchange basis—a French orchestra, the one led by Michel Attenoux, will go to London to give a concert on June 7.

From Sweden, an amateur band will be taking part in the final rounds of the Amateur Tournament. Finally, the R. Belgium , Radio Sarrebruck, the B. The American participants will naturally be the most awaited. The latter musicians will no doubt be attracting less attention than the three stars in this series of events: Gerry Mulligan, Thelonious Monk and Jonah Jones. The latter is the replacement for trumpeter Chet Baker. Leading groups with advanced formats, Gerry Mulligan is the musician who has revolutionized the jazz world over previous months.

As a soloist, arranger, composer and leader, it's a good bet that the public will be thrilled by his many qualities. Jonah Jones can be classified in that category of talented musicians who have never asserted their authority due to a lack of publicity. And yet he possesses several assets often envied by other soloists sometimes more known to the public. His beautiful sound, his powerful attack, his many ideas, all of it forms part of his delectable playing.

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To resume, something for all tastes, as you can see, and I'm convinced that the Third Jazz Fair will be the subject of all our attention for a long time. Blue Monk: Un Portrait de Thelonious. Arles: Actes Sud, , p. A tall black man with a beret screwed down over his ears was in the middle of a conversation with the concierge, who didn't speak a single word of English. He explained that he'd had his New York address and was very impatient to meet him.

Having recognized Monk completely by chance, we climbed the stairs that would take us to Fats, while learning from Monk that he'd arrived in Paris that very morning to play at the Festival, and also that they had lined up a French rhythm section for him. I was a very long way from thinking that this rhythm section would be me! Audio recording.

He often used to invite me to lunch or dinner, with a friend of mine, and so one day I arrived, it was early June, I turned up and saw a big black guy smoking a narghileh [hookah]…. He said: —Nice, nice, I'd like to see this, I'd like to see that…. Final program published in Jazz-Hot of the month of June, and booklet sold during the concerts:. Jonah Jones, Gerry Mulligan and Thelonious Monk, who have come specially from the United States to be part of the Jazz Fair that takes place from today until June 7 at the Salle Pleyel, constitute the "lead team" among the different musicians expected for this festival.

Our photographer surprised them at one of the Fair's stands representing a boutique in the old French quarter of New Orleans: in fact this colourful, picturesque decor is the theme forming the basis of the whole exhibition. We remind you that for the occasion Le Figaro is publishing a special issue with the programme of the concerts and distributed for free at the Fair and at the Figaro, and available to provincial readers on demand. Quel regret que Monk ne soit pas comme tout le monde! Milt Jackson Vogue L. Combat , mardi 1 juin , p. The Jazz Fair organizers have reserved a pleasant surprise for a few fervent admirers of modern jazz: Thelonious Monk is coming to introduce himself to French audiences.

How is this audience going to react on hearing the music of this artist, such an unusual one? There are in fact few true admirers of Monk. Then there's the mass of jazz fans, those who don't know Monk and who in theory adopt the impressions of the other faction. By that you'll easily understand that Monk's admirers aren't huge in number. And since these admirers aren't seeking to demonstrate his talent, Monk remains the little-known artist he is in France today. Without setting him up as a genius who has been misunderstood, I'm convinced that Monk's talent hasn't received the consecration it deserves.

Whilst those qualities in the purely musical domain are questionable for some people, they are complete in the more reserved domain of a form of expression entirely given over to poetry. Monk is not a virtuoso but a creator. He is part of a framework that goes beyond jazz, and to me it appears that, like Ellington, he is constructing an immaterial world. This is as true for Monk as it is for Ellington, and for them jazz is not the goal but the means to arrive at something fragile that is impalpable for an expression that is essentially surrealistic.

