Dagger of the Mind

Dagger of the Mind (episode)
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Meanwhile, on board the U. Enterprise , van Gelder is in such a distraught state from the neural conditioning that he is unable to explain to Spock what is going on at the penal colony. The Vulcan attempts a mind-meld with van Gelder and discovers what has been happening on the planet below.

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On Tantalus, Dr. Noel escapes through an air-conditioning duct to the power room, where she lowers the planet's defense shields, enabling Spock to beam down a security team. Kirk recovers enough to fight Adams, who falls into his torturous machine.

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Send Email. When Kirk and Dr. Fighting off the suggestions placed in his mind by Adams, Kirk dispatches Noel through the air conditioning ducts, in the hope she can find the power controls and deactivate the security force field. For some reason, there are those who feel they need to defend every pixel that is put on the screen by CBS D. Why is it the other Trek series never had girls this hot walking around? The ship's five-year mission may have only lasted three seasons on NBC, but its impact has proved timeless.

Weakened by the conditioning and his fight with the doctor, Kirk stumbles away, not knowing that Adams is still in the neutralizer. Adams is later found dead. An email will not be created automatically. The email will only be created once you click on the "Send Email" button. Skip to main content. Adams, subtly at first, gives Kirk the run around, laying on the hospitality thick. Lethe is another reference to Greek mythology.

It was a river in Hades that when drank from, caused one to forget their past, becoming essentially a blank slate. The sequence is extremely well executed by Leonard Nimoy, who seemed to have an innate understanding of how to sell the idea of the mind meld seriously, without coming across as cheesy. Kirk, of course, ends up testing it on himself, just to know how dangerous it is.

At first it is all fun and games, as Dr.

Dr. Adams' Toast from "Dagger of the Mind"

But then Dr. Adams finds out what Kirk is up to, and the game is over. The gloves come off, and Dr. Tristan Adams reveals himself to be a sadistic, power-mad torturer. With some sort of god-complex, he has used the neutralizer to brainwash the entire population of the Tantalus colony into docile, obedient servants, forcing extreme pain and suffering on those who even think to oppose him. And he has made James T. Kirk his next target. Adams plants false memories and feelings into Captain Kirk, forcing him into maniacal love with Dr.

Star Trek The Original Series S01E11 - Dagger of the Mind

He manipulates these feelings in the hope of breaking the Captain, and he nearly succeeds. With nothing but a little dome of light to play off of, William Shatner definitely sells this scene. He succeeds in showing both the sheer agony Kirk is experiencing, and as well the tremendous force of will with which he mostly resists the procedure. In a daring escape attempt, Dr. This gives Kirk a chance to lure Adams into the torture chamber, before knocking him out with one of his legendary punches.

Once the colony shield goes down, Spock beams down to the planet to affect a rescue, only to humorously stumble across Kirk laying a huge kiss on Dr. Due to the confusion of the escape, Dr. Adams is left alone in the neutralizer chamber as the power comes back on.

Dagger of the Mind

Considering that the events of this episode are never referenced again, it would seem that Captain Kirk experiences no long term damage, and it seems safe to say that the false love that he had forced on him for Dr. Noel subsides, as it is gradually assimilated by his own real memories. Like Captain Kirk, we are left to wonder, why such a seemingly great and benevolent man as Dr. Adams, could turn to such darkness.

Was he always secretly sadistic, and power hungry? Or did the power he had over his prisoners corrupt him? Did he, like so many villains, think he was committing these atrocities for the greater good? Did he really think he had so much power, that he could get away with assaulting the minds of Kirk and Van Gelder?

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Dagger of the Mind" is the ninth episode of the first season of the American science fiction television series, Star Trek. Written by Shimon Wincelberg and. A routine visit to the Tantalus Penal Colony proves dangerous for Kirk and an Enterprise psychiatrist. The USS Enterprise is on a routine cargo drop to the.

When I see the horrible things that fellow human beings do to each other in similar situations, I am inclined to believe that most humans cannot handle having so much power over their fellow man, and easily become corrupted. As a species, we are by and large simply not ready; we are not yet capable of handling power responsibly. Not unlike the garbage we put into trash cans everyday, we quickly dismiss it, and put it out of our minds.

Tristan Adams tried to. Will we be able to handle criminality as well as the Federation by the 23rd century? This reviewer hopes that one day we can do that and better, and I sincerely hope that it comes sooner than years from now.

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Images are used for informational purposes only, and no copyright infringement on CBS or Paramount Studios is intended. Simon Van Gelder , Dr.

This was the first instance of the use of the Vulcan mind-meld on a human being, and it was electrifying. What was overlooked—or so it seems—a lot of credit had to go to Dr.