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At one point, he even saw Abraham Lincoln!

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I have always loved the story of Johnny Appleseed and loved the way it was presented in this book. The language used in this book is great and really draws you in. The illustrations of this book are also amazing and were done by Michael McCurdy. In the classroom, this book would be a great book to use in grades I think a great activity to do with students would be to have the class write their own tall tale!

They would have to use a similar structure of storytelling and use exaggerated and entertaining words and ideas. This would allow them to really be creative and see how this book influenced their writing. Jul 07, Chris rated it liked it Shelves: edlibibliography. Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book: American Tall Tales in made up of a collection of nine folk tales from American history which fits it perfectly within the category of traditional literature.

The stories are the original versions of the stories, written for the intended audience of middle grade readers. There is also a small amount of background information on the origins each folk story as well. In what ways and how well does the book as a whole serve its intended audience?

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Sixth to eighth grade should have no problems reading this book. What is helpful is before each story in the collection, there is a brief half page introduction to where the story originated. Illustrations of wood traditional wood carvings decorate each story and a map of the United States showing where each story takes place is at the beginning of the book. Mar 10, John Rush rated it really liked it Shelves: traditional-myths-etc.

Pecos Bill is one of the stories in this collection by Mary Pope Osborne. Pecos Bill is a little late to the American folklore, as he first appeared in in Century Magazine. His tale was expanded on to include " The story of Pecos syas he was born to a family of 15 children. He played with grizzly bears instead of teddy bears. When a new family moved in, 50 miles away, the f Pecos Bill is one of the stories in this collection by Mary Pope Osborne. When a new family moved in, 50 miles away, the family packed up and headed west because the neighborhood was getting too crowded.

In the move west he fell off the wagon and was taken in, and raised by coyotes! At 17 he was found by a ranch hand who told him he wasn't a varmint, and took him back to the nearest ranch. He had a tough time adjusting to living with people. Even though he dressed in clothes, he never showered, shaved or got haircuts. Every morning he threw some water on his faces and spend the rest of the day looking like a wet dog. When he heard talk around the dinner table about the meanest, wildest group of cowboys, he decided to seek them out and join that gang.

On his way to seek out this gang his horse breaks a leg, so he picks him up. A 50 foot rattle snake threatens him, so he punches it out and wraps it up to take along. He even wrestled an attacking bobcat into submission and saddled him up. He finds the gang, and quickly takes over as leader with his new tough cowpokes. The tale says the new gang had such a herd that New Mexico was a corral and Arizona was their pasture.

In a severe drought they lassoed in water from the Gulf of Mexico. He rode a tornado and when he fell off he created Death Valley. His personal horse was so wild he named him the Widow Maker. Finally one day he met a red haired lady so wild she was riding a giant catfish. Her name was Slue-foot Sue! He immediately reverted to his wild coyote ways and found she had coyote in her too. They decided to wed. After the wedding she jumped on Widow Maker, only to fly over the moon come back and bounce right off earth because of her steel spring bustle.

Bill caught her with his lasso, but was pulled to the moon with her. People say they must have got stuck on some moon cheese and stayed there to raise their own wild family. When you hear wild howling at night, it's not a coyote howling at the moon, it's Bill howling on the moon. This hardbound edition also contains tales John Henry, Paul Bunyan. It is a great choice for public and school libraries and is worth adding to a child's home collection of books. Illustrations are in a distinct style by Michael McCurdy and while rich are limited to supplementing the tales.

Jan 22, Dallin rated it it was ok. It was a fun read, overall. Mainly because I like these tall tales than anything extra brought by the author. The stories were a bit more condensed than I would have preferred. Also, the author's disclaimer at the front stating she "[d]e-emphasiz[ed] incidents that would seem cruel or insensitive to today's readers" was disheartening.

This is the typical blunder, if not intentional whitewashing, which reeks of an agenda of applying today's viewpoint to the past. While these stories are fiction It was a fun read, overall. While these stories are fiction, they reflect the time from which they came. Also, it speaks more to the author's sense of superiority over her readers than it does to her benevolence in wanting to be "inclusive" and not "offend".