How sorry we are that Monk isn't like everybody! He lacks the sense of opportunity at the service of an astute imagination, one that a Dizzy Gillespie managed to exploit by playing on the outward bizarreness of the bop school. And yet it does seem that we find ourselves in the presence of the veritable creator of be-bop. Monk hasn't succeeded in having this music accepted thanks to his own hand, but he has handed the torch over to other musicians.

Doesn't the source of that failure lie with the non-conformist attitude that Monk displays with so much indifference? I can't find a better way to demonstrate that state of mind than by means of this anecdote reported by Paul Bacon Jazz-Hot , saying more or less:. He started by fiddling with the piano a little, and finally noticed that the pedal post was loose. He sat down anyway, but after a few seconds he began a series of exercises that appeared strange to say the least: was he tying his shoelaces, or was he signaling to someone standing over the piano?

He was pulling at the pedal post with all his strength, first hitting it with his right hand, from time to time playing a chord, and then applying both hands: there was a slight crack, a ripping sound, and off came the whole works, which Monk tossed carelessly aside before he calmly resumed playing.

AERONAUTIQUE FRANCE: Venir renouveler la flotte de guerre et commerciale africaine au Bourget

Don't you think there's a chance of believing we're dealing with a Chico Marx if it takes his fancy to play tricks on us like that in addition to his music? To tell the truth, I think the concert will be perfect and you'll be seduced, especially if you want to follow my advice: listen to Monk and forget everything you know about jazz; listen to Monk and you'll hear a man who listens to himself. Listen and judge for yourself:.

Thelonious Monk! First and most accurate report of the evening published four days after the event:. Thelonious Monk is a tall, beards Negro, with a leisurely gait. The resulting sounds are hard to assess. His playing is hammy, fascinating, trite—and interesting. It is sometimes startling, sometimes banal, sometimes both together. His right hand stabs at the keyboard in a Chico Marx manner, apparently without flexibility. He hits with a finger and the rest of the hand arches stiffly like a fan. He hammers unrelated chords, while his feet writhe and twist on the floor.

His right foot hits the pedal, misses, slips off; it poises, and bangs down sometimes on the pedal, often on the floor. His left foot drags back and forth as though tortured. An elbowed chord sounds natural in its surroundings. Between numbers, he is the shambling, forgetful, impish commentator. Then, in the middle of a number, he stands up and halts the rhythm.

He looks at the angel faced bassist in mock astonishment and signals to the drummer to continue. By the normal criterion of jazz he is inferior to Martial Solal, but there may be minds attuned to his weird, Morse-like message. It is true that he hadn't had time to rehearse with the rhythm section, and that his playing is always disconcerting for the most initiated.

Third and confused report of the evening published two years after the event:. A round of premature applause died away. Promoter Charles Delaunay retired from the stage. The heavy, green plush curtains of the Salle Pleyel slowly eddied back to their bases, revealing first a stationary drummer, then a stationary bass player—then an empty piano-stool.

Some seconds of delay elapsed before the object of the audience's sceptical handclap ambled into view. He came, smiling inanely, half bowing, a tall Negro dressed in a loose-fitting, medium-blue suit, sky-blue socks and shirt, taking long, seemingly tiring steps towards the microphone. Again the full smile as he surveyed the audience, a smile which conveyed no meaning. Again those long, ponderous steps as he trekked back to the piano. He sat, fingers on the keys, meditating, the French bassist and drummer awaiting their cue.

Then he arose and retraced the long journey to the microphone. The audience, normally know for their turbulent behavior, murmured uneasy. The performer still grinned. Thelonious was in action. Fingers poised stiffly, stabbing rather than touching the keys, legs trashing wildly beneath the piano, searching for the pedal, missing it, banging the floor, body swaying, grunting audibly, arms stretching and bending as he felt for unusual chords, all but disguising the theme.

At the end of the second chorus he suddenly got up from the piano and pointed one large, banana-like finger at Jean-Louis Viale, the young French drummer. The tense, white faces of the two supporting musicians showed that they had long since abandoned all hope of a logical performance. Viale, recovering from this new shock, commenced a percussion solo, appearing somewhat relived to be musically free from the comedy which had been taking place at the piano.

