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Not only is Phil having to deal with the FBI but he has now drawn the attention of the Pied Piper himself who is now looking for ways to destroy Phil. What better way than to get to his family. The Pied Piper has a hatred for all blacks and he is relishing in his game of abducting and killing children. A child has been taken and brutally killed. What Phillip runs into is a political mess.

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A mentally retarded man who was a member of the KKK is being accused by the District Attorneys office as the killer of the little girl. Phillip is convinced this man does not have the intelligence to pull this murder off. Phil is not the type of man that backs down from a fight and he is going head to head with these men. Can he prove the man is innocent?

What is pushing the DA to convict a man even if that man is not guilty? How much does politics play into it? Phil Rigby is a character that you just can't help admiring. He is honest and willing to fight for anyone he believes is not being treated fairly be them black or white.

Now in his determination to find the killer of the little girl and find justice for the man accused of the crime he once again faces his past. Old enemies from Rigby are turning up and it appears that Phillip is right in the line of fire.

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The KKK has a long memory and although everything seemed resolved with his fathers death and the subsequent problems with his mother and sisters, apparently all is not forgotten. Is the Pied Piper one of the people from Rigby? If so who is it? What is their ultimate goal? What about Phillip's family? Are they in danger? Israel has a way of writing that brings out all sorts of emotions. The scary part of this book and the first Phillip Rigby book is that although written as fiction it hits too close to home. I have no doubt that what Mr. Israel has written about is going on somewhere even today.

It is inconceivable that there is so much hatred in the world and worst of all that it is aimed at the innocent, children who have done no wrong and cannot defend themselves. There are surprises in this book that I never saw coming. Now that is what makes a great book.

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There were some editing problems but they did not interfer with my enjoyment of the book so I did not think it was worthy of a lower rating. Larson rated it liked it Apr 02, Katy marked it as to-read Feb 05, Terry marked it as to-read Feb 13, Beckie marked it as to-read May 06, Deangela marked it as to-read Aug 20, Laura Jackson marked it as to-read Jul 14, Marcie marked it as to-read Nov 29, The Ark represents the very throne of God, who "Dwells between the Cherubim".

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TALES OF THE MOSSAD: The Birth of Chrislam - Kindle edition by David J Israel, Paul Israel. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Tales of the Mossad book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Rabbi Jacob Levy is a Widower who lives by himself.

Incredibly God allowed that which represents His very throne to be captured by the Philistines! I will go further, for the Ark is in fact a type of the Messiah. It is the ultimate teaching of the person and work of the Messiah, who would come to reconcile man to God, by being a mercy seat or propitiation covering! Therefore the Ark is a type of Christ Himself. When God brought Israel into the land of promise, He warned them that if they ever departed from Him he would evict them from the land and that they would go into exile.

Faithlessness would get them put out. The Israelites thought that they were using God to get them a victory over their enemies. In the height of presumption and superstition, they would seize His throne, and put it out there as a talisman! On the other hand, the Philistines thought that the battle of Aphek was a clear demonstration of the superiority of their god, Dagon, over the God of Israel.

To them the Ark was a trophy of the victory of their false god! It begins to look like a familiar story now, something we have heard in another setting. We worship a God who can let Himself be taken, who can relinquish His mighty power, and by apparent weakness and defeat, effect his greatest victory. He has travelled to Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, England, Australia, New Zealand, India, Russia and the Philippines preaching the gospel and contending for the faith that has been delivered to the saints.

He and his wife, Kristin, have 6 children and 10 grandchildren. Issue 56 July 1, When He Cometh. David Wilkerson Memorial. The Deity of Humanity. When in Rome. What about chrislam? The Music of Hillsong: Part 1. What Have We Become? Mocking Truth. The Jewish defenders saw this because they were monitoring the demonstration and followed to put up a defensive fight.

The aftermath of a pro-Palestinian protest in Paris, July 19, Every pogrom in history has had its defenders. There have been innumerable other excuses. And indeed, there are just as many this time around. The French Jews themselves, thankfully, are having none of it. This is propaganda. The Pogrom did not die with the successful defense of la Roquette. Following the attack, the French authorities banned further anti-Israel demonstrations.

The pogromists, as is their wont, marched anyway. The horrors have still not ended. The Pogrom has also spread into the virtual world. The victim was beaten with iron bars and saved solely by the coincidental appearance of a neighbor, which caused the assailants to flee. Hate speech and incitement to violence against Jews are flying at light speed across the Internet. In regard to Israel and the Jews, percent of comments have to be blocked due to violent and racist content.

But this is, as the saying goes, far too little and far, far too late. This is because the la Roquette and Sarcelles pogroms are not isolated incidents. They are outbreaks in a pogrom that has been ongoing for 14 years. This ongoing series of racist atrocities has killed, impoverished, exiled, and terrified many, while the authorities, for the most part, did nothing. This occurred all over Europe, but France quickly became its epicenter. This was perhaps inevitable, since France has both the largest Jewish and the largest Muslim populations in Europe.

