Bleach, Vol. 12: Flower on the Precipice

Bleach, Volume 12
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Choose Store. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! In this series View all Book Dispatched in working days. Availability In Stock. Guaranteed service. International Shipping available. Other Books By Author. Bleach Box Set 3 Vol Tite Kubo. New Book Releases. Contact Us. Monday to Saturday 9. E-Gift Coupon , click here. Insights Insights, Account, Orders. About SapnaOnline. Why Shop at SapnaOnline. Create New Account. My Order History. My Wishlist. All Rights Reserved. Paper Back. Cause For Confront Heat In Trust 0. A Wonderful Error. Flower on the Precipice Split Under the Red Stalk Spring, Spring, Meets the Tiger Cause to Confront With reports of powerful intruders defeating a number of lieutenants, the inner sanctum of the Soul Society --the Seireitei , the home of the Shinigami --is put on a state of high alert.

Matters are further compounded by the mysterious death of a prominent captain. Is his death a cover-up to prevent a valuable secret from being exposed? Meanwhile, Ichigo confronts Kenpachi Zaraki , captain of the Eleventh Division , and by far the most brutal fighter in the Seireitei! Renji collapses to the ground, as Ichigo watches on. Ganju says that they cannot handle any more enemies right now, and the three of them flee back to the sewers.

The approaching group of Shinigami are led by Kira, and all of them are shocked at the state they find Renji in. As some of the Shinigami rush to Renji's side, another wonders if they should give chase. Kira replies that saving Renji is their priority. He just needs a little time, but that he can heal Ichigo in one night. Elsewhere, Hinamori is shocked to see the state Renji is in. Kira starts to blame himself for not arriving sooner, but Hinamori assures him that it was not his fault.

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As they start to form plans to send for the 4th Division, they are interrupted by Byakuya, who tells them to not bother and to simply throw Renji in a cell. He says that as he chose to fight the Ryoka by himself, defeat was not an option. He goes on to say that he has no use for a fool such as Renji. Hinamori starts to protest, but Kira stops her and apologizes to Byakuya.

Hinamori reluctantly follows. After Byakuya leaves, Ichimaru draws attention to himself by commenting on how scarily Byakuya acted. Ichimaru, as it seems, had been standing in the corner for some time. Ichimaru assures them that he will get word to the 4th Division, and orders Kira to come with him. Hinamori thanks Ichimaru as they leave. Suddenly, Hitsugaya appears behind her and comments on Renji's state. Hinamori comically berates him for sneaking-up on her, and demands to know how the captains can move so silently.

It is then that she realizes that Hitsugaya is there alone, and without his lieutenant. Hitsugaya tells her that he was there to warn her to beware the captain of the 3rd Division. Sometime later, a captains meeting takes place, where Yamamoto declares that he will overlook Gin Ichimaru's actions in order to focus on the Ryoka, who have now managed to grievously injure a Gotei 13 lieutenant. He tells his captains to launch an all out war on the Ryoka. Ichigo is recovering from his fight with Renji. Meanwhile, Aizen is found dead by his lieutenant, Momo Hinamori.

But just when he is about to leave, Ganju knocks him out with a punch, saying if Ichigo can't take a punch like that, then he's not okay and he'd better lay down like a good boy until he's healed. Ganju says that is how he does things, and that he at least stopped Ichigo. It was the mask that was hidden inside of his robe that saved him. But more importantly, he wonders why the mask looks so much like a Hollow's mask.

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The messenger also states that Renji has been defeated, and no one knows who is next, so Hinamori must be careful. Hinamori wonders how Renji ended up like that, and that will it be better that they don't take their weapons and keep things peaceful. Then she recalls Hitsugaya's warning about the 3rd Division.

She says she doesn't want to fight anyone. Hinamori comes to Aizen's room and wants to talk to him for a moment because she can't sleep. She tells him that she is sorry for bothering him so late and for always screwing up in front of him. Aizen says that he won't dismiss her for something like that, and asks if that is the image he projects to others during the days.

He then allows her to come in and stay as long as she likes. Aizen tells Hinamori that Renji is fine, and Hinamori says it is a relief. Byakuya was trying to demote Renji, but everyone was against it. When Renji is healed, he will be able to return to his position.

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Hinamori asks if Aizen was the one defending Renji. He says that he is not the only one, since Renji is talented and everybody likes him, thus no one would be happy if he got demoted. Hinamori muses how Aizen's words, voice, and presence calm her restless spirit. She feels glad that she came, and thinks how lucky she is to serve under him.

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Aizen quietly leaves the room when Hinamori is asleep. When he leaves the room, there is a mystery Shinigami after him. Hinamori wakes up and realizes that she fell asleep, and notices Aizen's absence. She also realizes that she is late for a meeting. She decides to take a shortcut, but she sees something that shocks her. The other lieutenants hear screaming, and Kira notices that it is Hinamori's voice.

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When they come, everyone is shocked with what they see: Aizen's dead body is on the wall. The distressed Hinamori keeps screaming Aizen's name, when Captain Ichimaru arrives on the scene, casually wondering what all the commotion is about.

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Ichimaru shows no signs of grief or surprise, and Hinamori remembers Hitsugaya's words, warning her to be careful of the 3rd Division's captain, especially when Aizen goes walking alone. Hinamori snaps, accusing Ichimaru of killing Aizen. Ichimaru continues to smile, and does not move to dodge or parry her. However, her blade is blocked by Kira, much to Hinamori's shock.

Bleach, Vol. 12

She demands to know why, which prompts Kira to remind her that he is the lieutenant of the 3rd Division and that he will not allow anyone to point a sword at his captain, no matter the reason. Hinamori tells Kira to step aside. Kira refuses. Getting increasingly angry, Hinamori screams at Kira and insists that he move aside. Kira, also beginning to get angry, tells her that he will do no such thing. Hinamori then releases her Shikai, Tobiume , and pushes Kira back. Kira chastises her, and tells her that this is not the place to resolve personal matters, but Hinamori responds by releasing a ball of fire from Tobiume.

It hits the side of a nearby building, barely missing Kira. Kira responds that it would seem he has to treat her like an enemy, and releases his own Shikai, Wabisuke. As Hinamori prepares to fight Kira, Hitsugaya blocks their strikes and orders them not to move. He then orders the other lieutenants present to arrest both Kira and Hinamori. He says that he will report this incident to the Captain-Commander himself. As Kira and Hinamori are led away, Ichimaru approaches Hitsugaya and apologizes for his lieutenant's actions. Hitsugaya, in turn, makes the observation that Ichimaru tried to kill Hinamori.

Ichimaru claims that he doesn't know what Hitsugaya is talking about.