Romeo And Juliet (Gangsta Shakespeare Book 1)
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They'll think you're dead and put you in your tomb 'cause a burial would be too open. I'll write Romeo…". Then there was a knock on the door. Open the damn door! I want my fuckin' money bitch! So, that night, Juliet took the drug. And just like Malakai said, it knocked her out. In the mornin' Juliet's nurse came in and said, "Juliet!


Get yo' ass out of that bed! Today's yo' weddin' day! You gonna sleep through it? She walked into her room and was like, "Oh, my God! She's dead! Now I'm not gonna go through all that but they was all cryin' and shit and they put Juliet in the tomb. While all this was goin' on the mailman wit Romeo's letter from Kai dropped it like a dumbass.

So Romeo never got it. One of Romeo's boys heard 'bout Juliet but he ain't know 'bout Kai and Juliet's plan so he went to Romeo. He was like, "Romeo, uh…'bout Jules…". He went to this other drug dealer who sold the hard shit and got this stuff that would kill him in seconds. Romeo decided he couldn't live wit out his girl. He went all the way to Juliet's tomb and got in. He saw her lying on a table in the middle of the tomb. He was like "Girl! You still look fine as hell.

I'll see you in heaven baby!

Romeo drank the drug he had. But then, right as he swallowed, Juliet's eyes shot open.

How I Learned to (Finally) Appreciate Romeo and Juliet

It was too late though. Romeo fell to the ground. Juliet sat up. When she saw the bottle that the poison was in she picked it up. Yo' greedy ass is gonna take all the poison and not leave me any! Maybe some is on yo' lips. She bent down and kissed him.

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She waited and nothin' happened. She picked it up from Romeo's pants and pointed it at her temple. Story Story Writer Forum Community. This is a ghetto twist on the ever popular "Romeo and Juliet.

Movies based on Shakespeare Stories or plays but set in different time and place. - IMDb

I swear by the moon…" "Don't be quotin' no damn country song. If you gotta swear, swear by yo'self! The astounding perils of young love has been eloquently captured in the story of Romeo and Juliet. Franco Zefferelli and Baz Luhrmann are the creators of the two most renowned film adaptations of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Zefferelli, the more traditional director, created his Oscar winning version in Baz Luhrmann put an abstract, modern twist on Shakespeare's classic and created the version that raised millions of dollars in box office sales.

Being that these two films are. This sorrowful play was performed in Globe Theatre as there was large number of people who entirely wanted to watch this interesting play immediately. According to the play it contains a strong violent, and conflict, however Shakespeare. Its opening prologue is very plain and simple, there are just two long shots and the voiceovers voice speaks very slowly. The first shot is a long shot of medieval Verona on a misty morning, the camera pans around to the river.

I have been looking at; Camera shots, setting, special effects, moods, costumes, characters, etc.

Baz Luhrman's Film Romeo and Juliet

Da Porto originated the remaining basic elements of the story: the feuding families, Romeo — left by his mistress — meeting Giulietta at a dance at her house, the love scenes including the balcony scene , the periods of despair, Romeo killing Giulietta's cousin Tebaldo , and the families' reconciliation after the lovers' suicides. Stone, George Winchester Jr Capulet, misinterpreting Juliet's grief, agrees to marry her to Count Paris and threatens to disown her when she refuses to become Paris's "joyful bride". Votes: 6. May not ship to Germany - Read item description or contact seller for shipping options. I believe that Baz Luhrmann has created a very effective prologue and version of Act 1 Scene 1 of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, using visual images and landmarks along with the language to aid the audience in understanding the story.

These things are severely thought of by the director before and during the making of the film. Actually, the blend of harking-back heritage styling and modern needs-must works well: not attempting to hide that scaffolding is a better decision that attempting some faux-historical facade. As with the Globe, something in the open-air intimacy breeds a warm atmosphere, but here the seats are actually comfy too.

Watching a day-long double bill of the latter two, the project offers clear-sighted, accessible, enjoyable productions, with some uneven performances. She is a reluctant bride-to-be — an Amazonian queen awkwardly pulled into a courtly corset and high-heels. Designed by Sara Perks, this is a rigorously un-twee wood: the fairies are in black and white body stockings or faun-like horns and haunches, and with ruffs and skirts made of pale dried twigs and bark; it looks more midwinter than midsummer.

With often underwhelming aerial acrobatics on silks and hoops centre stage, the vibe is rather goth Cirque de Soleil. But the cast also very effectively and economically create the forest just through heavy black ropes. And when the sprites twist and clamber over each other, yelping and hissing, or press up against the wooden staging, there is a genuine sense that this place is transformative, and darkly magical.

The young Capulet men wear black shirts; their head is a gangster, in spats. Actually, Robert Gwilym speaks like an East End geezer — sounds hideous on paper, works astoundingly well in practice. It adds menace, makes logical sense of the flick-knife quick lashing-out at his daughter, but most of all, is just a weirdly perfect match to the rhythms of the verse. A delicious revelation.

Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" and Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet"

Romeo And Juliet: Gangsta Shakespeare [William Shakespeare, J. K. Tizzle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. William Shakespeare's. Romeo And Juliet (Gangsta Shakespeare Book 1) by [Shakespeare, William]. Double-tap to zoom. Back William Shakespeare and 2 more. Romeo And Juliet .

Alexander Vlahos and Alexandra Dowling as Romeo and Juliet are so very pretty, and so very conventional. Dowling is utterly charming, but when pushed to extremes in the second act, there's a lot of stagey gesturing without much effect. The fight scenes are staged with dancerly dash but also genuine danger, thanks to fight director Kate Waters. Both these productions form persuasive accounts of familiar plays, and confirm this pop-up theatre as a very welcome summery home for Shakespeare in the north. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

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