But the Jews number only , While no one is quite certain of the Muslim population, it certainly numbers well into the millions. Faced with both the electoral power of its Muslim minority and the threat of social unrest and violence from this often restive community, French authorities have found it convenient to react to pogroms by simply ignoring them.

This has held true even in the face of some of the most appalling atrocities to take place in France in decades. There is a reason for that. For many French Jews, the kidnapping, torture, and slaughter of the young Ilan Halimi in was a breaking point. The point at which, however much the French authorities might deny the ongoing progrom, the Jews no longer could or would.

According to the initial autopsy report, burns, apparently from the acid, covered 60 percent of his body. Damage from the Sarcelles pogrom.

Worse still, Pogrom Denialists quickly jumped on the ransom demands, claiming that the atrocity was linked to money and not antisemitism. The authorities, finding this excuse convenient, followed suit. But if such a thing exists, it would be the Toulouse Massacre. In early , a demented racist named Mohammed Merah went on a killing spree. Another child was seriously injured. Mourners follow a hearse after a memorial ceremony at Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse, France, March 20, Photo: EPA.

Once again, the attack originated in an anti-Israel demonstration. Until the la Roquette and Sarcelles pogroms, the Halimi atrocity and the Toulouse massacre were merely the worst incidents of anti-Jewish violence in recent years. For the most part, however, this has been a pogrom in slow motion, an accumulation of thousands of smaller atrocities: Incidents of violence, intimidation, vandalism, indignity, and the cultivation of fear that have had their inevitable—and no doubt intended—effect. For , it notes antisemitic incidents. And one must assume that many more go unreported as a result of the intimidation that led the aforementioned witnesses to conceal their names.

A European Union survey published recently suggested that 40 percent of Jews in France will avoid wearing clothing that identifies them as being Jewish. One of my own personal friends experienced such an incident. As she ran from the attackers, she begged a shop owner to hide her and call the police.

He refused. Thankfully, she escaped unharmed despite his indifference. It was, she told me, the last straw. A few months later she moved to Israel. They said little and did less. As always, it was not just that evil men were willing to do evil, but that good men were too cowardly or too indifferent to lift a finger to stop them. Even before the latest explosion of anti-Jewish violence and hatred, Jews all over Europe were neither comfortable nor secure.

The reasons for these sentiments were amply on display over the past week, as a series of anti-Israel demonstrations across Europe promptly degenerated—or showed their true selves, depending on how you look at it—into open antisemitism. Such genocidal rhetoric was not confined to Belgium.

It also appeared in, of all places, Germany. One would have thought that, in the post-Shoah age, Germany had lost the right to allow such things to occur. But this was not the case. Most importantly, we should not make the common mistake of presuming that this pogromist rhetoric stems only from radical Muslim immigrants. A Global Pogrom does not discriminate. People of all races and creeds are happily invited. Politically they span the spectrum, from German neo-Nazis to Marxist anti-Imperialists, from secular Palestinian nationalists to Islamic fundamentalists.

The role of Islam cannot be ignored, however. As in France, this constant incitement to violence and genocide has had its intended effect—the legitimization of pogromist behavior. A similar episode occurred in April when six youths surrounded an Israeli and his wife as they left their apartment building and physically assaulted the Israeli in the face.

One player was spat on, while the coach entered the pitch to protect his players. A pro-Palestinian protester attacks a Maccabi Haifa player during a scrimmage in Austria. In London, home to a large Muslim minority, a series of protests were, at least, fairly peaceful, but the rhetoric remained one of unrelenting incitement and defamation. One popular talking point is that Israel is guilty of genocide. A protest that uses such rhetoric is not a protest. It is an attack. The British Jewish community is now under siege as well.

Death and bomb threats are flowing in by the dozen. Hate crimes are skyrocketing. A Jewish boy was the target of stone thrown by a Muslim woman. A rabbi was the target of a gang attack. In a strange way, however one of the most disturbing stories to emerge from this Europe of the Global Pogrom is also one of the least violent.

Perhaps this incident sticks in the mind for a simple reason: If this hatred is so low, so cowardly and petty, as to motivate such a violent attack on an inanimate object, what more would it be capable of inflicting on a human being? Unfortunately, we already know the answer. Recent days have proven this sadly false. The Pogrom has reached North America, like the first symptoms of a terminal disease. As in Europe, the Pogrom is based in ostensibly anti-Israel protests and demonstrations that traffic in racist and defamatory rhetoric, and ultimately erupt into mob violence.

The problem is already serious enough to force the Anti-Defamation League to issue a security warning to Jewish institutions across the United States. He was not talking about the European Pogroms. He was talking about demonstrations in places like Boston, which prides itself on being a city that embodies American liberalism, tolerance, and multiculturalism. I grew up in Boston, and know from personal experience that this belief has always been marred by a measure of hypocrisy.