The large finger remained pointed at him, the sly-blue socks and suede shoed jogged rhythmically as the invention of the solo unfolded, the dark face had swiveled back to the audience and still grinned superfluously. Then, as Viale drew to a conclusion, he retreated once more to the keyboard, the playing becoming even more weird, the legs thrashing more wildly, the grunting increasing; he struck chords with his elbow, and at one point thrust his hand into the piano and flicked the hammers onto the strings.

Flash bulbs exploded. Even the lay press was excited by this spectacle…. Arles: Actes Sud, , pp. Horricks, Jazz Monthly , avril , pp. So naturally, saying the band was a real triumph is way below the truth. Everyone was delirious! Difficult to take the stage after Claude. All the more since Monk's music, already so disconcerting for even his admirers and some of them were there, too had absolutely nothing going for it with that audience even his name was unknown to them and they'd only gone inside to hear Luter.

Back in the wings at Pleyel, Monk was already 'smashed' and behaving very mysteriously, which did nothing to straighten things out. On top of this, he'd been weaned off drugs in the United States and the effect of what he'd taken was probably ten times stronger. We finally went onstage. Monk settled down at the piano and started playing; he had an amazing stare.

Then after a good half-hour, without warning, he leapt up from his stool and, with a vacant look in his eye, pointed a vengeful, unwavering finger at Jean-Louis Viale, who wondered what he'd done to deserve it. Caught off-guard and at a loss for what to do, he immediately launched into a brilliant solo. At this, Monk, who looked furious, left the stage and downed a scotch in one gulp, before serenely returning to the piano to finish the piece they were playing, as if this way of doing things was their normal practise. Shortly after, in his dressing-room, he explained that when he gets up it means that the concert's over: you have to take a bow and leave.

Jean-Louis couldn't get over it; he hadn't seen anything like it before! Without a murmur he walked out for good. So there we were, without a drummer, for the second part of the concert. It was certainly a flop as a concert, but it didn't matter much: after Claude Luter had played that night, there was nothing left to say. It goes without saying that responsibility for what he says is entirely his own, but we feel it's important to quote him because his words are a good indication of the gulf between Monk and his audience that could exist at that time.

These words also gave rise to other comments and their replies that appeared afterwards in the same magazine R. Horricks, Jazz Monthly, April , pp. Slowly going up to the microphone, he said in French, correctly if uneasily, "Bonsoir tout le monde The audience, usually rather lively, was sinking into a torpor from which only a few murmurs emerged. This time sitting in and disrupting a session by the Gerry Mulligan Quartet, normally a piano-less group.

Monk whipped out some of his contrived harmonies and upset the poise of the musicians completely. It must have been one of the most chaotic its ever played. By the time the sky-blue-socks and shirt walked off the stand I was at the bar talking with trumpeter Jonah Jones, the least temperamental and most convincing jazz soloist playing at the Fair that year.

Jonah chewed his cigar stub and clutched a long lemonade, and complained that his doctor had taken him off whiskey—and between times talked about jazz. Suddenly Monk appeared at our side with Charles Delaunay. This was answered by the broadest of smiles but no speech. It was the nearest point I ever came in Paris to getting a coherent conversation out of Thelonious Monk. Later I saw him once talking quite earnestly to Delaunay, but as far as I know most writers ran up against a blank wall when they tried to interview Monk at the Fair.

I remember the attempt by Steve Race to interview Charlie Parker at the Paris Festival when, instated of leading a musical discussion, Parker had insisted upon reading passages aloud from Omar Khayyam. At least Steve had heard his quarry speak! Monk represented a study in human isolation, someone oblivious to all praise or criticism, or public relations. Perhaps not so unlikely though, because by this time Gerry and Thelonious had become firm friends.

