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Random Acts Of Genius Street Art That Some People Consider Vandalism
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Dave cuts many of his band saw boxes without a specific pattern in mind making each one unique and randomly different from another one. Featured prominently in the Random Acts of Art Exhibit is new and exciting works by Dave Wisniewski a local artist with a national following. Being raised by an Artist mother, Dave showed an interest in and talent for art at an early age. Declared legally blind early on in his student years, Dave refused to be discouraged by his new handicap and went on to graduate with an art degree, having learned techniques using his remaining available sight.

On display are his larger than life cowboys, as well as new characters including a cowgirl, farmer, and clown. Other favorite community artists include the Vollmars from Eagle Glassworks who are masters at fusing, casting, slumping and grinding glass to create one-of-a-kind artistic masterpieces. Just in time for the summer gift season the Vollmars have created pieces depicting sailing, florals, nature, gardens, wildlife and your favorite cup of Latte.

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Annette Jensen has added whimsical watercolor creations inspired by observations of nature, as well as a representational Colorado Landscape made with Alcohol Ink. Artistic License by NJA has spontaneous pours of flowing acrylic accentuated with exciting textures and sparkles. Accomplished artist Darleen Krohn is showcasing her abilities in a formal oil portrait as well as spring floral. Melanie A. Stinson shows her versatility by showcasing collage, ink, pastel, photos and alcohol ink techniques. Popular area photographers J.

As the quarter- inch skin hardens, it bonds with the resins and casting medium in a way that allows Wood to acid-etch, carve and hammer the surface before polishing the finished work into a lustrous sheen. Josh Simpson. He has also crafted artificial meteorites that are physically and chemically similar to the real ones, embedded with glass inlays. The largest planets, a foot in diameter and weighing 50 pounds or more, are in the permanent collections of the Boston Museum of Fine Art, the Corning Museum of Glass, the Yale University Art Gallery and other institutions.

Natalie Blake. Her carving is inspired by aquatic, botanical, industrial, and mythical elements. The sculptural components and layered colors create a lush depth of surface, an inviting texture, and a sense of three-dimensional space.

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Her carving has been referenced to folded fabric, conjuring the image of expandability through breath. Creating a piece that conveys fullness and ripeness is what satisfies artist Natalie Blake. The gallery is open from noon to p. Telephone Number and Website.

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The boutique is owned by Random Acts of Art, Inc. Richardson is a graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Sort order. Aug 05, Story rated it liked it. A little empty, but I enjoyed the perspectives of multiple artists on their abandoned projects. DeMeng's art is something I've always enjoyed through flipping through his other books, though not so much his tone in this book. I can't exactly pinpoint what it was that rubbed me the wrong way. The photos are gorgeous, and the abandonment challenges seem like a lot of fun.

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The real value to my mind are those essays written by other artists. I will say that this book was profoundly helpful to me pers A little empty, but I enjoyed the perspectives of multiple artists on their abandoned projects. I will say that this book was profoundly helpful to me personally, in recontextualizing my own projects and the complicated feelings I had about letting others know what I'd done in the past. I'd felt rather like I'd "done it for attention"-- as if that's bad?

People have been doing this for ages.

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This book set off a realization that "for fun" is a perfectly acceptable thing, and that "attention" isn't just "look at meeeeeeee," but about connection and conversation and the spread of ideas. Sep 05, W.

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When MIA started working in Savanette Haiti, there was no school, no clean water, no jobs and little hope. Turns out so many people wanted to participate that the project has been ongoing for a couple of years…and I finally had my turn! In her assemblage sculpture, she teases out notions of function and display by creating richly glazed vessels and locating them on top of or inside used furniture, such as armchairs, couches and tables, or balancing them on plinths of her own devising. It is free and open to the public. Reviewed January 30, Great Items!

Bolm rated it really liked it. I think that every person who reads this book will have a different experience based on why they picked it up, but I found it to be very helpful both in the inspirational sense to get me motivated to make more art and in the practical sense to get me connected to the art abandonment community but also to actually start projects instead of just dreaming about it. I personally got a lot out of reading this and will be taking concrete steps to fill my soul with art on a more regular basis. Jun 12, E. I really enjoyed this book. It is full of great ideas and lovely art work.

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I look forward to experimenting with this both on my own and with my daughter. Very cool concept. Aug 25, Tristy rated it liked it Shelves: how-to , art. I love the concept of this book and reading about the power of "abandoning your art" was really eye-opening.

Unfortunately, there is something off in structure of this book. My most favorite chapter was the piece written by one of my favorite teachers and painters, Flora Bowley. She I love the concept of this book and reading about the power of "abandoning your art" was really eye-opening. She and a group of friends made a beautiful found nature mandala on a busy intersection in Portland, Oregon. Her writing style and wonderful photography was really powerful and moving. Oct 14, Ann rated it liked it.