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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: #FreeMorgan
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M ore head-turning horticulture as, under the admiring gaze of Nicki Chapman and Diarmuid Gavin, eight teams of award-winning designers go head to head over the next four weeks, taking unloved outdoor spaces and transforming them into fabulous gardens. The fourth series of this photography competition comes to a close with a final challenge based on the theme of female empowerment. Each work must tell a story of three woman who have excelled in a male-driven profession: Elisabeth Fuchs, the Austrian orchestra conductor; Antonia Klugman, the Italian Michelin-starred chef; and Reverend Rosemarie Mallett, a vicar and community leader from Brixton.

This third and final season is the best, and starts with a pair of episodes in which Pete, fresh off a two-month tour, returns to New York with renewed confidence only to realise that the big time is still a distant prospect. This is, by and large, a reprocessed version of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan , so half the fun of watching is in spotting links to its predecessor. Liam Neeson plays the ex-CIA operative who travels to Paris to rescue his annoying daughter from Albanian sex-traffickers. There have been several fly-on-the-wall hotel series of late, and we know the format: perfectionist staff, glamorous guests, last-minute demands.

What makes this stand out, however, is the talking heads. The documentary series about dementia sufferers working in a restaurant comes to an emotional conclusion, as chef Josh Eggleton pushes his staff outside of their comfort zone by overhauling the menu completely. Helen Macdonald, the prize-winning author of H is for Hawk, presents this lovely, lyrical film following the Tay across Scotland, from its source in the Highlands to its mouth in the North Sea.

In , year-old Anna Campbell went to Syria to join the Kurdish all-female militia in their fight against Isil. She was killed a month later. This film uses her diary and videos to paint a portrait of an woman raised to stand up for her beliefs. Comedian Jon Richardson returns with a new series of worries.

How much you enjoy this lavish new wildlife series, which starts a six-part run tonight, will likely depend on your taste for attributing human characteristics to wild animals. The footage itself is spectacular, fully immersing us in this majestic and cut-throat environment. The script however, feels over-egged at times, injecting unnecessary sentiment into events that often speak for themselves.

This Eighties-set drama, which plays homage to the sci-fi blockbusters of that era, was a hit on its first outing. The second run just about kept up momentum, deftly exploring the trials of adolescence without sacrificing the supernatural suspense. Now we go back to Indiana for what promises to be a suitably horrifying return.

A Jake Morgan Mystery

It soon becomes apparent, however, that she might have locked evil into the town instead. A new series of the consumer-rights show that uncovers bogus goods clogging the marketplace kicks off with Dominic Littlewood and Michelle Ackerley investigating counterfeit mozzarella used on pizzas and dodgy items of celebrity memorabilia. O ur last outing of the series with the North West Ambulance Service sees the team deal with homelessness, car accidents and a cardiac arrest at a gym.

Snowy conditions, meanwhile, keep the much-needed helicopter grounded. The show returns for a final run, where we find Haller joining a commune and becoming its leader. Still, there are some gleefully silly jokes along the way. Security was fast approaching through the crowded aisles, so I shoved the little pissant in their direction. I tossed his remaining chips at the blond bimbo, who dropped half of them to the floor.

He patted me on the ass like a coach would his quarterback.

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A donation to my stress relief fund. The Oasis Hotel's casino was the biggest in Las Vegas, about the size of a football field. To get to the dealers' break room I had to walk from one end zone to the other. The route led past the poker room, soon to be my new home. It was packed. It was wonderful. I took a moment to savor the sights and sounds. One of the advantages of the poker room was that it was always busy. Nothing was more boring than being marooned on an empty blackjack table.

Standing there like an idiot with my hands behind my back gave me too much time to think. Not a good thing.

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  • ‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: #FreeMorgan.

Poker, especially hold 'em poker, was quickly becoming America's favorite gambling pastime. The old, cigar-smoke-filled, backroom joints had given way to clean, lavish card rooms. More than half the states had legalized card rooms, either in swank surroundings like California, New Jersey, or New England, or on Indian reservations and riverboats.

And most of the poker players had a different outlook.


At blackjack, you could always tell from a player's face if they were losing. It was them against the house. At poker, even a lot of the losers would keep their cool.

Losing it would be a show of weakness, and in a tough game, where half the table consisted of local pros, they'd feed on emotions and "tells" like a school of piranha feeds on helpless prey. Kenny was a poker dealer here at the Oasis and hosted a game for a bunch of the guys every couple of weeks at his place.

It was supposed to be friendly, and for the most part it was. But last week I got caught in a session with two guys on tilt.

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The game turned into a wild shoot-out, and when the smoke cleared I was out one paycheck and part of my next. I swore I'd never play again. But that was last week.


I almost lost an eye once. Cards can really sting when some asshole whips them at you for filling some other guy's inside straight. I'm dealin' a one-three Omaha game with a bunch of outta town fish. When I arrived at the dealers' room, I took a few gibes regarding my sartorial splendor from the gang sitting around the big-screen TV. Then I found myself a quiet corner in the adjoining locker room, peeled off my shirt, and soaked it in cold water.

I was lucky she had been a hard drinker. Mix would have made it worse. It wasn't the first time I'd had a drink thrown at me, and it probably wouldn't be the last. At least this one had the courtesy to hold onto her glass.

Married At First Sight viewers stunned as they recognise groom’s dad from Dickinsons Real Deal

The Juan Valdez impersonator had been drinking up a storm and betting large and loud to impress a hot number hanging on his arm. Apparently I was the reason for his bad luck, and he wasn't shy about telling me, and whoever else could hear, what a stupid gringo I was.

When he was ready to pack it in and take the Charo look-alike upstairs to play "peel the banana," he slapped down a five thousand dollar chip and announced it was his final bet. I smiled inside when I gave him two eights.

Drawing Dead

His date gleefully encouraged him to split. He got two more eights, a few threes, and a deuce. By the time he was finished splitting and doubling down he had another thirty-five large spread out on the table in crisp hundreds. I never saw the glass coming after I busted him with my own twenty-one.

If you look closely at my right eyebrow, you can still see the scar. When security arrested him he claimed I'd laughed at his misfortune.

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She says the recent case of a dog named Benny in NYC is a prime example. Biblio is a marketplace for book collectors comprised of thousands of independent, professional booksellers, located all over the world, who list their books for sale online so that customers like you can find them! Detective Ray Velcoro 8 episodes, Mahershala Ali And then probably re-see it. Freddy Burns 5 episodes,

I, of course, insisted he was mistaken. If a year in Las Vegas had taught me anything, it was that people turned weird when they arrived here, almost as if they had tripped and fallen into the "Fountain of Stupid" when they landed at McCarran International. You wouldn't find it in any tourist guide or travel brochure, but in the past year, tourists had died while visiting their Mecca of Madness—more than one a day. Ecw Press, A like new fine copy with Book Release news letter laid in..

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