Monk whipped out some of his most advanced and previously unheard harmonies, and immediately there were anxious frowns from other musicians. But Gerry then rallied and the set only ended abruptly when Mrs Mulligan reappeared. Yet, it was an important set in that it left the two composers filled with curiosity about each others' music. London: Apollo Press Ltd. These Jazzmen of Our Time. London: Victor Gollancz, , p. The text reproduces the part of the Jazz Monthly article devoted to concerts in Paris, slightly rewritten, the text contains some additional information. I know all too well the situation to which Mr.

I even recall Mr. Horricks, whom I remember as being pretty tall and who was wearing a green jacket at the time! Monk gave me the name of his hotel and told me to come there the next day at 6-o-clock…. Combelle's big band—declared to Charles Delaunay that he'd found him excellent…. The following references to a jam session with Thelonious Monk at the Jazz Fair's club called "Le Cabaret" aren't dated.

We do not know if there were several:. This was how people were able to see Gerry Mulligan playing in turn with Alix Combelle and his orchestra—which ensured the continuity of the show as well as providing interludes for dancing—and then with Alix and Jonah Jones, as well as with Thelonious Monk. Bobby Forest, too, showed all the dynamism with which we were familiar. Thelonious Monk hurried over to the piano and started accompanying him You can blame Monk if you want. The following account is not dated. I've met him. He played all night, everyone fell asleep.

When we woke up the next morning, he was still playing. Gerry Mulligan overheard this and turned to the pianist. London: Victor Gollancz, , footnote 1 , p. The text reproduces the part of the Jazz Monthly article devoted to concerts in Paris, slightly rewritten the text contains some additional information. Mulligan overheard this and turns to the pianist.

It marked the beginning of creative understanding between the two men. He was on his bed and wore a fancy silk dressing gown. In the beginning we talked about Paris, Monk was really interested. He asked me number of precise questions which I was unable to answer…. I tried to bring the conversation around to his family. I thought that it might be for Monk as it was for Bird. I then switched to problems of commercialism in jazz. It is possible that this was the reason he accepted me…. No concert at p.

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Remember that Jazz Selection had published his first Blue Note records in , records that had no success at all with the critics, no more than his performance in Pleyel where he'd played magnificently the recordings made during the radio broadcasts from the Festival show this well. The sax of Donaldson, classically Parker-ish, is pleasant. Terry July 21, at am. Peytavin for his letter. Thelonious has his own special way of playing harmonies far from the root note, of dissecting a tune, of clothing an air in new chords that really give it a strange sound. London: Hachette Digital, , Kindle location Il sagit lorigine dun terme dargot Noir amricain mais on le rencontre galement dans dautres pays anglophones.

Confirmed by Raymond Horricks, published two years after the event wrong sequencing :. After a set of bright and unpretentious music by the Daly group, Thelonious walked onto the stage to receive a scattering of disrespectful gestures. They were unnecessary. An obviously changed man, calm and subdued, Monk played some of the most advanced and imaginative modern jazz piano I had heard. Thus, the complete enigma that is Thelonious Monk, the curtain parting to reveal the other facet of his nature, the Jekyll and Hyde existence. An act confusing every attempt at evaluation.

Victor Gollancz: London,, p. I do not agree with Mr. Horricks—and this is one of the minor points. The conception of playing is exactly the same in both concerts. He just played fewer wrong notes on the second occasion or, it can be put this way: he drank less before the second concert than he did before the first one. It was decided to record Thelonious Monk solo for broadcast purposes, possibly the day before.

The following is Marcel Romano speaking:. He's doing programmes this week. He hasn't got much money because he's got 20, Francs…. Que de bonheur intense. Ce sera sans-doute lors d'un prochain concert! Deux soirs de bonheur intense,St Etienne et Lyon! Quelle chance j'ai eue! Fabuleux et inoubliable concert a Lyon Sans oublier ces voix exceptionnelles et ce narrateur hors pair qu'est Mr Bernardini. A quand le prochain passage?

