Theorizing Society in a Global Context (Europe in a Global Context)

Theorizing Society in a Global Context
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Kinane offers new understanding of the ongoing centrality of the geo-imaginary space of the Pacific to discourses of neo-colonialism, Western individualism, and redemption within contemporary British and American culture.

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The book offers a reflection on the culturally constructed trope of the island and its evolution from the colonial context of the eighteenth century to contemporary Western culture. Indeed, the desert island is a favourite topos of popular culture, as can be seen in the abundance of island narratives across diverse media.

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Categories: Human Geography. The seminars constituting 24 ECTS credits in total, are run in a cycle of two years, so that a doctoral student can include them all within the frame of a normal period of doctoral studies.

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The format of all seminars is quite similar; all are weeklong intensive seminars. The seminars are complementary but can also be taken individually. The purpose of this seminar is to critically investigate some of the key classics that constitute the foundation for many current perspectives in consumer research.

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ANNE SOPHIE KROSSA holds a Chair in Sociological Theory at the University of Siegen, Germany and was previously Lecturer at Lancaster University, UK. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. ANNE SOPHIE KROSSA holds a Chair in Sociological Theory at the University of Siegen, Germany and was previously.

Doctoral students thereby learn top better navigate the various foundational theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of the research traditions, they encounter. The seminar aims to cover at least the standard references to social theorists encountered in consumer research but we add in various other canonical social theorists.

World-Systems Theorizing

The seminar also aims to enable the participants to conceptualize their work in relationship to the literature. A recurrent theme is the discussion of how to make use of the inspiration that can be provided by classical social theory without buying into a dogmatic logic of theoretical hegemony.

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The aim is to generate versatility, openness and the ability to critically consider general social theory and its relevance for consumer culture theorizing. Even though the text-context distinction is increasingly questioned, it is also obvious that one cannot just do away with the distinction altogether, even by means of alternative conceptualisations. Interpretation is always interpretation of something, and dualism is hard to evade.

This has been the problematic point for many scholars advocating a non-dualist approach to meaning. Giving up dualism means giving up some of the answers and perspectives it made possible. This idea of the inherent transitivity of interpretation is very probably deeply rooted in our general modes of perception and supported by both language and our everyday practices, as Stephen C. Pepper pointed out, so that our notions of meaning and interpretation, too, basically follow this assumption.

And there is the additional fact that our tacit knowledge of the world lends ample support to this idea. Why should we keep theorizing context, in spite of the many conceptual problems? Contexts are as much in need of conceptualization as texts.

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Second, contexts are often invisible, especially when they are familiar contexts! They must be teased out, made visible, and this is facilitated by a theoretical contextualist framework. Third, even if we do not aim at and believe in the possibility of an overarching theory of context, we nevertheless cannot avoid dealing with tacit notions of context. These range from notions supported by language and our everyday perceptions and practices to taken-for-granted assumptions often supported by our institutions. What is the role of the text in different theories of context?

Theorising Literary Islands

For Murray Krieger, text is the definite centre. Besides, another reason to keep text in the picture is that, after all, as Pepper and radical contextualists point out, text is context for its contexts!

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And even in a contextualist framework, bracketing a context has its value: in some cases it may be more fruitful to bypass the most obvious and salient contexts and take up counterintuitive ones, as for instance New Historicists prefer to do. Is there still need and use for theory of context?

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Land tenure patterns changed in response to international demand, and it is abundantly clear that estate owners were generally responsive to price signals see, e. Add to cart. Doing this, Gramsci differs from Marxism which primarily focuses on the coercive practices and capabilities of the state to exploit the proletariat. Both his economic and political works were translated into Spanish and Portuguese in the 's and 's. List found his leading Chilean disciple between and the First World War in the person of Malaquias Concha, who popularized List's infant industry argument see Concha, ; Lima: Delva. And yet it has been possible to adopt a more nomothetic and systemic stance, and then to proceed with world-systems theorizing with the understanding that this is a principled difference from more historicist world-systems scholars.

Without necessarily aiming at an overarching, systematic grand theory, it is useful to think, with Stuart Hall, that a theory of context as such is not a goal, but to understand meaning-making, we must keep on theorizing context and contextuality. Ang, Ien, Living Room Wars. The Adventures of a Popular Hero , Basingstoke