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Stunt Actor Vampire Bodyguard 1. Gentleman Vampire Stunt. Leather Jacket Guy. Client Rico 5 as Pat Kerton. Demon 1. Related Videos. He is immortal. This allows him to regenerate from damage that would seemingly destroy the body having a higher form of Vampire Resurrection. Even when certain weaknesses like being killed while under the affects of Sunlight Syndrome and with out Left Hand to aid in his revival he has shown time and again that he is capable of reviving himself if need be. Two examples of this are when in Twin-Shadowed Knight he was killed he resurrected himself after blood ran down to his mouth and he automatically drank it reviving himself.

D resurrected despite not recovering yet from Sunlight Sickness and being heavily poisoned with out the aid of Left hand. He has also regenerated from injuries that are capable of killing Nobles such as the affects of Blue Blood which drains and continues to bleed out life blood he would normally use to aid in his resurrection. Also of note Left Hand also resurrected himself from being destroyed automatically with out aid.

Either one is fine, but do you think you can do either to us? Superhuman Strength - Limits of D's strength is unknown. He has shown strength in the excess of tons when cutting a mountain range in the novel Twin-Shadowed Knight. He has also demonstrated his strength by throwing his sword several thousand miles in the Accursed Repository and throwing wooden needles so fast they burn white flame from friction and can pierce bulletproof glass. He's torn apart highly durable tanks of the Nobility and of The Sacred Ancestor's Army with his bare hands as if they were tissue paper.

When he landed on his feet after Sigma propelled him to just around light speed he was at a state of near infinite mass. In Tyrant's Stars D and Left Hand work the Antiproton Computer System at faster than light speed in order to stave off a hack from Sigma which attempted to give the system the order to self destruct. While fighting he was able to close the distance between him and Valcua in the ether even though the distance should have been infinite in space within seconds.

He also reacted to and defended himself against an attack from Valcua's Particle Space Cannon fired from Mars which was moving multiple times the speed of light described as the beam suddenly connecting from there to D near instantaneously. Thrall Ability - Able to enslave living beings into his thralls by biting them. He used this ability once during the first novel where he bit the Midwich Medusas.

He has since used it on Lilia where by his will over her negated her innate Half-Awake ability which resisted Gilzen easily. He seems to be able to make full use of the Kiss of Nobility enabling him to be able to turn others into the various states afforded it such as Cesare , Victim , vampire progeny, etc.

Superhuman Durability - Has taken extreme punishment. Which includes been impaled, eviscerated, all his inner organs ruptured, absorbed a nuke blast, survived a collision with a meteor that sent him flying for miles, have a miniature sun envelop his body, covered in magma and frozen at subzero temperatures , withstand blows from enemies who can crush tons and mountain ranges, and crashed at faster than light speed fighting Sigma. Has also resisted and countered molecular manipulation of his body multiple times such as being turned into water or his insides trans-mutated into a sun.

Superhuman Reflexes - D's reflexes have allowed him to deflect laser blasts with his sword at point-blank range. His reactions to the attacks of his foes boarder on precognition. Superhuman Stamina - Being immortal and having a high healing factor, it's nearly unlimited.

D spent most of the time in the novel Dark Road blind, and was able to accumulate his senses to fight off and kill some of the most powerful vampires without the use of his eyes. Supernatural Awareness - Able to see and converse with spirits, sense their energy and the energy of living beings.

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Even when pulled into the dream world absolutely controlled by other beings they are unable to escape his senses. Killing Lust - Somewhat an extension of his powerful aura. Weapons thrown or even shot by him the projectile is imbued and enhanced to do damage to those in the surrounding area and can cause a multitude of dangerous side affects or even kill them without ever directly hitting them. Blade Infinity - Zenon in Mercenary Road has the ability to extend his blade making it infinitely long using his murderous intent and powerful aura.

D has the ability to do this as well. Has shown speed reading, a photographic memory, and mimic ability. Master detective, expert in psychology, highly logical reasoning. Easily negates manipulations and uncovers deception. He is one of the only people on the planet who can come close to the Sacred Ancestor in this area who is the undisputed most intelligent on earth and possibly the universe at large. Vast Knowledge - Having spent much of his long life traveling, D has acquired a vast resource of knowledge ranging from Noble history, to even local folklore of small villages.

Combat Experience - D possess millenniums worth of combat experience and is very rarely ignorant of the techniques employed by his foes. D is a master swordsmen and able to use his sword in versatile ways. Master Tracker - Master at tracking techniques even when absent of one or more of his senses. Master Tactician - Well versed in all forms of combat strategy. Valcua who is second only to the Sacred Ancestor in Leading military forces was bested by D, leading a small force using military tactics.

