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adulation (n.)

Excessive, ingratiating praise: blandishment , blarney , flattery , incense , oil , slaver. The teenager's adulation of the pop-group worried her parents.

Mentioned in? References in classic literature? For Russian historians, strange and terrible to say, Napoleon- that most insignificant tool of history who never anywhere, even in exile, showed human dignity- Napoleon is the object of adulation and enthusiasm; he is grand.

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View in context. This is one instance of that adulation which we bestow on our own minds, and this almost universally. Poldark actress Heida Reed has lamented the frenzied female adulation heaped upon co-star Aidan Turner for undermining the drama Politics of expressing an appreciation of beauty. Adulation , an impressive winner of a Catterick maiden having previously finished mid-division in the Group 2 Queen Mary Stakes at Royal Ascot, will be Haggas's first representative at the provincial French course.


However if the adulation is lapped up when the goals flow, the other side of the coin has to be accepted with as much good grace as possible. No 9 shirt can be a weighty one sometimes.

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She told the news magazine that she was coming clean about her claims more than 20 years after his death to lay to rest the slavish adulation of her father - regarded as one of the greatest German actors of all time. And I'm not belittling the sport per se, more the adulation for the players.

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Pitch battle. The ocean has the conscienceless temper of a savage autocrat spoiled by much adulation.


The verb "adulate," the noun "adulator," and the adjective "adulatory" later joined the language. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'adulation.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent. Queenly adulation certainly doesn't focus on these women for their professionalism, their ability to make a place for themselves in a cut-throat business world.

In fact, in the king's and queen's grand assemblies, while their majesties were speaking, and while every one present seemed to be listening in the midst of the most profound silence, some of these noiseless conversations took place, in which adulation was not the prevailing feature. Cats, by the way, rarely suffer from excess of adulation.

Adulation (Daily Dictionary)

Shakspere, like every other great man, has been the object of much unintelligent, and misdirected adulation , but his greatness, so far from suffering diminution, grows more apparent with the passage of time and the increase of study. He had bought for himself out of all the wealth streaming through his fingers neither adulation nor love, neither splendour nor comfort. Dictionary browser? Full browser?