Paul Bunyan (Keepsake Stories)

Keepsake Stories: Paul Bunyan by Carol Ottolenghi (2004, Paperback)
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Paul Bunyan

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Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. This book is horrible my wife and my son were reading it and everything was going great then the last 3 pages was by the way paul bunyan isn't real he is fake made up. Well a young boy loves the story's of paul bunyan and lives in northern Minnesota got heart broken. This book is the paul bunyan version of night before Christmas with by the way Santa is fake and his story is used so your good all year long or else!!! Always searching for good books to help my children learn about the joys of reading and to help them improve their reading comprehension, the books in this series are a MUST for parents.

In addition, these books would be good for parents and teachers teaching English as a second language. Excellent delivery, packaging, and quality products outstanding. Cute book! Bought this as a gift topper for a boy's lumber jack themed birthday party. Very cute story. Very entertaining, and struggling 2nd grader could read it. Nice intro to folk tales genre.


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We begin on a cold and wintry day in Minnesota. Lumberjacks are getting ready to feast on a big mammal - unfortunately, the beast turns out to be Paul Bunyan's legendary blue ox. The wrathful Mr. Bunyan arrives and chops up everyone in sight. We will get to see the bloody opening scene in even in more detail, during a later flashback. In the present, the area is apparently a corrections facility for first offenders, and we see a group arrive for correction. They are not "technically" a group of five teenagers, as is pointed out by kindly psychologist Kristina Kopf as Ms.

The "boot camp" is run in a drill sergeant manner by Thomas "Tom" Downey. This desecration rouses monster Bunyan, who has grown into a much bigger ugly monster. He decides to chop everyone up, like he did in the past. One good thing about the story was the inability to predict the numerical death order for the males. The females are easier.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Carol Ottolenghi has written nonfiction and fiction books Paul Bunyan (Keepsake Stories) by [Ottolenghi, Carol]. This beloved tale captures the life of Paul Bunyan, the largest, smartest baby ever born in the state of Maine! Children will eagerly continue reading to learn.

Some of the early scenes are okay, especially nice is the deer and bear. By the end, Bunyan is laughable. The filmmakers should have showed less. You know most ppl have too high of opinion of themselves to accurately rate anything outside their closed off little paradigm. Axe Giant, upon watching it, has heart.

That is the first thing I noticed about the movie. The biggest flaw with the movie is that it's not the fact that the violence is cg, it's that the lighting in the mating of studio work and the natural backgrounds. Paul Bunyan was much too brightly lit for some of the daytime outdoor scenes he was in. Again ppl need to realize that not ALL movies pushed out today having the backing of that 2-dimensionally thinking Hollywood producing elite. Again a Axe Giant is a movie with heart, good enough sfx to convey the plot, a lil subpar nudity but a lil more blending between live-action subjects and the studio-recorded Paul Bunyan.

Would definitely recommend if you like those old timey monster movies. Group of indistinguishable young-offenders are sent to a boot camp for delinquents where there meet a murderous Paul Bunyan. Apparently shown on Syfy channel first I didn't see it until it appeared streaming on Netflix today , it does have the vibe of their brand of low- budget shenanigans, but it could've been much worse as thankfully the putrid stretch of The Asylum who didn't make this, but does countless Syfy films isn't anywhere near this one.

That's about the only positive I can say for this pedestrian, mundane, silly, badly CGId little film.

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Might be somewhat passable for a rainy-day Saturday afternoon but not more more. Eye Candy: Jill Evyn is briefly topless. On a camping retreat in the woods, a group of teens unwittingly incur the wrath of the legendary Paul Bunyan and must try to survive the giants' fury and knowledge of the surrounding area as he hunts them down one-by-one. This here is a rather fun and enjoyable enough effort that has some pretty enjoyable moments going for it, as well as the the traditional problems associated with these kinds movies. The fact that the film manages to feature some of the same problems with the CGI being of just abysmal quality here with almost no attempt made to integrate it into the scene logically or hide it's usage makes for a curious inclusion of it overall.

As well, there's several plot threads within that don't make a whole lot of sense as there's several story lines within that really could've been dropped without deviation from the main story, and as a whole drag the opening out a little more than necessary. Still, there's some fun to be had here with some fantastic stalking through the forest as the towering figure over the tree-tops chasing them is pretty intense and the use of the forest is a good setting for it all.

There's a lot of moments with an actor in a prosthetic suit interacting with miniature models of the surroundings that are mixed incredibly well with the real- size footage that makes the CGI all the more curious as it's far more convincing than possible here and why not just keep it all the way through is rather curious.

With some brutal kills resulting in some nice gore shots and a fun, action-packed finale to boost it up, there's some good stuff in here. I gave this a one, only because there isn't an option to select zero. A bunch of 30 year olds playing teeny boppers go to the wilderness as some sort of punishment. This is the type of low budget horror movie that seems to plague netflix instant streaming. The type of movie where the actors were working in a last week and today they get to dress up for Halloween, have sex with each other on camera, and get chased by some fat actor with a mask on who's chopping people up.