Granted, the author can do whatever she likes, but I won't be visiting any of her other works. I would not recommend this book, nor its author. May 06, Stephanie Fields rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s-literature. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The genre of American Tall Tales is a fictional folklore.

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This book is intended for children ages American tall tales is nine funny overly exaggerated tales. I gave this book 4 stars. The stories were captivating and easy to follow. I caught myself laughing out loud while reading. I also liked how some of the stories had a connection to each other. The theme was clear and precise. The characters could be everyday people if eve The genre of American Tall Tales is a fictional folklore.

The characters could be everyday people if everyday life was filled with giant men and women.

Franklin County Hauntings & Legends – Ohio Exploration Society

The illustrations were detailed which created texture in the pictures. The language in this book was easy to understand and ideal for intermediate readers. Young readers would find this book appealing because of the silliness of the stories. I would use this book to teach young children about the difference between real and unreal.

American Tall Tales aren't really told to children anymore, at least that's what I found out when I mentioned Paul Bunyan and Babe the big blue ox to my class. So I went searching for books that told some of the stories. I found a few that were older, but this one had several of the stories put together in one place.

Tall Tales

Call for availability before ordering. Georgian Heights Alternative Elementary School — The woods behind the school are said to be haunted by the ghost of a boy named Nick. In the early s, several East Tennessee leaders, among them Congressman and future President Andrew Johnson , led a movement to form a separate state in East Tennessee known as "Frankland. One ghost in specific, known only as George, liked to throw shampoo bottles at the residents. During a Civil War re-enactment, several of the re-enactors heard violin music coming from the Senate chamber.

Plus there are beautiful illustrations and the history behind the tall tales. My class and I enjoyed the book and the discussion about the things the stories had in common and why t American Tall Tales aren't really told to children anymore, at least that's what I found out when I mentioned Paul Bunyan and Babe the big blue ox to my class. My class and I enjoyed the book and the discussion about the things the stories had in common and why they might have been popular.

One of the students said they were the superheroes of their time which I agree with Sep 08, Victoria Lees rated it really liked it. Thanks, Mary! If you are in the area, please stop by. I'd love to see you! What a fun book of American folk tales, many of which I remember from my childhood. It was great to share those with my son. The author also added facts about where each of these tales came from. She did a hilarious job of retelling these stories.

Aug 10, Beth rated it it was amazing Shelves: , folk-and-fairy-tales. I got this as a free audible book and I really enjoyed it. I have always loved folk tales and remember enjoying these stories in elementary school. The narrator is very engaging and really brings the stories to life. Mar 16, Bethany rated it liked it Shelves: childrens , fiction.

It was fun revisiting characters I haven't heard about since I was a child. And learning about others I had no idea existed. A good book with short stories and a brief background on each character and their orgins. Feb 28, RAW rated it liked it Shelves: , janna. Dec 04, Brenda Stuhr rated it liked it. Fun to hear all of the old tales from childhood. Feb 19, Amanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: march , february , homeschool-library , april , may , june , july , august , september , october.

During the war, the ironworks saw the production of about 1, tons of pig iron per year. Later in the war was Union General James H.

Wilson swept through central Alabama, destroying targets of military importance, Brierfield was targeted and destroyed. Production resumed here after the war and continued until the ironworks was closed in In , the county heritage association turned the ruins into a heritage park. Two years later, the state took over the park, moving several historic structures here including Mulberry Church, which arrived here from its original site near Centreville.

The bullet struck both the bride and her new husband who was standing behind her. As a reminder of this tragic incident, the bullet hole remains in the door while the living have encountered the specter of the young bride at the site of her death. Built in , the John Garner Hotel was built to accommodate guests arriving in town via the train depot located nearby.

The building now serves as home to several businesses that occupy the first floor of this three-story building. Occupants had reported the smell of brewing coffee and tobacco smoke while the sounds of furniture moving and papers shuffling have also been heard here when the building was empty. The paranormal investigation team captured a few EVPs and photographic anomalies leading them to conclude that possibly three different spirits are present in this old hotel.

