Chasing Rainbows, My Triumph Over Ovarian Cancer

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But as her right ovary is still healthy, doctors are confident she will still be able to have a family.

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She is pictured with her mother Mandy, Dr Richard Hutson, the gynaecological oncologist who performed Miss Key's surgery, said: 'Luckily for Olivia, even though her cyst was quite large at the time of surgery, it had not started to leak or break so the tumour was confined to her ovary. She was assessed properly by both hospitals, the surgery was a success and now she's doing all the things she wants to do without any problems.

More than 7, women in are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the UK each year, one in five are under the age of Katherine Taylor, Chief Executive of Ovarian Cancer Action, said: 'Although ovarian cancer risk is relatively low in young women, it's important that all women are informed about the symptoms. The main symptoms of ovarian cancer pictured are increased abdominal size, pain, difficulty eating and feeling full quickly.

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The symptoms of ovarian cancer can be difficult to recognise, particularly in its early stages. This is because they are often the same as symptoms of other less serious conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome IBS or pre-menstrual syndrome PMS. However, three main symptoms are more frequent in women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. They are:.

Chasing Rainbows, My Triumph Over Ovarian Cancer by Luci Berardi

Other symptoms, such as back pain, needing to pass urine more frequently than usual, and pain during sex may be the result of other conditions in the pelvic area. However, they may be present in some women with ovarian cancer. Women who have these types of symptoms, try keeping a diary to record how many are suffered over a longer period. Bear in mind that ovarian cancer is rare in women under 40 years of age. Women who have these symptoms regularly on most days for three weeks or more should see their GP.

Although it's unlikely they're being caused by a serious problem, it's best to check. Women who have already seen their GP and the symptoms continue or get worse should go back and explain this. Source: NHS Choices. Share this article Share. When I found out it was cancer I was left in utter shock, I never would have thought I'd get something so life-threatening at Read more: ovarian.

Share or comment on this article: Olivia Key who looked pregnant discovers a cancerous cyst is to blame e-mail More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Today's headlines Most Read Moisturiser saved my life: Mother, 27, reveals she was diagnosed with cancer after spotting a 'hard lump' in No, cocaine does NOT pair well with pufferfish: Florida man nearly killed by combo of drugs and toxin 1, One in 10 people have had 'near-death' experiences where they have been left 'paralysed' or feeling like Boy who had surgery in the womb to treat spina bifida is now walking at 18 months despite fears he would be Dementia sufferers could benefit from stroking a cat, singing in a choir or baking a cake, health officials Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK may be unnecessarily taking drugs for a sub-clinical The martyr who gave us radiology: Visceral photos show the fatal wounds Thomas Edison's assistant sustained STOP swimming with diarrhea: Fecal germs have sickened thousands of swimmers and killed 8 in the last Make sure you ask questions and if something doesn t feel right, be sure to share your concerns with your physician or get a second opinion.

Over 20, women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year. If it is you, you are not alone.

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Margaret rated it it was amazing Mar 07, You are quick to ask why. Remember, a screening test is a choice, not a requirement. The book She takes a small amount of naltrexone and metformin, prescribed by her naturopath, in hopes of preventing recurrence. Hyman also finds support groups comforting. Generally, we see that when you truly count their change, there is trivial change to be counted.

If it s a loved one, they are not alone. If ovarian cancer has entered your life, not only is ovarian cancer survivor Luci Berardi now part of your support system, she is here to share with you her journey to fight this fight with every stitch of your soul. Is Ovarian Cancer in Your Midst?


You are a woman who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, a loved one who has or are a friend. You are now in a community, one that you never imagined that you would be a member of. It s an intimate group of amazing women and their care providers and loved ones that is instantly created with each confirmed diagnosis.

Ovarian cancer is diagnosed in 20, plus women every year, often very late in the progression of the disease. Most women are stunned by the diagnosis. What makes this cancer hard to detect is that the warning signs often mimic pre-menstrual symptoms.

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Currently there is no accurate testing for this cancer. Some of the most common warning signs of ovarian cancer include: bloating bleeding pain during intercourse feeling full after eating small amounts Know this disease in one way or another touches everyone whether you are the fighter or the caregiver or a loved one.

Each one of us has our own struggle in the fight. Luci Berardi is an ovarian cancer survivor, author and speaker. After going through a hysterectomy with debulking and the convention regimen of chemotherapy, Luci remains cancer free. This journey was the inspiration for Luci to write a book about her trials, mental state and triumph over this diagnosis.

The use of conventional, alternative and spiritual therapies were paramount in her recovery. She provides hope and a renewal of Faith for the patient, the spouse and the family members and friends who walk a similar journey.

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Chasing Rainbows: My Triumph Over Ovarian Cancer is the story of Luci Berardi who at 42 was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer a cancer that is the. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Luci Berardi is an ovarian cancer survivor, author and speaker. Luci was diagnosed in October with Stage IV Ovarian.

Luci is an advocate for raising awareness of this disease. She is also affiliated with Imerman Angels- a one on one cancer support network for other women in the depths of their own fight. Bring Luci to you.

Risks for Ovarian Cancer

Her story and the inspiration brought forth through her speaking engagements is ideal for any program that is focused on providing information, support and hope to women battling cancer and the ones that love them. Convert currency. Add to Basket.