Picture a TV movie with some decent blood and guts-although not great special effects, it will keep you satisfied but not full in terms of appreciating true horror. Although there scenes if decent kills, others looked like someone with a cell phone filmed it. Netflix subscribers like me got mislead into thinking this was horror.

Unfortunately this is the biggest turd I've ever seen and a complete bomb at horror. Reminded me so much the classic "Giant Monster on the Lose" Movies of years back with ample contemporary 21st Century moments. A close-to-perfect Creature Feature for a Saturday night viewing! Apparently made by a filmmaker who is a real fan of that mostly vanished genre. Now I'm a huge horror movie fanatic among other movies. I like stuff that are new. There are some B-movies that I actually like cause they are just fun movies to make.

Carol Ottolenghi

But me liking horror to a T makes me point out every single flaw in this movie. This does not by any means mean that I won't watch B-movies, but this one Good grief I did not like it. My buddy got this movie, and reading it took me back to when I was younger and hearing tales about the giant Paul Bunyan. And let me tell you, this movie completely, and utterly destroyed that legend. Before I go on a rant I will tell you the one and only good thing I liked about this movie.

The setting. The environment was beautiful, and was just downright gorgeous. I love the woods, and the forest was very pretty so it was a very good place to film a B-movie. Now to the bad: First is the lack of good acting. From the creepy old man who warns the teens of their inedible doom, to the slut who dies first, the black man dies, the cop is dumb, and trying to deal with the killer, the list goes on and on and on.

For the sake of time I will name only a few.

For instance, these kids are criminals, and some judge deemed necessary to send them to the middle of nowhere with only one overweight cop and a dumb blonde counselor. Of course first day of 'healing' begins and the counselor asks the cop to leave the gun behind. And this is a cop, who is supposed to guard these kids not listen to a counselor who 'might help'. Well she is helping technically, but only to get them killed.

Plus the acting with the sad sad sex scene Not gonna go there. If someone is holding a shotgun at you, you don't run at them. And here's what made me laugh when he fell back and his buddies held him as he died. He says in a very sad way, "Is it bad? I'm no doctor or mortician, but I'm pretty sure that if you get shot point blank in the stomach there's no 'good' so its most likely bad.

He deserves the shotgun. Now on to the screenplay. Paul Bunyan. A legendary giant whos 63 axe handles high who can clear entire forests in an hour is reduced to this. A troll-like giant who acts really stupid, is a cave dweller, and does not by any means look realistic at all. From the cheap killing cams to just the running around the axe giant looks like a sad add-on from a youtube movie.

It was just sad. In one scene he jumps down from a cliff to the criminals he's bent on killing with his giant axe below. And by 'jump' I mean he floated down. Didn't even hopped of jumped or in any way gave the look of jumping off the cliff. He legitimately froze and floated down. Even for a B-movie.

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Finally the story-line. Men kill Pauls ox Babe, he goes nuts kills everyone, and gets captured and humiliated in front of a girl he liked. He then escapes and hides in seclusion. Years later a bunch of dumb teens violate the remains of Babe. Paul gets mad and goes to kill everyone. Predictable, and very sad how they told the story. I like backstories that give you the chills or some understanding. This one, even the actual story was just awful.

And when Paul gets killed by National Guard Go Guard he starts calling out to the virgin criminal who he thinks looks like the girl he once liked hundreds of years ago and no she does not look like her at all , the only thought in my head was 'just die already'. And thankfully he did, ending this terrible story that butchered a legend.

And all the cast members along with it. And I have no shame in saying so. None of these actors should ever be allowed in front of a camera again, I hate that they still give Joe Estevezs work just because his brother is Martin Sheen.

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Seriously some of the worst acting I have ever seen. Amber Connor was the worst of the bunch, I have never watched a movie before that an actors acting was so bad it actually made mad. The look on her face when her dad showed up towards the end was some of the worst acting in the history of acting. I love campy horror, this isn't even that, it is just bad. The special fx are utter crap also, I hope that the fx company listed is a fake and they don't really list this excrement in their portfolio. This movie makes I spit on your grave seem like cinematic genius.

You have got to be kidding me. This has to be the worst movie ever made. Clearly they had a decent sized budget based on scenery, wardrobe, makeup and production value. However, the budget far exceeded the writing, special effects, and direction. As some one else mentioned the story is based in a great American folk tale that has proved the test of time by being retold over several generations. With a great start to the story it is hard to see how the makers of this movie could have gone this terribly wrong- but they did.

Recommend only watching this with a cheap bottle of fortified wine to drown your miseries. Hoke Thomas Downey is in charge a group of first time teen offenders at a camp in the woods of Minnesota. The hormonal teens camp outside. One of them in the group earns the wrath of a giant about 15 to 40 feet depending on need who attacks them. This is a fairly straight forward teen slasher film with the slasher being slightly different. The special effects were bad.