Suisse lesprono gmail. Sion C. Suisse praplan. Avec vous sur cette route, semant des graines avec conscience. Suisse tchumi bluewin. Spectacle inoubliable!! Mornant B. France bmerrien11 gmail. Merci, merci, merci Que de bons moments de partage, avec ces voix magnifiques et ces musiques magiques.

Merci pour ces messages de paix , d'amour et d'espoir dans un monde qui devient fou. Merci pour ces paroles,ces musiques,ces voix fortes et douces comme du miel. Avec vous toujours sur cette route. Revenez vite dans le Var. Merci de porter et chanter ces grandes valeurs de paix, d'amour et respect de la terre, ainsi que de foi en l'humain. Le dimanche 13 Mars ce fut a nouveau le printemps pendant 2h30 a notre cite Olympe a Publier.

Annie A. Encore mille mercis. Pace e salute ; A presto!!! Michel et Annie M. On se sent tellement bien quand on ressort , et presque optimiste!!! Revenez vite dans le Var!! Michel et Annie. Des voix,et une musique sublime, L'intervention de Renaud et sa ballade irlandaise quelle belle surprise. On a besoin de vous. Nadia Eric W. Epinay sur seine France le Bonjour, Message d'un Parisien Pas besoin de grande salle Montpellier E.

Dimanche 6 Mars Zenith Montpellier ,salle comble un super concert comme toujours et la surprise avec Renaud et la salle qui reprend cette merveilleuse chanson ballade nord Irlandaise un pur moment de bonheur ,merci di core. Nous sommes encore dans le merveilleux,. Merci d'ouvrir les yeux au monde, jeunes et moins jeunes sur le devenir de notre maison commune. Les mots soignent les maux. Merci pour vos paroles plein de sagesse. C'est fou ce que vous transmettez MERCI pour votre merveilleuse voix et la profondeur de vos chants.

Je ne me lasse pas de le dire autour de moi Merci pour ces moments de joies, de tendresses. Merci aussi pour la lettre aux victimes de Paris. Ma ville n'est pas bien grande, mais elle est belle. Jean-Claude Namurois et conteur. Merci pour ces moments inoubliables pleins de bonheur!!!

Bravo Exceptionnel. Je ne m'en lasse pas. Anna Liberta L. Heerlen 17 feb Pays-Bas le This week It was my first time to visit a concert. I listen to your songs for at least 20 years now and it was very special to see and hear you live. Your songs and voices left me in silence. My soul was warmed and crying, my heart reached out to you all and to the world. Thank you so much for this unforgettable experience. It was very special talking with you afterwards. Please return to Holland someday for a new concert.

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Maybe my friend, who sings the same kind of songs and plays your songs often in his radioprogramm, could come too. I told Jean - Francois about him Keep up the good work! Mille fois merci, merci! Merci aussi de mettre en avant les voix exceptionnelles d'Alain B. C'etait a nouveau un concert inoubliable. Merci pour L'Amour et la chaleur que vous nous donner. Les chansons me touche au plus profond de moi.

J'en redemande encore et encore. Je ne connais pas la Corse! Tout simplement merci. Vous m'avez alors dit de laisser un message sur le livre d'or. Bonne route sur le chemin de la paix. Si tous les hommes pouvaient vous entendre et comprendre vos messages tellement forts! Continuez , c'est avec de belles personnes comme vous que nous y arriverons.

Merci mille fois Je vous aime. Alors, c'est maintenant que tout continue. A la prochaine. Merci de nous transporter dans un monde fraternel et chaleureux Wir lieben Sie leidenschaftlich Vi tegnimu cari amicizia, freundschaft, Guy. Je vous souhaite une belle continuation. Merci pour ce merveilleux concert hier a rouen 2h45 de pur bonheur la presence furtive de renaud un instant magique a tres bientot.

