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Let's enter a whole new world, shall we? Though the story has been heavily altered, mechanics remain mostly unchanged between Base and Shard of Dreams. If you need a refresher, Gensou Ningyou Enbu plays similarly to the 6th generation of Pokemon, drawing inspiration for Skills, Abilities, Items, and many more things from the Pokemon franchise. For a full refresher course, feel free to consult the original thread. One thing of special note, the level curve has also been adjusted considerably with the new plot additions Remilia is no longer a brick wall if I remember right.

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In Shard of Dreams, a new Extra style is available as the third option for any puppet to evolve into. For example, Chen at level 30 can choose to. Yume no Kakera, or Shard of Dreams, is the expansion and retelling of the original Gensou Ningyou Enbu. Shard of Dreams now has Puppets.

Right now, the currently released patch translates the bare minimum needed to play the game. This build is being referred to as the Interface Translation Patch. The patches will have 3 core releases. The first one, being released now, is the Interface Translation Patch. The second one, and next in line, is the Story Translation Patch , which translates the actual story, generic NPC dialogue, and trainer dialogue.

The final patch is the EXE String Translation Patch, which will translate remaining strings in the executable file; this patch is handled last because of FocasLens's erratic update schedule, and when a new update comes out, all work on the exe needs to be redone from relative scratch.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Append: Shard of Dreams(Touhoumon)(Postgame I Highlight 1)"東方幻想人形演舞"

But, I'm sure you all want the actual game now instead of hearing me ramble on and on, so lemme just drop some links right down below for you all! A change log will be provided with the download Also, please note, the patcher assumes you haven't changed from Yume no Kakera's default install directory.

If you moved the install directory, or installed it elsewhere, you will need to manually change the directory within the installer.

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A link to the official sub forum for the game on the Touhou Puppet Play forums A link to the translated Shard of Dreams manual. A link to the community-driven wiki for the game, which works to document as much about the game it can. And a link explaining how you can support the developers and purchase the game.

A direct link to the tpdp chat on the Rizon IRC server.

GitHub - TPDPTranslationTeam/TPDP_Translation_Team: TPDP Shard of Dreams Translation Files

If you have an IRC client already, just connect to irc. You will need to either have your machine in native Japanese Locale, or download a tool called Locale Emulator and run it in emulated Japanese locale that way. Trying to run the game outside of Japanese Locale or Locale Emulator will cause the game to either crash instantly or display incorrect characters for text and numbers. Instead, she narrowed her eyes, and strongly resisted the urge to stick out her tongue at him. Sarah shook her head, hard, fighting off a wave of dizziness.

He did not smile back.

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Instead, he tilted his head high, regal. Why have you come to this place? And whose fault had it been, anyway? Not her friends, who had only meant well. Not the worlds of Over and Underground, who had no hand in time's unfolding.

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Unfortunately, we were forced to decide on the closure of the project. An article recently posted by The Dallas Morning News shares the success story of a Dallas police detective whose relentless pursuit of a serial rapist finally came to an end. This game gives us better visuals while painting a grim but elaborate fantasy world. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed.

Well, maybe he was wrapped in a veil of flickering light and non-light that made her squint, but gorgeous anyway. Nice party. That, and I thought I'd ask you to dance with me. So," Sarah tipped up her chin. Most days, she was split between blaming herself, for not knowing the rules, and blaming him, for being who — or what — he was. The Goblin King sounded genuinely curious, but Sarah squinted. Shadows lay oddly on his skin, skewing away and wrapping closer at the same time. Whatever magic had shrouded him was gone. The feather cloak was the same — she remembered it, from their confrontation in the topsy-turvy remains of the Escher Room.

The hatchet face was the same, gaunt and pale as ivory, though made weird by the flashes of color sweeping up alongside the hawk nose, and over the hooded eyes. In the darkest hours, she was honest with herself. Was anyone to blame? Was it somehow a fault — to crave, to want? To be in thrall to the whisper of a voice and the brush of feathered cloak?

It has been quite some time, since we last met, has it not? He raised an eyebrow.

A Shard of Dreams

Sarah felt herself flush, and then met his sardonic stare with defiance. He bared his teeth in another … smile? Whatever it was, her skin prickled as it flashed. It's whatever you make of it. I don't have a date, and I'm definitely not tied by favor, so it's just for fun. And my friends explained all the rules. Believe it or not, Jareth," and she put her hands on her hips, "even in scary Fairyland, you're allowed to have fun.

Sarah gave him a challenging grin.

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He gazed at her, still impassive, holding her glove in his hand. Jareth heaved a sigh. Jareth blinked, his expression changing, but Sarah didn't notice — remembering, instead, that she had come to the corner of the stairwell with a purpose — a dance …. When the Goblin King did not move from the stairwell, she laughed.

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I took a year of ballroom since we last — met. I won't embarrass you. Or," and she tilted her head, "are you scared? Sarah remembered the ballroom, dazzling in marble and gold, and the dancers in velvet and gossamer whirling round. Last in line, she had walked into a place of illusion and pretense — and she had been warned.

Does one little dance tire you out so much, Goblin King? Make you forget your manners? The music lilted to a stop. Sarah curtsied to the Goblin King, noticing, out of the corner of her eye, how wide a space there was around them.

Shards of the Dreams

Her instincts shivered. Something's wrong …. Setting her jaw, Sarah grabbed his upper arm and strode off the dance floor. Sorry, this work doesn't allow non-Archive users to comment. You can however still leave Kudos! Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Check out her fics here: Pika - FF.

Chapter 1.

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Chapter Text Looking back at that night, later, Sarah wondered if at any point she could have changed things. Diana had looked, and then snickered, "Is that — kelp? The noise had reached a fever pitch. Sarah was taller; she looked over her friend's head. Sarah blushed, "Geez —"… but then her eyes caught a flicker.

She stared. There, in the King's wake, she saw Jareth. But she remembered the expression in his eyes, and his singing to her … When she had told her friends that something not-quite-human had given her a song, they had exchanged long looks, and nodded. She had not expected it to be difficult to find him, but it was. Sarah laughed, giddy, despite herself. He did, and then his eyes widened in recognition. But she had not expected him to hiss, in that voice she had never forgotten, " Leave. Sarah glowered back at him. Then his lips pressed into a thin line.

How are you? How have you been? You only ever needed to wish. He had done so in a ballroom, long ago … "Enchanted. Just drop whatever that is that's making you go all melty.