Built in , the Josephine Hotel was a social center here in rural Southeast Alabama. Phantom odors of cigar and cigarette smoke are often encountered in this building along with the sounds of revelry from former patrons. A investigation revealed some paranormal activity.

At one point during the probe, members of the paranormal team witnessed an orb of light moving through a hallway which they captured on video. On the morning of February 16, , this historic church was lost to a fire. Legend speaks of this place being the scene of a panoply of paranormal activity including demon dogs, or hellhounds; a banshee; and apparitions. Organized in the 19th century, the church has not had an active congregation for many years, though a few locals maintained the building and cemetery and defended them against the rising tide of vandalism that had begun to overtake it.

The Andalusia Star-News reports that 13 people were arrested in for burglary and criminal mischief after the police investigated reported illegal activity here. Local investigator and author Shawn Sellers visited the church with his team in Upon arriving, two carloads of teens also appeared at the site. The group found the church standing open and showing signs of vandalism. One group of teens brought a Ouija board and attempted to make contact with spirits something I cannot condone or recommend. A short time later, a man with a flashlight accosted the investigators and mysteriously disappeared after they attempted to speak with him.

Legends surrounding the church include the appearance of a banshee who wails as an omen that someone in the church will die. In reporters from The Greenville Advocate investigated the grounds and encountered nothing.

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Tall Tales and Legends of Franklin County. likes. Tall Tales and Legends of Franklin County: Accounts of Amusement and Bewilderment in Small Town. Tall Tales & Legends is an American folklore anthology television series of 9 episodes created by television and film actress Shelley Duvall, who also served as.

In an article about the investigation, reporter Andy Brown suggested that the stories about this location are merely urban legend. I would like to speculate that if there is paranormal activity here, it may have been drawn by irresponsible use of Ouija boards and rituals being performed here by amateurs attempting to summon spirits. It is unknown if the loss of the church building has affected the spiritual activity here. Visitors should be warned to use extreme caution when visiting this location and to respect the site and the cemetery. Other lore tells of a young couple who drowned in the creek here.

A traditional ritual said that stopping your car in the middle of the bridge and turning o the lights could summon one of the two people who drowned here.

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A sign of their presence would appear in the form of a wet spot left on the back seat of the car. This wooden-decked, steel truss bridge was constructed between and and closed permanently in The Oxford Paranormal Society investigated the bridge in January and encountered an armadillo that was very much alive; no paranormal evidence was captured.

When visiting this site, use extreme caution as the bridge is no longer maintained. Within this relatively modern cemetery stands a child-sized brick house complete with a front porch and chimney. The grave of Nadine Earles is among the most unique grave sites in the region. The playhouse has been well maintained ever since and remains filled with toys. While not officially haunted, a recent interview with a friend revealed that she had a hard time photographing the grave when she visited.

The un-indicted conspirators are as interesting as those who were indicted. The book is not without humor as the tales unfold in the courtroom. A trial like this would not be possible in today's world. Very limited.

Alabama Hauntings—County by County, Part I

Soft cover. Great resource. Describes the east-west migration of Franklin County's earliest settlers. Greer writes, The Virginia Frontier is a fascinating study. Alive with the peculiar genius of the eighteenth-century Virginian, it resounds with the crash of falling oak, the bark of the long rifle, and the shout of the popular preacher. Heritage - Franklin County, Virginia - large 9x12 size - sewn, glued and hard bound. Hundreds of surnames, indexed by first and last names and story titles. Includes local history, family tales and photos.

Blank family trees in the back for paternal and maternal information. Now very limited. Call for availability before ordering. Prices are included for convenience. Spiral-bound, most are collections by individual researchers, some are published works copied with permission. Although not all books are indexed and not all include documentation of resources, these works provide clues and proofs to assist others researching the same families.

A partial listing is provided. Please call for ordering information, most current shipping and handling charges, or to check on recent additions. Shipping and handling discount for multiples. Email: fchistorical yahoo. Compiled by Claude C. Roots in Virginia.

Spiral bound reprint. Taliaferro, Saunders, Hale, more. Humor mixed with stories of war.