Que ceux qui dirigent le monde vous entendent et prennent conscience que c'est maintenant que tout commence Des paroles simples, des moments savoureux, les messages de paix Nous en avons bien besoin. Pace e Salute. Extraordinaire concert. Que votre message porte aussi loin que possible et que tous nous prenions conscience des enjeux. Martine et Jacky L. Du pur bonheur. Quimper f. France bazin. France marieclaude. Soutenons les belles actions au sein de l'afc-Umani. Merci pour Gioia Imagina Invicta et autres cd qui nous apportent beaucoup de joie dans la vie de tous les jours.

Merci Merci I Muvrini. Merci du fond du coeur et ensemble ouvrons nos mains pour construire un monde plus fraternel. Marie-Reine B. J'attends avec impatience la prochaine fois. Poitou Charentes 17 et 79 F.

France winette orange. D; A bientot. SYLLe petit mouflon. Magnifique comme toujours. Vivement le prochain. Merci pour ce concert de Nantes. Jean-Jacques et Claudine B. Isabelle L. Dominique et Malvina. Vive la Corse la Bretagne la France. Merci pour ce Bonheur de vous entendre et que vous savez si bien partager. Elisabeth S. Quimper D.

Bretagne - France dudul gmail. Loic et isabelle P. Je le crois maintenant que je vous ais vu! Impossible d'en sortir indemne et de ne pas faire suivre C'est bien de profiter de cette tribune pour faire valoir le message. Chacun doit agir avant qu'il ne soit trop tard. Vos messages sont forts, porteurs d'espoir. Nous en avons tant besoin. Merci pour tout le bonheur que vous nous apportez.

Nous ne connaissions pas le tango corse Prenez soins de vous. Vi tengu cari. Tanti basgi a tutti. Antoine et Christiane S.

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Je ne vous oublierai jamais Isabelle P. Sachez que vos musiques nous bercent mon mari et moi dans les bons et les mauvais moments de notre vie. Changer les consciences et la vision de voir les choses et les gens A votre question "Est ce que le spectacle vous a plu, vous avez passez un bon moment? On vous aime fort, fort. Isabelle et Jean-Claude.

Des notes, des mots, des voix Ne manquait que la salade de pommes de terre! Merci, merci, merci Une fleur des champs ou du jardin pour le cornemuseux. Ces instants resteront des souvenirs bien plus durables que n'importe quel objet. Nous vous aimons. Annick L. Annecy-le-Vieux lacroixannick74 yahoo. De merveilleux moments de chaleur , de Coeur, de Bonheur!!!! Marc G. Divonne , Annecy rendez-vous en ! Portez vous bien et prenez soin de vous Quelques heures avant un derby footballistique Saint-Etienne - Lyon, reconnaissance au club de l'AS St-Etienne qui partage ces valeurs.

On vous aime! Et c'est maintenant que tout commence Je vous embrasse; Vive I Muvrini. Marie Claude F. Monistrol d' Allier france le Je n'ai pu malheureusement avoir de billet mais je suis par le coeur et le pouvoir des mots. Profitez un peu de notre ville si magnifique. Merci pour tout ce que vous donnez.

Servance m. Puissions-nous un jour un peu vous ressembler. Martigues B. France Bernard. Quelle merveille! Louis Marie G. Sanray sur mer France le St-Constant M. Canada moniquehelie live. C'est difficile d'acheter vos DVD! Voeux de paix Monique xxx. Merci pour le magnifique concert de Strasbourg Que chacun puisse suivre votre voie Anneke et Joris. Avec notre reconnaissance pour ce que vous faites et notre gratitude Jocelyne et Richard.