And indeed, as has occurred so often in the past, none of these principles now appear to apply to the Jews. And as in Europe, there appeared to be a disturbing indifference on the part of the authorities. Perhaps the most disturbing thing, however, was the testimony of Californian activist Bea Lieberman:. Perhaps it will fall as far as Berlin, or Antwerp, or Paris.


Or perhaps it will fall as far as Calgary, where an entire family was assaulted by a mob of anti-Israel pogromists, sending several of them to the hospital. One of the victims describes the pogromists attacking her year-old brother. That a family of defenseless people had been attacked by a group of thugs over ten times as large did not appear to bother the Calgary police. Instead, they blamed the family for coming to the demonstration with an Israeli flag. The local media did more or less the same.

That several of them could have been killed—as in France, as in Berlin, as in Antwerp, as in Austria, as in any place a pogrom occurs—did not matter either. Indeed, another victim of the Pogrom, this time in Montreal, drew a chilling parallel to the situation in France. Quebec is going to be the new France. No police presence beforehand. As far as can be ascertained, just as in Boston, Calgary, Montreal, and places like L.

And the Pogrom is still expanding.

DNA: DNA test of Israeli investigation agency "Mossad"

Thanks to the Global Pogrom, this is no longer the case. Anti-Israel protests have sparked pogromist activity there as well. Fortunately, but also tragically, however, the Muslim world has few targets for its hatred besides Israel.

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Only in one place in the Muslim world does a substantial Jewish community survive: Turkey. And it is they who have become the favored target of the Global Pogrom in the Muslim world itself. They number only 17,, but they are a strong and ancient community. In fact, the Jewish presence in Anatolia precedes Islam by at least 1, years, if not more. Yet the Global Pogrom has struck them too, particularly after the rise of the Islamist AKP party to power, and the resultant reawakening of publically expressed antisemitism.

Their awakening to the Global Pogrom came early, and it was notably brutal. In , two synagogues in Istanbul—home to what is by far the largest Jewish community in the country—were hit by truck bombs. The situation has only grown worse. And in recent weeks, it has reached a fever pitch, with the AKP and its Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan spewing antisemitic rhetoric against Israel and, by implication, his own Jewish community.

Turkish protesters burn an Israeli flag outside the Israeli consulate in Istanbul. Is this your gratitude—killing Muslims? Erdogan, demand that the community leader apologize! There was the usual stone-throwing, attempts at infiltration, and genocidal racism. There is another intended result of all this violence and murderous rhetoric: Turkish Jews are leaving. Within a generation, this ancient community will likely no longer exist. In Turkey, in other words, the Global Pogrom has become an act of expulsion and ethnic cleansing.

And Turkey is not alone. The remains of another ancient community are also in the sights of the pogromists. You see it in the eyes of people. I see it in everything. Sharansky also openly acknowledged—perhaps the first time a public figure has done so—what this really means: Expulsion and ethnic cleansing.

Europe, in other words, has returned to the Middle Ages, when Jews were routinely expelled from one region to another. The movement that enables them is not pro-human rights, it is not anti-war, and it is not pro-Palestinian.

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It is a Global Pogrom. Groups that deny or engage in apologetics for their violence are hate groups. So the terrible truth must be spoken: There is now, for all practical purposes, no distinction between hatred of Israel, hatred of Zionism, and hatred of the Jews. There may once have been a distinction. It is possible. But there is no longer, because the pogromists themselves have destroyed it. So the terrible truth must be spoken: If it is not stopped, the Global Pogrom will spread.

It will spread to wherever there are large Muslim populations that embrace a culture of genocidal racist hatred. It will spread to wherever there are Leftists whose hatred of Israel has led them to the inevitable embrace of antisemitism. And it will spread to wherever the neo-Nazi and neo-fascist Right is once again ascending to power on a wave of discontent. And most of all, it will spread to wherever there are Jews to serve as targets. Images from European anti-Israel protests, like this one in France, bring to mind darker moments from European history. So the terrible truth must be spoken: The Global Pogrom is an existential threat to the Jews.

But not only the Jews. It is an existential threat to democracy, to civil society, and to civilization itself. Should Europe, the Muslim world, North America, and wherever else the Global Pogrom has spread wish to retain their status as civilizations, they must say no to the barbarism that is the Global Pogrom. It is a question of the Jews and the world. And the fulfillment of such responsibilities is a mark of a true civilization.

The question now is whether or not it will choose to forsake it entirely. Despite the prodigious horrors it has already committed, the Global Pogrom has also proved stunningly self-defeating. It has, in other words, strengthened the country and the people it loathes with such a murderous passion. But this small consolation is still a small one. And it is no substitute for justice. For the Global Pogrom to be defeated, justice must be demanded.

Justice must be demanded for its victims and its targets.