The Flat-Eyed Monster (The Galaxy Project)

Jon Osterman
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The year-old actor has returned to the set of his new James Bond film after rehab for an injury to his ankle ligaments. Craig underwent surgery after falling during filming in Jamaica in May. Jun 30, am. He became angry at her behavior and he teleported her home. During the 's there are riots against the Costumed adventurers , Manhattan with Laurie attempt to quiet the unrest in Washington.

This seemed to go on too long and Manhattan teleported everyone to their homes; 2 of them died of a heart attack, although Manhattan believed that more would die during the riots.

Eventually an emergency bill passed outlawing the superheroes, but as the country's defense rested in Manhattan's hands, he continued working for the government. In he moved to Rockefeller Military Research Center where he performed research and construction of new technology. In summer of , he and Laurie walked to Grand Central Station and bought a Time issue celebrating Hiroshima week; the cover had a frozen wristwatch, whose arms had stopped at the same position as Janey's when her own was broken.

During the execution of Adrian Veidt 's plot to save the world, he fabricates evidence to make Manhattan wrongly accused of giving cancer to those exposed to him over long periods of time. At an unknown point prior to , he intervened at a government bank being robbed by Marco Maez and Erika Manson , the costumed criminals Mime and Marionette. Mime defied Manhattan in a wordless stand-off, but before Manhattan could eviscerate him, Marionette stepped in the way, declaring he'd have to kill her first.

Seeing the future of Marionette's second child, who would not be conceived for another 7 years, Manhattan quietly dropped his hand and withdrew, allowing the two to be captured by the authorities.

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When the Comedian was killed, Dr. Manhattan was informed by the CIA. His attitude disturbed Laurie and Jon dismissed Rorschach by teleporting him out. As he was busy locating a gluino , he allowed Laurie to go out with Dan. At The Comedian 's funeral. Jon attended the Comedian's funeral and reflected on their association in the Vietnam War. He appeared in Benny Anger 's show where he would be interviewed. Agent Forbes briefed him on the politics of the Cold War that he might be asked upon.

However it was not what Manhattan was there for. The magazine Nova Express made an investigation about whether Dr. Manhattan cause cancer to his associates, and Doug Roth who had previously interviewed Janey Slater made these allegations in public; a fray erupted and the journalists came towards him asking for details concerning his relationship to Slater.

Forbes attempted to guide Manhattan outside and hold off the journalists. Eventually Manhattan teleported everyone away. He leaves his place for the abanoned Gila Flats and recovers the photograph with Slater. He then teleports to Mars. However, this was a frame arranged by Veidt to induce Osterman to leave, to remove his interference in his scheme to save the world. During his absence, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan , bringing the world closer to a nuclear war than ever.

From that revelation, Doctor Manhattan is amazed by the improbable chances that occurred to result in the birth of Laurie, which he sees as a stunning "thermodynamic miracle. Although they return too late to stop Veidt's plan, they teleport to Karnak , Antarctica to confront him.

Veidt hinders Doctor Manhattan with a tachyon generator that interferes with Doctor Manhattan's ability to see the future, and then disintegrates him by subtracting his intrinsic field. To Veidt's surprise, Doctor Manhattan restores himself much more quickly this time, but when Veidt reveals that his scheme, in which he used his alien monster to kill half of New York City, appears to have averted the looming nuclear war by frightening the world's governments into cooperation, Doctor Manhattan realizes that to expose the scheme would be too dangerous for all life on Earth.

Doctor Manhattan and the other superheroes except for Rorschach agree to keep quiet to preserve Veidt's results. Rorschach leaves on his own and is murdered by Doctor Manhattan to prevent him from ever telling the truth. Manhattan does so reluctantly, at Rorschach's own insistence, who asserts that his death is the only thing that will ensure his silence. Doctor Manhattan does not mention Rorschach's death when talking to Veidt not long after, instead telling Veidt he "does not think Rorschach will reach civilization".

At the end of Watchmen , Doctor Manhattan decides to depart Earth again, but he might return one day. Veidt is surprised by his decision, pointing out the apparent contradiction with Doctor Manhattan's renewed interest in human life, to which Doctor Manhattan suggests that he may "create some [human life]" in another galaxy.

When Veidt asks if his plan worked out in the end, Jon Osterman smiles and enigmatically replies that "nothing ever ends. While the characters of DC Comics existed as fiction in the Watchmen universe, the DC Universe itself was indeed real, as an alternate dimension. Jon eventually found and made his way into the DC Multiverse. However, as he observed it's history, he became intrigued, feeling he had a place among them.

