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As things go from bad to utterly hopeless, what chance do JAZZ and It was a time before the Great War, and Cybertron was experiencing the end of its Golden Age and was in desperate need of heroes.

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Instead, it found itself with celebrities, the greatest of which was Blurr. But change is And as Nemesis Prime's forces The apocalyptic Revelations Cycle continues as the spotlight falls on the coldly calculating, self-serving Dealer aka Doubledealer! The Revelations Cycle continues here!

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This time, the spotlight falls on the Autobots' thick-skinned, no-nonsense "problem-solver," Hardhead! As the Expansion draws ever closer, Nightbeat seeks to solve the Trapped, alone on a hostile, faraway planet, the diminutive Autobot must dig The Revelations Cycle starts here!

Continuing the titanic story from the epic events of Transformers: Devastation, a quartet of senses-shattering Spotlight issues unfold, laying bare two years worth of secrets behind the Once set To those under his command, he is an island, forever stood apart, aloof. In times of dire personal crisis he has no Artist Nick Roche goes his Transformers Spotlights Shockwave, Hot Rod one better here, tackling full scripting duties along with handling the art chores on a special issue featuring the one and only Kup! Confronted on Earth, in !

Sixshot is stationed on a Decepticon orbital outpost waiting for his next assignment. He's restless, itching to get back to doing what he does best—wide-scale destruction. He daydreams about the last stellar-span However, some mysteries, it seems, are better left unsolved! Log In Sign Up. The Transformers Spotlight. Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Arrivals. The Spotlight falls on Orion Pax, Thundercracker, Megatron, Bumblebee, Trailcutter, and Hoist in this collection of six individual stories that explain an important moment in each character's life.

From the distant past to current events each story adds to Cybertronian lore. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Original pages. Best For. Android 3.

Transformers: Spotlight – Hoist #1

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FACE OFF! HOIST has always managed to fade into the background: until now. Trapped on an alien planet with a narcissist, half a scientist and a creature that. FACE OFF! HOIST has always managed to fade into the background: until now. Trapped on an alien planet with a narcissist, half a scientist and.

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It always bothered and destoryed the cointinuity of reading for me. Wu Jen , Mar 4, AdyCarter , Mar 4, Ah okay thanks again AdyCarter, appreciate the work. Also in that section you have listed Optimus Prime Optimus Prime.

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Transformers Unicron IDW. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Transformers: All Hail Megatron. CrossGen Comics. The Energy Analyzer. Loading themselves up with an assortment of weaponry that the engineer has quickly built, Hoist and Sunstreaker venture out and split up to search. Newer Post Older Post.

I think you meant Spotlight: Optimus Prime? Good spot, I've fixed that now. Kids can only be distracted for so long! Jalaguy , Mar 4, Yeah, literally the only thing of lasting relevance in the Avengers crossover is that Ramjet has arrived on Earth, but his Spotlight establishes that anyway, so it's most definitely no great loss. Yggdrasil , Mar 4, The Avengers cross over is one of those things that's better left unread and forgoten forever.

AdyCarter , Mar 26, Rotoraptor , Apr 20, Looks like the two new ones need to get popped in, but thanks for the list!

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