Stealth Master - Highly skilled in all forms of stealth. His ability to mask his presence is supernatural. Often able to envelope himself and meld with darkness ability to manipulate darkness to unknown extent and his environment of all types. His foot steps make absolutely no sound or vibrational disturbance. His power while vast can be completely masked beyond even the most keen of senses. In battle he many times further hides his true ability using only a sliver of his over all power.

Most times his enemies can only hope to detect a sudden flash of light as their body is cut in half. He usually leaves no trace of himself behind, and it is rare after even cleaving bodies in half or decapitation that even a trace of DNA or the body is left on his sword due to the skill of his sword play. Perpetual Power Growth - His over all power and ability constantly grows over time which further throws his opponents off besides him masking or only using a small percentage of power.

Vast Wealth - He has amassed a sizable amount of wealth. Also in possession of many rare coins of high value. Telepathy - Has shown some telepathy. He and Left Hand have scoffed at attacks powerful enough to destroy all the minds in a city in an instant. They have communicated this way but usually choose not to. Reasons unknown.

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Vampirism - Being a of the Sacred Ancestor's Direct Bloodline unlike other Dhampirs he is able to turn others into vampires and various other states a full vampire can using the Kiss of Nobility. He also has the ability to become a full blooded Noble by drinking his own blood, which boosts all abilities significantly it is unknown if other Dhampirs have the same ability.

His blood is also unique to others as it can poison those who drink it, the power within it is overwhelming burning vampires as if it were acid. Left Hand has also created weapons from his blood strings of Black Blood to fend off Bingo Bullow 's dreams and used against the Wraith Knights. Greatest Vampire Hunter on the Frontier - He is known as the greatest Vampire Hunter on the Frontier which means he has the highest success rate in battle and is known to have the highest amount of known skill and knowledge of the Nobility of any Vampire Hunter in the world.

D unleashed his inner power that broke Carmilla's hold and weakened her before she could fully reform her body. Through will alone he has completely destroyed an attempted possession once thought as impossible. He also has high durability to this power. This is shown when he channeled the powers of the Ancient Mystical Fort , used the Sign of the Cross spell cast on Doris Lang , walked through only momentarily staggered by Toma 's Light of Creation and his defense against the massive amounts of mystical power displayed by the Nobility.

D can destroy wormholes with his sword, and create dimensional rifts with a cut, while in space and his lungs bursting from lack of oxygen. He can cut through the very fount of life , as well as the death essence itself, as proven in his fight against the guardians from above and the Wraith Knights. In Tyrant's Stars , he was able to override the Akashic Records. Basically, D can warp reality around himself and his sword. D can't be erased from history, as he is immune to the Akashic Records , and thus immune to reality warper's powers.

Akashic Record - D has used the record in Tyrant's Stars to rewrite the history of the Dyalhis Children , erasing the damage to the planet, and by Sue's account seems to continue watching over her life with it. Darkness Manipulation - D displays this ability many times through out the series. Some shining moments was when he fought Toma. Though The Night seems to be a special kind of darkness manipulation D's power is darker than it and over powers it easy. D also seems to use a high level of this every time he uses stealth moving with out causing even the slightest amount of vibrational disturbance even over the surface of water, and leaving no foot steps even in the snow.

In the movie Bloodlust he uses it to over power Carmilla. Light of Creation - A powerful attack using the purest of sunlight , a blast of holy power that can split the darkest of spells and defenses. May be an instant destruction of most Nobles when hit with it. It's a blast used by Toma , D displaying he has all of Toma's abilities but at a higher level may also have this in his arsenal.

This may be displayed in his use of the Miracle Blood Light attack used on Gilzen. Miracle Blood Light - Described as a miracle of blood red light that flashes out from D 's eyes. It has the power to completely destroy the regeneration level of True Immortality achieved by Duke Gilzen despite him being able to easily regenerate from the fount of life being severed. May also be a similar but much more evolved form of the Light of Creation attack.

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The Source book. The Source (Mountain State Vampire, #1) . If you read this genre than you will probably like this book, it started out quite different than others I have read . Mining the Dark (The Mountain State Vampire Series Book 2). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Source (The Mountain State Vampire Series Book 1) at Read honest and unbiased.

It may be a power developed from D's powers evolving or he may have had it all along but never used it. While on the frontier traveling this space can continue on forever without the person moving from the spot. When D breaks out from within it causes ripples across time and space altering history. Fold in Space -The ability to make space fold back in on itself. Whether it was through technology or an ability given, Count Langlan gives this power to Gianne where she momentarily traps D in a room so she can have a conversation uninterrupted with him.