Gratia A. On dit qu'un arbre qui tombe fait plus de bruit qu'une foret qui pousse, alors continuez sur le chemin qui est levotre, on en a tant besoin! Le travail est immense mais nous ne sommes pas seul. Je me bats moi aussi avec le Mouvement de la paix pour la culture de paix et de non violence Charte de l'ONU je ne suis pas Corse mais vos mots, vos chants, votre musique..

J'adore vous. Venite prestu a Munich!! Votre musique donne la force et le courage de se mettre debout toujours et toujours. Ingrid H. Encore mille fois merci. Merci, oui merci pour ce concert, que dis-je, ce partage de l'Amour de la Vie et des autres. Encore merci!! Ce partage d'Amour et de Paix que vous seul pouvez faire. Merci pour ces messages de Paix et d'Amour. Comment s'appelle ce magnifique petit bouquin et l'auteur?

D'avance un grand merci Mes muvrini, je vais porter plainte contre vous.

Quentend-on par argot ?

Merci pour tous ces messages porteur d'espoir. On vous embrasse. Basgi de Normandia. Pace e salute a tutti. Vi aspettiamo! Belles chansons, magnifiques voix et accompagnement instrumental. Vous nous chantiez toute la maniere. A bientot Vlasta et Ales. Je suis si impatiente! Un honneur pour nous Bretons, on le pense, nous sommes fiers de nos racines. Merci pour tout ce que vous transmettez en particulier les vrais valeurs de la vie. Marie Ange L. Encore Merci merci et merci.

Marie Ange vine. Albrecht W. Thank yiou very much. Merci, merci. Bonu Giru i amichi!!! What an inspirational and beautiful concert at the Rock Oz-Arenes in Avenches on Your songs capture the atmosphere of Corsica and highlight the important values in life. A visit to Ajaccio, long-planned, is now a must! Merci pour ce fabuleux concert plozevet. Merci pour cet excellent moment. Vos messages d'espoirs avant les chassons sont magnifiques. Des chants magnifiques dans un cloitre. Quel bonheur cela doit etre! J'embrasse I Muvrini.

Et Invicta dans mes bagages. Nous vous offrons le gite le couvert et tout notre amour pour des valeurs que nous partageons!! MERCI mille fois Alain Jean Francois Stephane et tout votre groupe pour la joie ,le bonheur et ces beaux instants que vous noudonner a bientot amities a tous. C'est si jolie, vous deux ensembles avec cette si belle chanson, quelle jolies voies! Une occasion de vous revoir ensembles, si possible?! Paimpol le 15 aout et ensuite Rouen Continuez on vous aime.

A votre prochain concert chez nous. A bientot le plaisir de vous voir et peut etre lirez vous ce message.

Session Expiration Warning

B Mazieres 06 73 98 49 Bravo, bravo pour ces nouvelles chansons. De tout coeur avec vous pour votre engagement.

Claude François My way Comme d'habitude

Chers Amis, Merci pour vos deux concerts Yerres et l'Olympia. J'ai hate d'aller vous voir en concert. Sylvie et Bertrand. Quel enthousiasme! Mes amies m'ont offert votre dernier CD! Continuez a nous enchanter!!!! Musique du monde Pour toutes les fans d'imuvrini je conseil l'achat de cet album. Des chansons qui racontent des instants tristes mais pleins d'espoir aussi. Pierrette J. Je ne regrette pas mon achat. Une pure merveille. En plein Air, parmi ces forts qui sont si magnifiques.

Invicta, invicta, invicta A prestu. Il est magnifique! Je suis une fervente admiratrice de votre musique ainsi que de la Corse. Merci, merci, merci. Invicta est magnifique, il tourne en boucle. Enfin oui , la puissance des mots , les voix , la musique , les convictions ;oui c'est tout simplement extraordinaire ; VRAI. Mersi bras. Marie France D. Macquenoise Belgique le A tres bientot , Basgi. Enfin nous en voulons encore!!! Haine -Saint-Pierre ,le Bonjour les voix de la Corse! De quelle face parle t-on? Merci de nous enchanter et de nous faire aimer votre beau pays.