By , he oversaw Barry Allen aka the Flash had traveling back in time to prevent his mother's murder at the hands of his time travelling nemesis Professor Zoom. However, in doing so, he caused temporal distortions that caused the origins of Earth's greatest heroes to change. By example, the infant Kal-El's rocket made impact directly in Metropolis, destroying a city block and killing people, leading to him being taken captive by the US government and raised in a facility away from public.

A young Bruce Wayne was instead shot dead by a mugger, the trauma leading his father and mother to becoming Batman and the Joker respectively. Following Jon's altering of the timeline, the Justice Society had never existed, nor had any other hero groups, notably the Justice League or the Teen Titans.

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However, the League and the Titans would reform eventually. Doctor Manhattan ultimately left the universe, his final words proving to be prophetic, as Veidt's plan fell apart seven years later. By , Veidt's attack on New York was made public by Rorschach's journal having been published, leaving America is disastrous discord and anarchy, with Robert Redfield now elected president and starting his campaign by ordering a manhunt for Veidt, who'd gone into hiding.

Manhattan didn't care about what he was doing.

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As he saw past-present-future simultaneously, he did things just because they should be. After his transformation, Jon begins to experience time in a non-linear, "quantum" fashion, and it is implied that he is aware of and experiencing all the moments of his life simultaneously.

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Jon is not omniscient; he remains reliant on his intellect and sensory experience to reach conclusions, but his range of sensory data has been abruptly extended, in proportion to the lessening of his emotional capacities. This often leads him to arrive at conclusions greatly different from those available to normal humans. However, during the course of Watchmen he displays powerful emotion several times.

the flat eyed monster the galaxy project Manual

His apparent lack of sentiment is more a matter of radically altered priorities, owing to a colossal, unbridgeable gap of perception between Jon and the rest of humanity. He subscribes to a deterministic view of events. During the period in which Doctor Manhattan is a crime-fighter at the behest of the government , he states that the morality of such activities escapes him.

From his radically altered perspective, almost all human concerns appear pointless and without obvious merit. He is shown to be absolutely powerful and invulnerable to all harm; even when his body is disintegrated, he can reconstruct it in a matter of seconds, which is the very first "trick" he learned.

He does not need air, water, food or sleep and is immortal. He can teleport himself and others over limitless distances, an ability which Dreiberg had nicknamed Manhattan Transfer. Jon can see events so tiny and so fast, that they can be said to have never occurred at all. Although Veidt is obviously the second-most dangerous person, as Jon himself observes, " At one point it is stated that, in the event of a nuclear war, he would be capable of destroying Soviet nuclear missiles while at the same time 'destroying' large areas of Russia. As a result of these capabilities, Jon becomes central to the United States' Cold War strategy of deterrence.

I'm just a puppet who can see the strings. Jon's limitation appears to be apathy. In some sense, unlimited power has come at the cost of the total absence of responsibility, and his phenomenal omnipotence is juxtaposed with his growing detachment. Although he doesn't age in the biological sense, his character has changed over time with gradual detachment from humanity.

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THE FLAT-EYED MONSTER (August ) is exemplary of the story of dis The Flat-Eyed Monster (The Galaxy Project). Other editions. No, he'd still be a hideous flat-eyed, non-intelligent monster plucked pretty much of the galaxy, where this specimen originates, remains as visionary a project.

He subscribes to a deterministic view of events and exerts an effort of choice; his actions often seemed governed by a rigidly utilitarian code of ethics in which the correct course of action must be the one that benefits the most. For instance, he does nothing to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy even though he could see the future or the murder of the Vietnamese woman , even though she was present. Veidt correctly assumed tachyons ; a large burst of them can slow his ability to see the future to a moderate extent, but still his telekinetic powers were unaffected.

Note: tachyons exist only in theoretical physics. Although it was not seen in practice, Dr. Manhattan surmised that an EM pulse would cause such "static" that obscures the future, hinting at another possible weakness. Manhattan was created by Watchmen writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons but, like many main characters of the series, he is a modified version of a Charlton Comics character, in this case Captain Atom , created by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko. The choice of the name Osterman for a crime fighter may be a deliberate joke, as Osterman is the original name of the Prince of Gangsters, "Monk" Eastman, a notorious Jewish gang leader from the Lower East Side.

Manhattan is described as an American patriot who willingly enters the service of his country to protect it. However the narrative of the comic and the film doesn't mention anything about his motives or beliefs concerning politics or the nation. Billy Crudup portrays the character in the film.

He provided motion capture and plays Osterman as a human in the flashback scenes. Keanu Reeves was at one point rumored for the role, but backed out over contractual issues. When the project involved producer Joel Silver , Silver wanted to cast Arnold Schwarzenegger in the part [1]. In the film, his father was more supporting of him rather than opposing when working with watches. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.