Through the four elements collected: fire, air, water, and earth Left Hand gives D the power to cut through this space where a nuke man made or Noble made could not even put a scratch in it. D's will is unmatched, mysterious, and remains unbound by reality warper's influence. This could suggest why D may live outside the influence of the Akashic Record and why his actions can change space and time itself cutting through dimensions altering everything in the universe itself.

Twin Bond - D has a bond with his brother Twin D so much so they are indistinguishable not just physically in appearance but in all ways other than personality. Lilia may have inherited an important potential power to the universe at large. With the union of potential between D's blood and Gilzen's she may develop a unique level of potential and race in general with unfathomable powers. This may have been to some degree the Sacred Ancestor's will to happen.

Blood Sphere - A floating drop of blood that is only the size of a small coin. It blocks every form of attack physically from an enemy and requires the sacrifice of one's life force to destroy it. Valcua Two can also use this, D may have learned how to or copied the ability D makes use of a similar defense for himself and the group some still human when he drinks Lilia 's blood using left hand to coat the room and the air that blocks all heat and flames from the bombs Lady Carr set that were strong enough to destroy sections of Gilzen's Castle which weathered Nobility enhanced nuclear blasts with negligible damage.

Even in failures this power has shown to completely dwarf that power of the Destroyer and the Guide even when multiplied by The Joining. Has stated powers that dwarf even that of the Destroyer and the Guide. D's constant companion is his talking left hand which is sometimes referred to as Left Hand.

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It is revealed that this is some sort of symbiotic entity which has taken up residence in D's hand, although why he has done so is not clear. The hand or Lefty as fans have affectionately termed him appears to have supernatural powers independent from his host, and occasionally uses them to help D.

More often than not, however, Lefty generally prefers sitting back and letting D do the work, usually throwing in a sarcastic comment or two at D's expense. Powers and Abilities - Left hand can absorb the four cardinal elements of Fire all forms of heat , Water any liquid, including blood and urine , Air, and Earth to grant D more power or revive him when his life is extinguished.

Left hand has absorbed of note: a hundred billion volt pillar of lightning, the energy from a detonating nuke, energy straight from the heart of an anti-matter reactor, and a particle beam from a space cannon that burned through half the asteroid belt with enough power to punch through a planet two to three times Earth's size.

In the 6th novel, it absorbed hurricane force winds capable of blowing D away. He can also invade the minds of those it touches, drawing forth knowledge, or anything else it desires. Left hand once drained a lake of water to revive D after he was staked in the heart, and removed that weakness. He has since grown much more resistant to a stake to the heart, even being impaled on a tree with out dying, needing blood only to speed up the process of regeneration back to normal rates. Left Hand can also devour souls or Phantoms, like Carmilla in Bloodlust. It's more likely than not its stomach is a pocket dimension.

The Elder God created a space that absorbed the entire universe. D was thrown into the Milky Way, and Left Hand was able to absorb and negate it.

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During this time, long periods in sun light will weaken D greatly. The symptoms manifest without warning, even the parasite can't detect or predict when it will happen. The symptoms are a sudden feeling of exhaustion and an ever increasing lassitude. Leaving him unable to move or defend himself.

Like Nobles however, this affliction will only affect him while he is on earth.

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On other planets, dimensions, or any other place other than this specific planet earth he will not be affected by sunlight. Burial - D buries himself to regain his strength from his heat exhaustion. He digs into the ground with only his head exposed. He is vulnerable to attacks during this time. How long he has to stay buried varies with the severity of his condition. Its wide brimmed pulled down and angled slightly tilted to one side.

Blue Pendant - Mysterious of unknown origin. It has the ability to disable electronics through unknown means. The blue light shines brightly when activated. Wooden Needles - Made of unfinished wood, a foot long used by D. Combat Belt - D's combat utility belt he wears at all times.

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It houses various gadgets, weapons, and medical equipment. Not all of them have been revealed. Two of these are short stories written for inclusion in Yoshitaka Amano 's art books, so Mr. I made the mistake of looking at my reviews on Amazon. I got a recent one — and it was BAD. Normally, I would let this bother me. However, with a different perspective on things — and better medication — I can somewhat easily shrug it off. The universe was listening because when I went to Goodreads, I saw this post from one of my favorite authors, Charlaine Harris when someone asked her about bad reviews:.

Have you read other criticism from this reviewer?