Jessica V. Montigny-le-Tilleul Belgique le Michel F. MERCI pour ces moments de bonheur. Merci de nous donner de l'espoir. Je ne vous connaissais pas. Merci aussi pour vos convictions et votre engagement. Nous avons besoin de vous! Bernex France le Merci pour votre musique et tous les messages que vous transmettez. Anita R. Merci Merci Merci pour vos messages d'espoir. La magie de la Vie. Que le temps passe Os animo a seguir componiendo y haciendo canciones. Je ne me lasse jamais.

J'attends avec impatience votre nouvel album. Vos voix, vos chants sont magnifiques. Basgi a tutti. Voter sur www. Comme les cinq doigts de la main! Votre immense talent se bonifie au fil du temps.. J Pierre P. C'est beau, grand et si rare ; bravo! MERCI, continuez, je vous suis et si je peux vous aider Sylvette A. Theil sur Vanne 89 France le Nous vous retrouvons toujours avec autant de plaisir. Merci pour votre super concert de partage fraternel.

Vivement le 30 mars. Solange, Michel Merci pour ce merveilleux spectacle le Marseille France le Une Ambiance formidable. Merci Jean Francois pour tous vos messages d'espoir, de non violence, de paix, cela fait du bien par les temps qui court! Super les nouvelles chansons Mireille M. Merci pour tout Nicole Michel et Aurelly Les Echelles le Il me tarde de voir votre nouvel album dans les bacs. Qui s'in a l'umanita. Encore merci Un grand merci pour vos chansons, vos voix et vos messages d'espoir.

A vous revoir et vous entendre! Poitiers, avec choristes! Merci pour ces petits moments de bonheur. Syl20 du sud Bretagne Le plus Corse des Bretons. Vivement la parution de votre prochain CD. Mille mercis. Je comprends mieux votre action humaniste. Pierre F. Saint Pardoux l'Ortigier france le Merci pour ceci. Nous transmettrons vos messages Mille mercis pour toutes ces petites graines de bonheur Quel extraordinaire communion d'amour. Janny M. Castillon laBataille France le Encore un grand merci pour ce merveilleux concert du 9. Quel partage! On a pris le maquis ;. Ne changeait rien merci encore.

On vous Aime. Ce soir vous m'avez rajeuni de 23 ans Ponte Leccia, Calvi Vos voix, celle d'Alain me fait dresser les poils des bras Ho ascoltato le vostre canzoni la prima volta in una trattoria di Corte nel Grazie Piero. Merci pour le bonheur que nous avons de vous entendre Nous aimerions vous voir plus souvent en Bretagne!

Vitrolles - le vieux village Vitrolles le Cari Muvrini.. Presto vi contatteremo per un Gemellaggio con la nostra Isola.. Grazie per questo. Mes origines sont ma fierte quand rien ne vas une melodie de vous me remet sur le chemin mercie. Josiane Antonetti. La Bernerie en Retz France le Ces paysages exceptionnels en bord de mer. Then I can spend the night there, keeping the usual vigil beside the body, and be back here by tomorrow evening. I had no reason to excuse myself; it was up to him to express his sympathy and so forth. Probably he will do so the day after tomorrow, when he sees me in black.

The funeral will bring it home to me, put an official seal on it, so to speak. It was a blazing hot afternoon. He lost his uncle a few months ago. I had to run to catch the bus. I suppose it was my hurrying like that, what with the glare off the road and from the sky, the reek of gasoline, and the jolts, that made me feel so drowsy.

Anyhow, I slept most of the way. We're hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads. To support Open Culture's continued operation, please consider making a donation. We thank you! Thank God for Camus, and thank God for your literature section. Camus got it right. Human existence is asburd. I applaud OpenCulture for its dedication to free speech. But I wonder if a similar comment about Jews would have seen the light of day?

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